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  1. First thing's first, I love the server, been on it for about a month. Second, I think this whole thing where you have to type that you're robbing someone is complete BS and it makes no sense to me. Please read this knowing I have absolutely no KOS reports against me, all my kills are fair with resistance. I think the rule should instead be changed to where if you are robbing, you need to be recording it. Vid recording software is free and easily accessible, if you can't figure it out you shouldn't be playing DayZ. Turn it on when you are commencing a robbery. This covers both the robbers and the victims, as a complaint can't really be filed if nobody is recording, if there's no recording corresponding to the kill log then someone cheated. Trying to drop everything to type out a warning message sucks bad and it is stupid, frankly. Who plays DayZ without a mic? All it does is say "Hey, please turn around and shoot me because you heard me say I'm robbing you but now I have to type it. Ridiculous. I just think we need to evolve a bit as a community, we talk about realism and such but it is pretty weird that we need to do both voice and text chat in the heat of the moment to perform whatever needs to be done. Thanks for your time.
  2. 1 car tire fixes both wheels. Scrap metal for hull.
  3. That's legit. Deception is fair play. They can't yell "Friendly" and then just shoot you though. They have to declare intent to rob afterwards and then they can proceed from there.
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  5. Hey is there an admin on? It seems a digit was missed when whitelisting me, not sure if it was my fault or not. Could one please PM me? Thanks in advance.