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  1. Kurt Cross was born to a middle class family in Plymouth Michigan. He had an easy upbringing, no abuse, no physical trauma. When he was 17, however, he got into a schoolfight and was stabbed in the center of his left hand, leaving him with a lifelong scar. In 2001, shortly after the September 11th attacks, he joined the Military, specifically the Army. He served for 8 years, up until the Chernarus Civil War ended. After that, he returned home, and promptly joined up with ENKEN contracting. In 2017, he was sent to Chernarus to aid in the containment of a spreading infection. Little did he know, he won’t be going home. He arrived in Chernarus on a boat at night, on July 29th, 2017. It was said that other major transportation hubs around the world were combatting this infection, but he didn’t care. Once on the mainland, he discovered the ruins of the society that once was, now replaced by looters, bandits, and survivors. Months have passed, and he is no longer acting on orders from ENKEN. Just surviving.
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