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  1. Brad had an average life in a city of Queensland, Australia. He spent his days working hard to make a life for himself, In the final months of school one of his friends won a couple of tickets to go on a cruise around Europe, stopping in the ports of iconic costal cities for a few days at a time. Brad and his friends spend part of 2017, their gap year, going around Europe stopping in major costal cities. The group of friends were having a time of their lives with no cares in the world. They started to see that an infection had been found in the eastern part of Europe and the ship was returning to port less often. They were in port one day and there were police preventing anyone from getting off the ship besides crew who were restocking the vessel. A few days after they set sail the one of the engines failed and there was a lot of metal on metal screeching coming from below deck. All the passengers were panicking on the deck. People were ordered to stay in the rooms. The ship descended into chaos as passengers were refusing and demanding to know what was happening. Some people were screaming about the infection. Brad and his friends returned to their rooms confused about was happening, they sat in their room with a horde of alcohol they had stockpiled to binge on. As nightfall descended on the ship a storm rolled in with the darkness. After drinking there all they had, they decided with their intoxicated minds it would be fun to use the pools slide while the deck was empty. The rain was pelting down, the cool droplets were bliss compared to their stuffy rooms. After Brad hit the water at the bottom of the slide for the 3rd time he saw flashlights flick across the surface of the pool. When he surfaced, he here the shouts of his friends yelling to run, that it was security. The group of friends scattered around the deck of the ships desperate to make it to their room without been caught. Brad misjudged his footing as he was running, tripping and slipping under the railing. He was hanging on for dear life, he could feel the strain of his weary body. He looked up to see a hand reach down and grab him by his hair and pull him back up on the deck. He looked up his saviour, accepting his defeat as two members of the security team stared down at him. There was a large cracking sound and the whole ship shuddered and started to lean to over. Brad, still on the floor of the ship started to slide towards the edge as the two security guards were hanging onto the railing for dear life, brad slipped right off the edge of the ship. His life flashing before him as he fell of the high deck of the cruise ship. While below the surface he could still hear the creaking of the ship, like a demented whales call. His heart skipped a beat as he felt a heavy thud and the surface of the water suddenly flash a bright orange. When he surfaced, he could smell the stench of burning oil and burnt flesh. He looked around spotting some lifeboats in the water, and only a few of them occupied by small groups, though most were to far away now. He swam as hard as he could to one with a small flame on it. Dragging his aching body out he collapsed in the boat, as the fire died from the heavy rain falling into the wooden craft. He tried fighting his weariness, but with alcohol still coursing through him and no sleep for the past two days he lost his internal battle. He woke with a splutter as water that had pooled in the boat washed over his face. He looked up and around, but he could see nothing but open ocean. He looked at the boat around him trying to see what he had with him. After his brief survey he spotted a small supply crate and a motor on the rear of the boat. He shuffled quickly over to the motor. But to his horror he realised that its motor was blackened by charcoal. He remembers their had been a fire the night before on the boat, but Brad didn’t realise that it had been the motor. He opened up the crate pulling out a blue tarp and wrapping it around his exposed chest, in an attempt to seal some of his warmth in. Brad spent the next week surviving on the rations left in the boat, there were more creates hidden under the seats full of supplies that he hadn’t seen at first. It was a feast of dry crackers and odd tasting water. Late in the afternoon, as he sat in a boat that had started to reek of urine he spotted a column of smoke, it was lit up with the sun behind it. he watched it wondering if it was the ship still burning. He watched it till it got to dark to see. A few hours later as he was laying on one of the benches in the boat, he heard a explosion off in the distance, he looked up alert all around, spotting the fading orange plume in the darkness. He spotted a few fires in the distance, it didn’t look to far away to him. With only a moments thought he abandoned his boat, that still had all his supplies. Bringing with him only an emergency floatation device he found aboard it. He swims as hard as he could for as long as he could. Finally making landfall his muscles start seizing up as he stumbles towards the fire collapsing next to a burning petrol station for warmth. When he awoke the petrol station fire had slowed down only a large wood pile was left burning. Brad in board shorts, with his tarp started wondering the streets of a small fishing town trying to find someone to get help from. But the town appeared abandoned. While in the town he spotted some people who looked all bloody and wounded stumbling after a man who was running and screaming. He watched as the man tripped and the bloody people descended on him tearing his flesh from his body and eating him alive. Brad thought it had to be the infection he heard about back on the ship. Brad kept his distance from the attack and went about knocking on doors, some were left open, some were smashed in. Very few remained locked, but Brad set about stealing from the open houses, getting himself some warm clothing and food in a old hiking bag he found in the second house he entered. After he was satisfied, he hit the road hoping the next town would have normal people in it. A few hours into his walk he found a military roadblock that was abandoned with burnt out vehicles surrounding it. When he approached, he realised there were piles of bodies on the sides of the road, some looked like they had been rotting for weeks. He doubled over and vomited all he had eaten for the day. When he finally gathered himself back together, he looked around, and spotted some people coming down the road, clearly having followed him from the past town. He approached them, as they kept coming towards him. One of the groaned as it got close to him. Taking a uncoordinated swing at him, It was clear to him, from the sores over the man’s bodies and the bloodshot eyes that there was clearly some sort of infection affecting him. Brad made a run for it off into the woods, ditching his plan of finding help. He just wanted to escape the horrible plague that had taken over the minds of the villages behind him. Collapsing to his knees, he thought over what had happened to him over the past two weeks, the pain he had suffered, and now the horrors that he had witnessed. The friends he had lost, the ones he had completely forgot about while he had been clinging to life on the raft. He remembers hearing how the infection had spread through Europe, at the time Brad had played it off, assuming it was some new flu, that would be wiped out soon. Brad picked up some old tree branches and clustered then in a clearing. With the aid of some Firestarter he had a small campfire burning in front of him. Brad sat in the forest studying everything around him. Continuing his routine until his supplies started to run out. He watched the small animals of the forest, he would follow little foxes from a distance as they led him to the burrows of rabbits, or a small rodent. Everyday was a fight to get food. Brad just wondered the woods with the clothes on his back and a blunt hunting knife. Days, and months flew past as he continued his little hunts. He just saw himself as another animal of the woods now. Trying to survive with teeth and claws. He had long since stop bothering with fires and opted to eating his catch raw. One night, two years after the ship had sunk, brad was sleeping. Until a flashlight shone through the woods, settling on him. Brad stayed still having waked up as soon as the light had flashed onto him. He was listening carefully as his unsuspecting prey tried to creep up on him. As his prey stopped less than a meter from him, Brad sprang into action. Jumping on the man and tackling him to the ground. Brad sat atop of the man looking down at him with confused eyes. Who was this silly man, why was he so stompy? Brad tilted his head as he looked at him confused by the strange man. The man reached to his side grabbing his pistol form his belt and pointing it at Brad. Brad still sitting on the man, just looked at him and the weapon. Not knowing what he was meant to do. Using his spare hand the man pushed brad off him, and they both sat there staring at each other. The man asked Brad his name, but brad was already feeling hungry was distracted and turned back to his breakfast, which was a rabbit he had caught the day before and said “Fluffy” as he thrust the dead rabbit at the man. Brad pulled out his old hunting knife to skin the rabbit, Brad looked up confused as he saw the man tense up, but he looked back down, quickly skinning the creature and cutting of a fleshy leg and put it out in a open palm towards the man. They shared a confused look, brad wasn’t sure why the man didn’t want food. The man asked with a funny accent if he was going to cook it, which Brad thought was strange. He didn’t know why the man wanted to cook it, it was nice and fresh now. The man grabbed some wood close by and started a small fire and stuck the rabbit leg on the end of a stick. After cooking it the man gave it back to Brad. Brad tried the meat and liked the warmth of the rabbit flesh, the smoky flavour from the fire swirling through his mouth over his tastebuds. “mhm nice fluffy” brad said and moved to lean against the stranger, who again tensed up. “name?” Brad said as he looked up at the man who had tensed up again. “Ah, Michael,” he said in his funny voice. “uh um, Fluffy, what are you doing?” Brad looked up confused, I am not fluffy, he thought, it was the rabbit that was fluffy. Brad moved away from Michael while he kept looking at him. They both sat there as the fire crackled and popped for some time, but Brad/Fluffy started to feel weary and curled up next to the fire and went to sleep. After having one of the best sleeps he had had for a long time, he woke and saw that the man, Michael was gone. He looked around not seeing him, but it was clear to Brad/Fluffy which way he had gone, every creature left a trail, and the man had left a clearer one than a lot of the animals do. After only a hour of following the trail which brad noted went in circles a couple of times he came across Michael leaning against a tree drinking from a canteen. “Michael?” Brad/Fluffy said looking at him confused. “Fluffy?! What are you doing here, why did you follow me?” Michael questioned, Brad/Fluffy just stared at him. “Never mind. How do I get out of here, where is a town? A road?” Brad looked him, tilting his head and giving a goofy smile, “House,” he said pointing off into the trees and started walking. Michael quickly stored his canteen and followed. They spent the next few hours walking through the forest until they came to small wooden shack with an old dirt road attached to it. Michael thanked Brad/Fluffy and offered him a spare map, showing that he lived in a town called Vishnoye, bellow a castle called Zub, and told Brad/Fluffy that if he needed help, he should come there. After another week in the woods Brad/Fluffy started to miss talking. He hadn’t done it for years till he met Michael. He decided to go find Michael, he set about going through towns in the cover of darkness. After he found the town from the map, he even saw Michael down in it. But there were other people around him. He watched for a couple days and decided most of them must be Michaels friends, but sometimes bad men came and tried to hurt them. He checked in on Michael from a distance every few days watching where he moved his camp every time. Brad followed from a distance going around a strange land he only started to expose himself to. He was waiting for the right day for existence to be known to the world
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I do agree that i was wrong in the situation. But part of the punishment, permakilling my character (Shane Smith), is too harsh. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: In the moment when I attempted to fight my way out of the situation, I thought it was a good idea. But it is clear not to me and everyone in the report, this was a horrible decision. This is the first time I have every disobeyed the initial demand of an aggressor. In every other similar situation like this i have roleplayed it out, I had always begged for my life offering to do anything to keep it. I have also never received a report before this time, you can see from this that I am no repeat offender. I spoke Derek Steel after the report was signed off on, to get a greater understanding what I did wrong to ensure I never do it again. I understand I had done something wrong and asked if it was possible for me to take a 7 day ban instead of a character permadeath, which sadly wasn’t possible. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like my character un-permakilled, I want this as I have invested a lot of time into developing him into something unique. He is also a crucial part in the roleplay between the groups The Runners and the 503. I still believe I need a punishment, but to permakill this character to me is almost as harsh a punishment as a permaban. What could you have done better?: I could have complied with their demands, and roleplayed the situation out. I should have not been so reluctant to roleplay with them and put more effort into the situation myself.
  3. Snorf

    S1 NVFL Near Solnichny Factories 00:42:56 9/11/2019

    I was running to the new location of my group, I was about to reach the Solnichny Factory when the game crashed. When I log back in I see a bunch of people running down the road towards me with there guns out (Not included in video but i can upload it if i need to). I was worried that this maybe a bandit group, because most friendly people i have met keep there guns on their backs until they need them. In a split second judgement i decided that it is in my best interest not to go towards the people with there guns out. So i run into the woods of Solnichny Factory. They pursue me with there guns still out, which further confirmed my suspicions. I though i had made it away when one of them catches up to me, and two more of them join him (I saw people on the road, i noted more than one but i wasn’t waiting around to count). They then keep following me as i back up along this field. IC I was afraid of running into anyone I did not know as I had just knocked out (killed) the two leaders of 503 the day before, and had received threats from the group. When I was initiated i had Line of sight on two of them, and assumed that they were the only two that could see me. To my knowledge at the time there was only 3 of them. I thought i would be able to take the 2 initial fire before the 3rd would get a shot on me. My video, and the logs show this, I actual thought i got the first one, when i started to fire at the second. Obviously it didn’t work out this way, but to me at the time, handing myself over to a group that was clearly hostile and the potential of having a bounty on my from the 503 it seemed like the best choice.
  4. We have spoken about it and agree that there was confusion but I want to drop the report.
  5. Hold on the report so we can talk it out, between parties.
  6. 4.1 All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players. Hostile actions or initiations must be done personally and on specific targets who must be aware who the attacker is, for example they cannot be done remotely through radio or PA system. I was under the impression meant it would not be a valid inition. Which I still wasn't sure as John does try and trick me and other sometimes. As for aiming my gun, I was using it to see at a distance, which you were doing the samething. When ever I have been in a situation I have had clear instructions given personal to me. I assumed this was because it was the only way allowed under these rules. Everytime I have been attacked I have complied as I was able to because I personally hear the initiation and demands. This situation seems messy to me, that is why I am creating this report. To my understandings I wasn't initiated on and that is why i didn't fire and I thought I wouldn't be shot at too.
  7. Server and location: S1: fields above lopatino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-09-07, 13:45 Your in game name: Shane Smith Names of allies involved: Kevin shock, Martha Woods, John Oakwood, (I think more runners got involved later) Name of suspect/s: ItsChocolateMan, he had two mates not sure who they were (logs?) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: After Kevin shock had a run in with some churno-russians and we had to go give him medical help. We started making our way back to lopatino, just above the town in the fields there were 3 people running towards us. They spoke to the other 3 people in my group and then we started continuing our way. they then huddled in a group and shortly after started following us. I started to run away confused what was happening, then I start hearing John say help. I start trying to tell my group where we are. It wasn’t clear what was happening, no shots had been fired so I didn’t want to shot anyone because I was unaware there had been an initiation, or if it was some joking around. In the rules it says "4.1 All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players. Hostile actions or initiations must be done personally and on specific targets who must be aware who the attacker is..." I don’t feel this was done, I did not hear any initiation.
  8. Server and location: S1- Novy summer camp Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-09-01, 00:03 Your in game name: Shane Smith Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): At 0:32 seconds is when i step on the bear trap. Detailed description of the events: I was looting in Novy summer camp, when I went into one of the bunk houses. The bunk house had a bear trap placed and armed behind the closed door. I didn’t see it when I opened the door and stepped on it. There was no way someone had placed that for me as I had just got on today and have not interacted with another person yet.
  9. *Shane presses the PTT button on his radio* Hello, any Runners out there. Come quick to your compound something has happened. I cant give details, I dont know who else is listening. Uh, I am Shane the guy with the pink hat that was trading and couldn't make up my mind what I wanted. *Shane releases the button letting out a sigh*
  10. I hope magpie still has my pink teddy.
  11. Shane Smith, living in the Australian outback for most of his life, has made a tough young man. He grew up in a small town, the only son of the town’s bakers. In his teenage years he earned some money by helping farmers rid their properties of rabbits. He did this with trapes, shooting and poisoning. At the age of 17 he started his own business doing what he had done for years. After doing this for a few years and his business growing to have 5 employees under him he decided he deserved a holiday. Been strapped for cash, he looked around for the cheapest flight eventually find one into Chernarus, presumably because of its recent civil war. He didn’t like the look of Chernarus but planned to fly in and stay a few days to get himself transport to France, where he planned to have most of his holiday. But his plan came undone as the nation he had landed fell into chaos and anarchy. The night before he planned to leave, he got a call from the bus depo that he planned to catch a bus from informed him to stay away as there were protests close by, and they were delaying all departures until further notice. Worried for his safety Shane stayed in his room for the next few days, checking in with the depo every morning. On the fourth day he got no answer from the depo. He decided to try and make his own way out of the country. On his way to the bus depo he witnessed a group of armed soldier fire on groups of civilians. Shane was shocked at the atrocities that where been committed, he tried to contact the police but could get a hold of them. He then set out to find a store that was open, to buy some tinned food to last him a few days in his room. He kept up this routine, over time it was less of purchasing food, and more of looting from busted up stores and raided houses.
  12. Snorf

    S1: Invalid kill/rdm 12/31/2018 11:00 est

    There is an easy way to end this. Jordan Jones (Sh4Wzy) and Morgan Jones (pk_cooler) are both guilty of Invalid Kill - on sight or Invalid kill - firefight. But if members of the group you were meant to be fighting did not fight I am assuming it is not a firefight so the former rule break is more likely.
  13. Snorf

    S1: Invalid kill/rdm 12/31/2018 11:00 est

    There was no warning that people in the town would die.
  14. Snorf

    S1: Invalid kill/rdm 12/31/2018 11:00 est

    They said sinners were going to die, i was there when they said that and they didnt kill me. They did not direct an initiation at anyone. It was just meant to make them seem threatening. You could have spoken to them like I did rather then shooting me and others.
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