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  1. Was Inserted by a private corp to asses the situation in Chernarus and exploit the situation to profit them. However through out the time spent on the inside of the infection zone. The company was seized and dissipated by the USA government. Leaving MY character Mark Noir AKA MR. Black to fend for himself in the Zone. He now needs to make contacts and find resources just to survive. His training in the military and corporate espionage will be his main tools to accomplish this.Current Mission is to establish his new company Bio Corp. Needs that structure and environment to stay stable and productive. Grew up in the system and joined the military as early as possible. After serving 2 ups in the Air-born he was drafted into a black ops unit and spent five years as a long range assault tech. Went to the private sector and was nearly killed on assignment. Saved by a dog he then started signing on with groups that went over seas to stop Dog meat harvesting and ended up taking a contract to asses Chernarus when the blight came. Lost contact with his handler shortly after due to other global problems. Now is trying to set up some sort of structure or routine in his life.
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