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  1. Daniel Cleft was born and raised alongside his brother, Ryan, in Nashville Tennessee. He was a normal kid like the rest of them, a few issues but nothing major. When he turned 18, he signed a four year contract with the United States Army, serving until late 2019. In late February 2020, Daniel and his brother Ryan traveled to Chernarus on an extended vacation, unknowingly sending themselves to their death. After strict government quarantine was put into effect, Ryan and Daniel were stuck in Chernarus, not knowing what was to come.
  2. Waking up at 3 am to go into soup kitchen then go on a car trip was fun, @GMAK and @Dr Brandon. Here's to some more eventful ones
  3. My POV : I was in the soup kitchen tending to some hostages then I am told that there's someone at the campfire, so I go over and initiate on him and ask him to tie himself up. I hear shots over where the hostages are, and run over but believe it's an infected. I then go back to talk, and get shot & killed. Due to my group, I've no issue with my death, however it seems OP was either caught in the crossfire or mistaken for one of us.
  4. I, ElsynVC, agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character. //Signed, ElsynVC
  5. This was me, sorry. My POV: I broke in around 3 AM EST last night, and moved the tents in the base over to the gate to jump inside. Now, the barrel floating was unintentional and I didn't notice that it was floating until now, sorry. I've used tents several times in the past to jump into bases and never had an issue with the defenders - I didn't believe it was AOGM at the time, but it was also 3 am and I haven't been on in quite awhile. My apologies, but if this is AOGM then I am definitely guilty. I remember trying to saw the lock into the armory but never actually got in, so I never changed that.
  6. I put way too much time into it and I am pretty burnt out to be honest. Other things are fun, too.
  7. My POV : Me and Timelapse were breaking in during the night, when we got in through the watchtower, along with several other people who were there but weren't technically apart of the break in. We really only had access to handsaws and axes, so there wasn't a way to get the main gate open. When we got inside, I tore off the gates planks thinking that would be able to take down, which didn't work. I went to go do the other walls, however my game was fucked so I relogged. I then stripped and took down those two walls which were blocking a gate, thinking if we were quick enough we could get a car that we heard from friends that was up north a bit in and out, however that massive pole in the middle hindered that plan, along with me needing to get off halfway up the hill north. I also see no reason for @JimRP, @Exustine, and @Rimrald to be called in due to the fact that they broke in during times completely irrelevant to the report.
  8. Seems awesome, can't wait to play later today.
  9. I love the idea of Legion, and you guys give some great rp. Keep it up bois
  10. Character Name: Kurt Cross Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Rifleman Which Lore Faction?: Terrors Lore Faction staff?: Group Name: N/A Primary Phase: Phase 2 Reserve Phase: Phase 4
  11. @NorwayRP I honestly don’t remember being told we were about to get attacked by you guys specifically, but about an hour or so earlier 3 Russians came by and were kinda just hovering around base for awhile, so I felt like something was going to happen. Turns out those 3 were just friendly and it literally meant nothing. I’m not sure if Hazardouz was told anything or not. When I saw G19, I pretty much knew what was up. The night before, I wasn’t there, heard about it IC, we had fought some dudes with blue armbands and only had one person walk away from it. I assumed it was you guys, and wanted to initiate. Then the shitshow ensued, and everyone outside got turned into Swiss cheese, valid or invalid we still got fucked On who you were looking for, we didn’t know until after the event. Chase said you guys were looking for him and Andy. Then I heard you guys had a contract on all of us, so I really have no clue.
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