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  1. I don't know why, but I'm not able to respond to any topics in "In Game Radio" section of the forums, any idea why?
  2. Thrynn


    *Man presses the PTT, then speaking with strong Polish accent* "I've met a woman matching your description few days ago, at a camp close to Servograd, there's a group living there, Blu's group." *Ends the transmission*
  3. There's a glitch with VSS, when you walk crouched with it there's a sound of knife swinging with each step you take.
  4. Fixed it, first method worked, thank you
  5. A hand glitch came back for me, aswell as for some of my friends playing, I've made no changes to the game, yet today this glitch appeared first time in like few months, any idea how to fix it?
  6. Thrynn

    Progressing Research (Open Frequency)

    *Presses down the PTT, answering* "Then all we can do, is to prepare ourselves and go there, to investigate the entire place again to find a source." *Ends the transmission*
  7. Thrynn

    Progressing Research (Open Frequency)

    *Man responds after a short period of time* "Perhaps they stored some radioactive waste in this area.. place waste was stored at could've been breached in result of bombing." *Ends the transmission*
  8. Ye, and then they will most likely follow with: Rise your fucking hands up or we'll make you into a backpack! now open the fucking lock or we'll kill your ass! We can write what we want on forums, but it won't change situations taking place in game that majority of are exactly like this
  9. Two Guys are breaking into the base while im hidden, so I run up to them through the open field to initiate, just to get gunned down? xD numbers game friend, we should be able to keep the element of surprise without exposing ourselves, approaching someone breaking into our base by myself, is like exposing my chin and asking them to hit me with a haymaker xD
  10. @RolandDamn.. in diffrent RP community on diffrent game we've had rule of Combat Warning, that could work here, there was a working script, when you had right to attack someone, you was supposed to drop a combat warning, by writing down command /cw, then every player that was in the range of it was recieving a message about Combat Warning being issued. This could work here, let's say it could have a range of like 200m, you see someone break into your base, you get in the range of CW and then drop it if you got a kill reason, in that case that's breaking into your base, thanks to the Combat Warning player that's breaking in will know that apparently base was not abandoned and now he may pay for his mistake while at same time player protecting base won't loose element of surprise that he could loose when he'd have to approach that player and initiate himself, risking own death.
  11. @Roland A warning shots could count in as initiation when im out of text and voice range? let's say shooting a bullet or two at the object or ground next to the person that's breaking in.
  12. Thrynn

    Progressing Research (Open Frequency)

    *Presses the PTT, then speaks again* "You do not have to be alone in that, myself or some of my friends could provide you some help and protect you while at the Ground Zero, we are very experienced with that place and, beside of that we are fully aware of the radiation." *Ends the transmission*
  13. I've got a question then @Roland , what in the situation when im guarding a base from a distance, using sniper rifle while staying on some sort of a tower, place from I can see the entire base and it's surrounding, if someone will begin to break wall or combo lack can I shoot him right away or do I still have to initiate using for example megaphone? Ps: Speaking of situation in base does not look like abandoned/not used.
  14. Thrynn

    Progressing Research (Open Frequency)

    *A man presses the PTT, then saying* "What I'd like to know in specific, is if Infected at ground zero are more dangerous than the ones at other places.. you know, I wander in there for a living so I'd like to know such things." *Ends his transmission*
  15. *Widmo presses his PTT, then speaks with strong Polish accent* "This message, or better to say question, is addressed to group living at Serverograd. About a week ago, maybe more, I've met a woman at Stary, She's Japanese, nurse. I've traveled with her to Gorka, then we parted ways, she was heading to Serverograd, as she claimed that she is the member of Blu's group living there. So, the question I wish to ask, is simple, did she make it there? And if yes, is she alright?" *Ends his transmission*
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