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  1. -User has been warned for this post.-
  2. +1 make some pills to so my jaw can be swinging about when I’m in a fire fight
  3. I'd like to visit my family on the regular and @Wong in the future. +1 to the bridge
  4. Hahaha that would never fit in my flat cap would it sunshine
  5. Does this awnser your question?
  6. I always hide a surprise for people in my hat
  7. Don't worry brother, I have the same issue here.
  8. Few words about my life: weed, weed, weed, pills, weed good shit good life can’t complain
  9. Sean was born on the 22nd of February 1996 to his father Paddy Moore and Alma O'Connor. His father was a dock worker and his mom was a housewife. Sean was raised in a poor neigherhood in Cork getting involved into fights with British Immigrants on a young age and being arrested multiple times for his aggresive behaviour all tho being very talented in boxing. On the age of 16 he moved with his father to London to train a well-known gym over there to be prepared for a upcoming boxing tournament in Chernogorsk. On the age of 18 he went with his father to the boxing tournament in Chernogorsk untill they saw on the news that some sort of virus was spreading across the area. They stood in their flat in Chernogorsk surviving off the food they have and later on going to scavange around the city.
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