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  1. @Alan Woods it could be an amazing tool during wars between the groups, for attacking bases and settlements etc.
  2. I've got no idea if that's actually possible, or if there are mods already adding such things, but is it possible to add some Squad weapons? Let's say mortars, maybe grenade launchers and such. It would make a sense for such weapons to be present in Chernaruss. Imperial guard for attention :
  3. @noir currently it looks like this: The clan known for robbing people, dressed as random civilians comes into the city, robbs people providing little to none rp and then leaves, sometimes in ends with a firefight. Later a random group of role players seeking rp comes to this city, residents hide/runaway or straight away attack. In the end robberies done by such groups disguised as civilians lead to quality of the rp drastically dropping down, cause many are scared of potential bandits. I've seen people running away from me and my friends, because they were mistaking us for bandits. I would love to have some normal rp, but it seems that lately the only type of rp between the groups is banditry.
  4. Armband could be spawnable via forums when you would be registered as faction/group member. And comparison to isis is not accurate, currently we've got large groups posing as civilians simply to gain the element of surprise over the enemy and to also be able to perhaps accuse their enemy/target of NVFL, you approach group of said "civilians", you get initiated on, and its already game over for you because you can't do anything about it, if you will you'll get punished for NVFL.
  5. @Mexi posing as a member of certain faction is a punishable offence on this server, then why members of the factions can pose as civilians to Rob people?
  6. For me the issue is, that when you approach the group of people that look like civilians and behave like angels, they in the blink of an eye tell you to put your hands up initiating on you. I've had this happend to me multiple times already, and it's simply annoying to be afraid of approaching the people, when you just want some rp but instead you get a poorly done robbery and gear rp. With Armbands on I could at least be able to recognise that threat from afar and avoid it.
  7. @Roland Seeing the results there it doesn't look too optimistic, tho Im curious what results could we get here, maybe approach/opinion of some people changed
  8. I'm all up for discussion, if anyone got any questions or doubts in regards of this idea just ask.
  9. Make wearing armbands OR uniforms by the members of official accepted groups/factions mandatory, at all times. Currently, majority of the groups are running around in the outfits, that doesn't differ them from regular civilians, and that fact is used by many as an exploit to ambush, initiate and Rob people that usually approach said people in search of rp. This results in people in overall being afraid of approaching the others, what drastically lowers the quality of RP. It also causes a lot of innoncent people to actually get KOsed during firefights, even when they are just innoncent bystanders that happend to be at wrong place at wrong time, if wearing armbands will be mandatory with accepted official groups having own custom armbands, the only victims of pvp situations would be said groups members. Wearing armbands being mandatory would also allow for a lot better and more immersive PVP between groups that finally would be able to declare a legit war, in they could engage eachother in normal firefight, no chest to chest ambushes out of nowhere using the civilian disguise. Wearing armbands should be mandatory, being a member of the faction currently gives you only the benefits, you've got people that take care of you, that you search for items with and build settlements with, there's no reason to disguise as Civilians and commit to acts of banditry and such that often are against the goals of such factions. When wearing official armbands of the factions, people pay more attention to their goals and rp they do, so in my opinion that could be the best thing to do, it will solve many issues we've currently got.
  10. Why doesn't it spawn in game! @Roland plis fix? :3 (And fix the weight, there's no way in hell that it weights 6kg in real life, it is lighter)
  11. @PaulB Cutting down trees is one of the real life uses of it, of course it would take a long time to cut down big tree, but smaller ones without a problem, there are many types of Military Shovels and in post soviet countries that's a must have in loadout of the infantry, jokes about "Saperka" and Russian spetznas are already legendary
  12. I'd like to suggest adding a certain item, military shovel into the mod also known as Entrenching tool. In real life its both used as multi tool and a melee weapon, that's something that many survivors would love to have with them, you can use it to dig holes, trenches, cut down bushes and trees, and on top of that to also cut off limbs and chop off heads of the infected. Picture for attention:
  13. While playing in the Odezva group CP, I, “@Thrynn” sign over all rights to my character “Hektor Mora” to the Group Leadership, any kills under any circumstances by Group Members or Group Leadership will be considered valid so long as I am actively within the group CP. As long as I am playing a Odezva Character that is employed, working or affiliated with the group, or is being placed within the group CP, I sign all rights for my character to the group to be handled at their discretion upon being blacklisted.
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