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  1. *Thryn presses PTT and speaks, sounds of river in the background* "Ivan, it's me, Thryn. I've reached river crossing without any trouble, map you gave me helped greatly, hope we will see eachother again soon." *Thryn released PTT button ending transmission*
  2. Thryn was born in Poland, he lived in Cracov together with his family. His parents were doing everything to provide him good education and living standards. Through his childhood Thryn had many hobbys and friends he was spending time with, in overall Thryn had a reputation of being a person that's nice to hang around and spend time with. Since early days Thryn was interested with Military and other armed forces, directing his education towards perhaps working in one of such formations when he will be mature man, officialy. Thryn graduated each school with average grades, mainly because his hobbys and friends were distracting him from learning as much as he could. Once he finished education, he volunteered to participate in optional military training, that lasted for one year. During the training he learned many useful skills and military discipline. Once his training was over, he was enlisted into military as a Reservist, with ability to still work as a civilian, with risk of being drafted into military if crisis occured. While working in Civilian branch, he decided to join Straż Ochrony Kolei (SOK), a Police like formation that has military origin. He passed recruitation process and editional three months of training, afterwards becoming a Guardsman in ranks of Straż Ochrony Kolei. Once Thryn became Guardsman, Polish military did remove him from reservists ranks, as new formation he served in had own tasks during if crisis would appear. Right before Outbreak occured, Thryn was sent to Chernarus to accompany Polish PKP delegation, as a security member. When chaos started, he and other members of delegation were seperated, and now he was on his own trying to survive.
  3. It's glorious, love this equipment
  4. Well, advice from me is to always eat and drink till you fill both bars completely. When both are full drink some water from time to time, if you pass through a city spare a few seconds to take a sip or two, and to refill your canteen, once in a while take a multiwitamin pill, that works perfectly for me. You can also make an improvised MRE for yourself, take a cooking pot, fill it with water, slots inside use to store highly nutricious food (Cooked pork and fat), this way you'll have enough food to keep yourself full for about a day of playing.
  5. I'm member of this community for quite a long time already, over this period of time I've noticed strange approach towards Extreme Ideologies, some are praised and allowed to be Roleplayed, while the others are punishable by bans even for mentioning them. It seems strange to me, and I would like to finally receive an answer to this question, to help me understand this approach, and the question is: what makes ideologies like Communism and Nazism diffrent? Both are responsible for crimes against humanity and millions of deaths, why one is "praised" and allowed to be portrayed in game, while the other is punishable without mercy?. I'm of Polish nationality, and such approach seems very strange to me, my family experienced horrors of both Nazi and Communist regimes, in my opinion all should be banned, or all should be allowed, without hand picking which is good, or bad. Dmitry Gluhovsky in his books (Metro 2033 series) aswell as games based on Metro 2033 had no issues with portraying both ideologies and their crimes.
  6. Had a few moments like that, one in this community aswell, but moment I remember best is from RP Server in diffrent community (M&B Warband). My character there enlisted into military serving a lord of small Castle. Through period of few IRL months he advanced from simple levy, to retainer of the Lord (His personal Bodyguard). During this time, he took part in many fights and battles, always standing beside his Lord, and never expecting anything in return, simply accepting anything that he was given. At some point, Lord fell sick, and sickness led to his death, minutes before the death, Lord was adressing everyone special to him, and that was members of Royal family.. only person that was not a member, and that he adressed was his Retainer (Me), my character recieved many warm words of appreciation and was refered to as friend, at this moment few tears ran down my cheeks and even more when he let out his final breath.
  7. +1, at moment Pistol Calibers are as powerful as Mosquito's fart, what actually forces people to use high caliber weapons.
  8. *Man speaks with strong Chernarussian accent through radio* "Do not trust anybody on global frequencies, Russians indeed are around and they have taken control over a large part of South Zagoria. Do not trust anybody asking you to meet them in person, Russians have many minions working for them, a lot in region of Zelenogorsk and Krasnostav, mainly foreigners. Soon you will recieve more specific instructions."
  9. Well, first of all you should look at what items are out there in game that you could use, easiest type of group to do, would be a military one inspired by one of the many Imperial Guard regiments, an example could be the Death Korps of Krieg (They are based on WW1 infantry). items you could use to be very similiar to them are easy to find and common.
  10. *Man responds, sounds of the Forest still in the background* "I bet you do, and you should know that if you'll get as close as a five hundreds meters to me your friends are going to scrub your brain off the Sidewalk.. was able to take you all out one by one as easy as taking the infected out, that's almost the same kind of shit to deal with anyway, tho I did not.. got some personal reasons."
  11. *A man speaks with a hushed tone, sounds of nature heard in the background* "To whoever lives at the base located on the shore, at the crashed cargo ship.. someone is already raiding this place, bottom of your gate is broken, seen about three targets there, style of clothing is similiar to some Paramilitary, im able to provide descriptions over the secure frequency. If owners of the place hear this, better get in there quickly."
  12. Well, the solution that was working somewhere else was making a private "Ticket" on forums, by ones that wished to raid certain place, including justification for the raid. It was up to staff member to accept or deny this ticket, but it was preventing places getting raided day by day by the same groups of people, and thanks to this you actually needed to have a good RP reason for that raid.
  13. *A man responds, a sounds of nature (Forest) are heard in the background* "This Frequency is not safe, do not give anyone your location, do not trust anybody, you are not alone brother, Slava Chernarus, Slava President Kozlov!"
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