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"Frenchies sont Les gars de la ville"

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  1. kani


    I’m back into DayZRP sadly.....

  2. kani

    Le Vestige Media Thread

    art will be here today boys
  3. kani

    Real life picture Thread

    I am just massive my emo friend
  4. kani

    Real life picture Thread

    I’m not bald okay
  5. kani

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    Smokeable ciggies yes mate, I’m making a tobacco store
  6. kani

    More gender neutral options when making a character page

    -User has been warned for this post-
  7. Anzor was born in Chechnya on 11 February 1990 to Madina Azhieva and Abudhurachman Azhiev. His mother was a Household mother and stayed at home taking care of the kids and his brothers and sister while his dad was enlisted into The Chechen Special Forces. In 1996 the First Chechen War broke out and in the bombing by a Russian aeroplane Anzor's father Abudhurachman got killed and his older brother Abubakar also got killed. This made Anzor very hostile towards Russians and he promised himself to make sure every Russian he meets feels his pain. In 2001 in the middle of The Second Chechen War Anzor decided to move to South Zagoria to live there in peace untill the break out. He then decided to become a gun for hire looking to murder anyone for goods.
  8. kani

    Hallo from the Netherlands!

    Welkom vriend.
  9. kani

    What do you listen to ?

  10. kani

    Language Tutor

    Oussama takes out his radio being at Green Mountain. I will be around there tonight
  11. kani

    Language Tutor

    Oussame hears the girl over the radio, he presses the button. I accept anything you give me as payment, preferably building materials. Come by New Paris whenever you wish.
  12. kani

    Language Tutor

    Oussama hears this on the radio and responds. I would gladly teach you french my friend, and I am also intrested in your help with Português Brasileiro. Come around when you can. Oussama releases hit button and sits around the campfire.
  13. kani

    Where u live? [State]

    Born in Chechnya and living in Paris since I was 6.
  14. kani

    Language Tutor

    Oussama grabs his radio and pushes in the button and starts to talk. Good day tout le monde He takes a deep breath before continueing to talk. I've noticed that there are different languages spoken around Chernarus by different groups and different people. [/color[ He scratches his head and continues to talk. So thats why I Oussama Waiani member of the French Foreign Legion am willing to tutor everyone in different languages to decrease the language gap around the country for the small price of building equipment or ammo. He takes a break and continues. I'm willing to teach everyone in the following languages. French Dutch Russian German Chernarussian Arabic (Other languages are possible too) I will always be around New Paris. Good day tout le monde. He releases the radio button.
  15. kani

    2E CIE to Command

    Oussama sits around the campfire grabbing his radio from the ground. He presses the button and starts to talk. Bonjour colonel, légionnaire de 2e classe Waiani, mon sous-lieutenant Moore de la 2e unité avancée de la CIE m'a ordonné de vous transmettre ce message. Nous avons gagné beaucoup de territoire et avons créé une zone neutre dans laquelle les civils peuvent se réfugier pendant la guerre qui sévit ici à Chernarus. Nous demandons que des fournitures soient livrées pour renforcer notre présence dans la région de Napoléon. Mise à jour sur les conflits. Nous avons réussi à ralentir le conflit majeur dans la région impliquant les derniers groupes répertoriés. Cependant, le nouveau Paris a été attaqué par un groupe appelé District. Les raisons de ces attaques contre la Légion et les civils de la région ne sont pas connues pour le moment. Je ferai rapport bientôt. Nous demandons que plus de personnel soit envoyé pour nous aider dans nos efforts au sein de Chernarus. J'espère avoir de vos nouvelles Oussama releases the button and continues waiting on his guitar. English Version:
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