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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I was whitelisted before, and believe I could be again if given a second chance to clean up my characters background story. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was denied on the fifth white list due to a very small detail, which was that i graduated and became a police officer in america at the age of 16. I forgot to mention that my character had gone through the police acadamy system for six years. while this is my fault for leaving out this detail, i still believe this was just a little unjust. What would you like to achieve with this appeal? I would like to achieve the opportunity to apply one more time through the whitelisting process. as I have fixed my characters story and believe it would be accepted. What could you have done better?: I could have thought over my charecters story better and fixed my error's before submitting it.
  2. Fallen Eagle

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    my GUID and for some reason when i submit my my whitelist application it says wrong GUID. can you please reset it? UPDATE: nvm i found the probelm. i was using dayZ commander //Pandi: I've removed your GUID from the post, please don't post GUID's and PID's publicly. mkay did you reset my GUID? also sorry this is the first time this happened to me because the first time i have tried to be whitelisted //Staggs: Only GM's and Admins can reset GUID's //Terra: There is no GUID binded to your Profile to reset.
  3. personally I just do it to disarm someone who might try to harm me or someone I know and care about. another reason is the most basic one. you have items i need, hand them over or ill kill you
  4. R.I.P mandela. lost but never forgotten
  5. Fallen Eagle

    What theme music would your character have...

    Welp Dylan woodington is a very sincere charecter, but at the same time he isnt to be messed with. I think that his theme song would be "sad but true"
  6. I said USELESS materials. Bricks and wiring could be useful. don't twist my words and read the disclaimer. If you have your own way thats fine, I don't care if you have a unique way of doing things. this is just a common sense guide for people new to day z. I shall add that to the list.
  7. Like: Irish,British,canadians and americans,People who can actually RP and not have bad accents/say "comrad" or "friend" every DAMN SENTANCE. Dislike: people who think their a badass because they have a "better" gun then you, Also people who would rob someone and promise to let them live if they behave, only to kill them anywas and laugh about it.
  8. Fallen Eagle

    Green Mountain

    WELP I know where Im going to live
  9. "I personally had stashes of low tier weapons if new spawns would need them, beside a AK74u still kills people, and you never know when you need even a makarov mag." yeah I know. thats why its been updated.
  10. sorry for such a short and non-detailed post guys. for everyone who is saying that I shouldn't have been recruited into ghost, I would like to point out that I have been playing day-z for about almost two months now. and even though that is a short amount of time i have learned a lot. furthermore I would like to point out that my birthday is the 28th of THIS MONTH, so I am in fact mature enough to play this game. and finally I would like to say that this list WILL be improved and that this is a guide for someone who hasn't even played or heard about Arma before. Also I shall be making a weapons guide for people who have a difficult time trying to select their guns.
  11. Hello everyone! My name is eagle and today i shall be telling you on ways to save inventory space! RULE 1: CHOOSING YOUR ITEMS. For my first rule i shall give you a situation, you are walking along the road and a fellow player walks up to you. they say that they have some items that they don't need, and offer to give them to you for free. now the first thing to do here would be to ask how much space they hold and what they are. Lets pretend that the player says the items are a makarov PM and three full magazines for it, along with a AK-74u and two magazines for it. now of course you wish to have these items, but lets say that you have a fuel can, three cans of beans, five bandages and three cans of drink with you already. you might think about ditching the food and bandages for these items the player is offering to you. HOWEVER by ditching the food you increase the chance of starving. instead you should probably ditch that fuel can and Maybe a bandage or to, because if your walking you obviously wont need the fuel can. thus ends rule one RULE TWO: BACKPACKS AND THEIR USE. considering that everyone in this zombie wasteland gets a backpack at one point or another, i shall address the use of one. Now lets think back to the previous example. If you have a backpack then you can simply store the fuel can and some of those bandages in your backpack. however if your backpack is already full then you should consider ditching a few items. The items you should consider dithcing are things that you do not need/ have not found any use for. say you have a machete in your backpack and a hatchet, I would reccomend DITCHING THE MACHETE! the reason for doing so is while the machete is "cool" it only has one use, while the hatchet has two uses. You cannot use a machete to chop down trees, however you can use the hatchet for this AND USE IT AS A MELEE WEAPON! another example would be having a few empty tin cans in your backpack as well as the said machete and hatchet. you should ALWAYS KEEP ACT LEAST ONE TIN CAN ON YOU FOR THESE REASONS! 1) food comes in it 2) it can be used as a flash bang 3) it is used for boiling water 4) it can be used to quietly break open hospitals as well as saving ammo 5) can be used to create false trails 6) Draws zombie attention 7) Can break others legs 8) Great RP can come from an empty Tin Can RULE THREE: JUNK. This is pretty straightforward, if you have junk on you (such as a machete) you should consider trading and or simply dropping said items. Their you go guys. a really simple way to item storage! (Please note that this is beginners guide and that it is intended to show new players how the item storage system works, if you have your own method for storage then by all means go ahead and use it, i do not judge.)