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  1. No need for hype. That thing is long gone. I'll simply buy it when it comes out and that's pretty much it.
  2. AikiDragon

    Criticize my build (PC)

    Intel CPUs are much better for Arma, however they are more expensive, but overall a better insvestment if you're planning to play a lot of Arma. I'm not saying your build is bad, not at all, but it can certainly be better. Good luck.
  3. Hello people. I am Aiki. I've been playing DayZ since the very first day the mod was released. I absolutely love Roleplaying in videogames. I have roleplayed in a lot of games, but mostly on San Andreas Multiplayer (2009-2012). I'm looking forward to applying and playing on DayZRP. Wish you all have a wonderful day .