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  1. Big +1, that's something many people asked about for quite a long time already, and it can match perfectly with recent water and wild life poisoning.
  2. Aye, one of the things that makes StalkerZ soo entertaining, PvE features, you are able to search for randomly spawning "treasures" that can contain all kinds of loot, during that you are able to encounter many diffrent types of Monsters/Mutants. That could work perfectly on DayZRP aswell, give a good reason to hop on and explore even on your own.
  3. How to fix it? progress my friend. When people compare servers they also speak of Mods, Scripts etc. StalkerZ is number one for a few reasons, most important ones are, that they actually managed to create "Heaven" for people that seek Stalker/Metro 2033 like experience, their team also managed to create content that later became popular in entire DayZ community. Situation between the servers is like an Arms race, whoever has better content Scripts and Mod wise gains players. I think there's no shame in looking at the others and taking a lesson out of what they do, and looking at how warmly welcomed paranormal/sci fi stuff was on DayZRP maybe that's direction devs should push towards and make/get Scripts and Mods that will totally overhaul and enhance this aspect of DayZRP.
  4. Perfection, double YES for this. Just need to make sure if this mods are not exclusive to StalkerZ.
  5. Camp's not even mine, I do understand your reasons etc, but it's hard to not make something look like you hide something inside of it when you build walls or gates. And when you deploy for example sliding gate someone will just come, dismantle it and take it away xD (happend to me) so in the end you are forced to build these walls and gates traditionally. In the past when I played with some people, I won't mention their nicknames here, they even dismantled walls to retrieve nails out of them and they claimed that's fine thing to do cause they need nails and they are raiding the place. Currently it seems that the only way to actually "have" a place that won't be stomped to the ground just because someone can, is to pay for a Prefab.
  6. And again speaking of being attached to loot, when in previous comments I said, that we simply want MORE ROLEPLAY to be present prior to raid, during it and after it. I personally don't give a single f**k about loot, but problem is that even if you don't hoard loot and just dare to build yourself a place it will get raided anyway, offline, without even a single message left and by people that never met you before. For me raiding = hostility and for hostility there has to be a justified reason. And this argument "It's not offline raiding cause I'm online." for me is just a poor excuse, game of words, if law would work like this excuse does and same logic would be used, we would hear opinions like: "It wasn't rape because I enjoyed it". Fact that you are online doesn't change fact that other side you are supposed to RP and interact with is not, and if you don't want to do that then well, why are you playing on RP server not on regular one?
  7. Desperate survivor, now show me in what place/how current people performing offline raids are desperate. If you are desperate survivor that means you are on the brink of starvation, without any equipment that could boost your chances for survival, and you desperately need to get these because if you won't, you will die. Now, characters/players that do offline raiding in here are very well organized and armed, having lots of top tier equipment and food, hell even expensive explosives. Therefore, in my opinion they do not fit in the picture of desperate survivor. Attacking/raiding a place Offline in many situations is something that same people would not do if owners would be present, because of fear and risk. This risk and fear disappears only because of OOC fact that owners of the place are not in game, therefore the way i see it, offline raiding does even fit in definition of FailRP + NVFL. And looking at the logic of it, if Offline Raiding is not a problem at all, a validate xD"RP"xD, I should be able to hop on the server when nobody is online, and offline raid D-Squad bunker stealing all of their weaponry and technological research, because they were sleeping or they were away xD.
  8. Then negotiate over the radio messages or leave a note with some demands in game, with that still creating some RP and giving owner of the place a chance to have some input, instead of treating him and his work like:
  9. @CutieBenji"Additionally, walls are not hard to build. It takes about 5 minutes to build a single wall." Need to disagree with that aswell, it is possible only if you got resources and manpower. For "normies" like me it takes far longer, because of time you spend on searching for tools, nails, gathering, processing and then transporting wood, later on process of building itself. What for you under some circumstances can take about 5 minutes, for me and some other people that are on their own takes a hour at least and that's if you get lucky during supply run.
  10. As I said before, in my opinion offline raiding has little to do with RP itself. Instead of trying to create some long term RP scenario with owners of the place, to make things interesting for everyone, raiders simply break in while nobody is around and take whatever they can/need/want, prioritising loot over RP to an extreme degree. People defending it also use argument about "Rust Bases", portraying themselves as heroes that save community from big bad bases, yet they don't seem to see that in process of doing so they themselves turn into "Rust Players". I've got raided lately, place that got raided was actually a first base i have ever built in DayZ, it was nowhere close to what people build in rust, there was close to zero valuable equipment inside, and there was close to zero any kind of hostile RP or any kind of RP that could give anyone a reason to actually raid that place IC prior to raid. Damn, there even was a note left by me next to the gate in postbox about who lives there with frequency included, nobody used that opportunity to even make a slight contact or try some diplomacy. Some groups seem to want something in return from people, could have asked for a tax, a meeting, anything else to provide RP, yet its just easier and more "Fun" to simply dismantle walls, and then "Satchel Charge goes brrrrrrrt" at the gate you cannot dismantle. Top Quality RP 10/10 would sleep/be away while it's happening again. Ps: @Millieyour argument about Raiding creating an opportunity to RP is correct, but problem comes up when server is in fact full of Groups/People that do offline Raids. Owners of the place can try to perform some sort of investigation to find out who's responsible for performing a raid, but then again it will lead you to one of few groups that consits of people focusing mainly on PVP, from you can expect PVP mainly, and for us and ones that came here for RP that's not attractive, not at all. And, beside of that, if someone doesn't even want to do a small ammount of RP with me, to create any sort of interaction or scenario prior to raid on my place, therefore showing no respect or value for time I've put in creating something, then there's no way in hell that I will later on SPEND my time on searching for this person/people to provide him/them with RP. No.
  11. They cancel eachother if you raid a "Super cool rust base", not a normal place that simply has one way of entry, secured by one or max two gates not being a damn wooden Stonehenge
  12. Destroying super cool rust bases without any interactions with other players, others than members of your group with you communicate over Discord or other communicator while in game isn't RP aswell.
  13. Raiding every single place in hope of getting loot is literally being attached to this loot, because of that places that do not even store any stuff get hit aswell. From what I've always seen in discussions like this, these people that build bases/places and dare to complain about Offline Raiding taking place get accused of "prioritizing" loot over RP.. but hell, this works both ways, Offline Raiders do prioritize Loot over RP aswell or even to a larger degree.
  14. Fragment about finding out who lives there has nothing to do with OOC, it actually requires RAIDERS to know ICly who lives there, to do some research, to ROLE PLAY. You refer to apocalypse, saying "it's a apocalypse" to validate what you say, so let's take a look at this Apocalypse. In Apocalypse, you would do everything to ensure your Survival, Survival means staying alive, to stay alive you would avoid taking risks that are not necessary. Raiding a place without any research before is such risk, from IC point of view you don't know how many people are inside, how well are they armed, yet you decide to do that not having a value for your life, now you are well armed, you've got food yet you want to risk your Life to prioritize LOOT, is it this necessary to get this loot?.. And, now from OOC point of view? you simply see how many people are online in game, how many are members of your group, you calculate the risk and just roll up to the place, listen for a moment if anyone is inside and bang, blow into it, with zero RP or close to zero.
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