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  1. Tupolev Pavlovich was born on July 22nd 1988 in Kirovograd in the Chernarussian Soviet Republic to Ivan Pavlovich who worked at the local lumber mill and Anastasia Pavlovich who was a homemaker, Tupolev's parents were devout Chernarussian nationalists and took many efforts to bring him up as a patriotic Chernarussian, like take him to many secret gatherings of nationalists in the Kirovograd area during his early life but not long after The Soviet Union collapsed and Chernarus gained its independence. Tupolev was very politcally active in the Strana Vzkriseni party and attended many youth gatherings in his hometown, Tupolev was so patriotic that when he was 18 in 2006 he enlisted in the Chernarussian Ground Forces. Tupolev was assigned to the 34th Mountain Infantry Battalion of the 86th Brigade, Tupolev was an well liked by his peers and officers who saw him as a prime example of what soldier should be by 2009 he reached the rank of Sergeant, When the civil war broke out that September his unit was deployed to the black mountains north of Miroslavl to assist in counter insurgency operations seeing some combat against Chedaki. When the civil war ended the new nationalist government recruited Tupolev into the COBR State Security Directorate Intelligence Wing, his job was to infiltrate to small communist organisations all throughout Chernarus and report intelligence back to Miroslavl command he did this until the outbreak.
  2. Hugh Ryan was born on the 5th of May 1988 to Irish American parents, Hugh has good upbringing and his parents made sure he would not become a trouble maker going into adulthood by instilling a set of good moral values. Hugh was also taught religion was very important, and helping other people before himself was very important. Hugh thought he could best do this by enlisting in The United States Marines in 2006 when he graduated from high school, After Boot Camp and SOI he was assigned to 1st, Battalion, 5th Marines and did two tours in Iraq before being discharged for an IED attack that left him scarred in several places and severely depressed. Hugh's parents encouraged him to go back to church because it will make him feel better, he went to church one day and after the service he felt born again, this inspired him to join the Peace Corps to help people around the world. By July 2017 Hugh had been to Chernarus several times to help the country recover from the civil war.
  3. *Scott takes his radio out of his back pack, and presses PTT* "I have already moved on Lieutenant, but thank you for reminding me of how I should conduct myself not trying to be a smart ass by the way, safe travels". *Would release PTT and reload is SKG 5 and keep moving on*
  4. *As he is laying down he wonders the SITREP of the Army Intelligence guy, he picks up the microphone* "Sergeant Baker what is your SITREP to Pogorevka, over". *Puts down the microphone and waits for a response*
  5. *Has a confused look on his face and picks up microphone* "I apologise if I have offended you, I was just told by a Chernorussian man who has met you that you were apart of a group of NATO members and that just caught my attention, because I am looking for group who are associated with NATO or the UN." *Puts down the microphone and lays down to think*
  6. *After finishing his conversation with a former Chernorussian Police Officer, he picks up the microphone attached to his radio and asks* "I am told that you are with some people that associated with NATO, how about I make my way to you but you do not have to tell me your base location for security reasons, just tell me a location to meet and I will go there". *He would let go of the microphone and hopes that she is still with those people*
  7. *Picks up the microphone attached to the radio* "If it is not too much to ask I would like to ask them in person, I am currently resting in the Pogorevka Church, I will be here for a couple of days" *Puts down the microphone and loads bullets into his Mosin to pass the time*
  8. *Puts down his beans down and picks up microphone attached to radio* "I am currently in the town of Pogorevka, I am resting in the town Church, I will be here for a couple of days if you would to come down that would be fine". *Puts down the microphone and keeps warming up by the fire*
  9. *Would pick up microphone attached to radio and respond* "I am currently in the town of Pogorevka, I am currently resting here for a couple of days, I am resting in the Church I will ready myself for your arrival". *Would put down the microphone and would continue to eat his beans he just heated up on the fire*
  10. *Scott starts climbing the radio tower with all of the necessary radio equipment to get a message out to all frequency's in his massive backpack, he actually gets up there easily due to his training. He gets up there sets up the equipment starts broadcasting this message all frequency's*. "My name is Sergeant Scott Blake with the United Marine Corps, 3rd Light Armoured Reconnaissance, 1st Marine Division out of Twenty-nine palms, California. I was sent to Elektrozavodsk with my unit to help secure NATO bases in the area, but shortly before we could do that my unit was overrun and Elektro fell to the infected I fled to the northeast and I have been searching for any NATO, UN or American personnel ever since. The reason I am broadcasting this message is that I am looking for answers and a safe group to travel with or possibly get the hell out of this place and go back home if anybody is out there please respond" *The transmission would end and Scott starts to take down the equipment and place then in his backpack and zip it up, he climbs down the tower and sets up camp nearby to listen to any replies*.
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    Novaya Factory

  12. FatherCoon

    S1 / KOS-RDM-BadRP / Cherno / 20:30 server time

    Scott Blake's POV, I use this video as a reference and what I remember from this incident. I was standing inside of my base loading what we got from a recent loot run from the car into some barrels then I hear over the radio that a suspicious Chernorussian or Russian man was standing out side of the gate me and @Caylor Investigate who is outside the gate apparently he is a traveller and we ask if he wanted to trade some hammers for some AK mags and bullets, he says yes his friend has some hammers and he tells us in OOC he is offline. We go into a building and warm up by a campfire and we get to talking about cannibals and his travels around Chernarous, then we started to hear Russian music started to play outside and we both were confused so we go outside to investigate there is about a group of 10-20 men I couldn't really get a count wearing yellow armbands and bearing rifles and all kinds of other stuff and the man I was talking put a yellow armband on and unsling is rifle from his shoulder and joined the men in what appears to be a show of force against us. Me and @n0mi are outside at this point and we know something is very wrong, I decide to walk up to @Sylva and try to see what he and his men wants from us, he goes on to tell me in a hostile manner that we are setting up a base in there territory and that was "very rude" and I go on to tell @Sylva that we had no bad intentions and we would be happy to trade anything with your group and he goes on to tell me that "I am not an ass hole and I am a reasonable man" and as long as we are living in there territory we have to "pay rent and does that make sense to you" not wanting to anger the men further I say "I understand and yes that makes sense". He then asks for one of the cars in our base and I see 3-4 men apporach @n0mi who is guarding the gate and he refuses to open the gate and I see @Sylva and the rest of his men approach the gate and ask @n0mi to open the gate and "dont make this difficult ", @n0mi replies and says "we are not opening the gate" and @Sylva says "do not make this harder then it has to be please open the gate". I then retreat into one of the building across the street and contemplate my next action and I look out the window of one of the buildings and see 2-3 starting using a sand barrier to jump into our base, feeling like that if they all entered the base and would kill the rest of my group members I went downstairs from the building across the base and into a alleyway where I took aim with my M4A1 rifle and I put two bullets and killed one of the men scaling our gate and I was killed shortly after. Yes I did fire the first shot I felt I was not breaking the rules and I was only defending our base that @n0mi refused entry to @Sylva and his men.
  13. FatherCoon

    S1 / KOS-RDM-BadRP / Cherno / 20:30 server time

    Actually we clearly did state that we wouldn't open the gate, look at the video between 2:18-2:25. Luke says "We are not opening the gate".
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