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  1. I did everything like it says on the new DayZRP folder mod, I did install it, I did put it in the local mod and it's loaded. I load only the DAYZRP folder mod in my mods menu. But when i start the game it says this -
  2. I thought rule 3.2 of Roleplay - Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. That means we were right infront of you, we wasn't far away, nope - we were right infront of you with guns pointed at your head, you just ran away right infront of us, what do you mean KOS? Who do you think you are? John Wick ;d ? You don't have no value of life, for your character... You just said you was running and that means we have to kill you. What do you mean you don't need to comply? You are ready to die just like that , because two guys pointed guns in your face? Damn you hella brave I guess ;d. That's not survival as well, if a character value his life and wants to survive, he don't just run away from right infront of the people who scream at him to get his hands up and have guns pointed at him. That's a death sentence. The simple thing is just to stop and get your hands up. It's very simple tho ;d It's the same rule that the staff got on example - ''For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered'' Even if that was your people base or whatever. You was alone in a house and your friends were far away from you. You were outnumbered, you were alone, you didn't had a gun and we were right infront of you. ;d Forget about shooting us after that with 0 RP. There wasn't gonna be no shooting if you started to value your life.
  3. (I'm Ratamir Ramirov) Yeah we just wanted to get a hostage so we can get a ritual ;d... We thought even if we meet each other with the guys running this place, we gonna point our guns to each other and then we scream, we thought at least there will be some RP with this people, some conversation, but we didn't get no RP... We only got shot, like we were the enemies of Counter-Strike rushing B... We saw a guy without his gun out staying alone in one of the houses and we got our guns up and we suprised him and scream at him to get his hands up and he had guns pointed at his face... The guy was with green or blue ski mask I think, and this person just started running away... ;D Like wtf was supposed to be that? We told him to stop or we gonna shoot, but he just started running away to his people who were far away from him... Long story short - we lost him, he came back with his friends and shot us down... That's it. Like I said we got him alone, without his guns, rushed him with two big guns pointed at his face, scream at him and he just started running away left and right... Went in 3-4 houses far away I think and came back with guns, with his friends to shoot us down...
  4. IGN: Ratamir Ramirov (Skully) Country: Russia English skills: Good, I do RP russian accent. DayZ Mod Experience: Don't have... But I watched a lot of youtube videos DayZ Standalone Experience: full 3 months in other servers Roleplaying Experience: I have 2 years RP experience on GTA V RP and Garry MOD RP What kind of In Game role best describes you: Can be a bandit if I have to in situations, bad discipline, but loyal till the end, hooligan in the past, I know how and I have the experience of how to get best RP with this qualifications. Have you been in any clan/group previously: No, In GTA V RP i have been in a gang if that counts Additional notes: I look for a group that i guess fits my character, doesn't really matter Best way to contact you: PM me if you want on the website or Discord - loкi#0666 Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-9515/
  5. Hello, I'm kinda new in DayZ and I'm trying to figure out why I cannot join... I subscribed to Winter mod and to DAYZRP mod both of them and still I can't join... The problem I'm trying to figure out is what version of the game should I choose? There is 4 - None, stress test, legacy 0.62 and the experimental one. I mean the one on the properties, betas on steam. I tried everyone of them and I still can't join the server and I subscribed to Winter mod and the DAYZRP mod. When i bought the dayz it comes with the launcher and in the launcher it says that Winter and DAYZRP Mods are loaded and ready? What should I do??? And I can't really undestand do I really need games like Arma 2 dayz mod stuff like that to be in the server? I have only Arma 3 and DayZ of course on steam...
  6. BACKGROUND Ratamir Ramirov was born in Moscow, Russia 1996. Mother and father with their son lived in Nekrasovka neighborhood. They were very poor and the place where they lived was the most dangerous districts in Moscow... Ratamir's father was involved in criminal stuff, just to get some money for his family, but later got caught with serious charges and went with 30 years sentence, when Rata was 5 years old. The mother didn't had no choice, but to raise Ratamir alone and as best as she can... When Ramirov went to school, the school wasn't the best ones and had a lot of trouble makers, so Rata had a lot of bad influences with him and later joined a small gang of hooligans. He got in fights with other gangs, selling drugs, doing small thefts and had a lot of problems with the police... The gang thought a nickname for Ratamir and called him - ,,Skully'' Because he always had a skull mouth shaped ski mask that he always wear, when he was about to do some illegul stuff and the other reason was, because he had very thick skull and he loved to use his head to fight people and not much with his fists or kicking... His mother always tried to tell him that one day he will end up like his father or maybe dead, but Rata didn't wanted to listen he was very ungrateful with his mother, because even when his mother worked 2 jobs, they were still poor, living in a misery... He hated his life and didn't care about nobody, didn't care about the future or what will happen to him, but he wasn't ready for what was gonna happen next... THE APOCALYPSE One day, Ramirov was sitting alone in a park, just thinking about his life and minutes later he saw people running from something and screaming... A very loud alarm came from nowhere and Ratamir was confused what is going on. He heard gunshots from far away and he wanted to check where all that fuss is coming from.... He started running and running and the next thing he saw scared the crap out of him... Police was shooting people, but those people was all covered in blood, making strange sounds and some of the eating dead bodies from the ground... Ratamir had to go home to check on his mother and started running to that direction. In the streets were full of people crying, screaming and running covered in blood, dead bodies everywhere. Rata scared running finally got in his block, but in the front door of the project block they were one of those creatures eating his neighbours... Rata froze up and was thinking what the hell he is gonna do... He saw a crowbar near a garage and thought that he have to fight his way to check on his mother. Ramirov got the crowbar and as fast as he can he started to punch as hard as he can the infected... He got on the ground 1 or 2 infected and start running upstairs to his apartament. He got there, but the door was open covered in blood... Rata start walking slowly with his crowbar, scared and heard strange noises coming from his room. He was ready to fight and slowly open the door, but the thing he saw hit him for life... His mother was on the ground, shaking in pain and her eyes were all bloody... She was slowly getting infected... Rata just closed the door and started crying. He thought that this is a nightmare or this is karma for how he treated his mother, that the last thing he said to his mother wasn't - ''I love you'' Went back outside and thought that was the end of him... Seconds later he heard someone screaming and grab him by his shoulder behind him... Lucky Rata, that was a soldier telling him to come with him... The soldier told him that there is a train with survivors who are ready to leave Moscow. Ratamir didn't had a choice and both of them got in the soldier army truck and went to Moscow's train station... They got there, the train was full of supplies and guns... Rata had only his clothes and his favorite skull ski mask with him. The train was going on travelling for 4 years, but in the end, of course the supplies were getting very low, it was very cold... Survivors got sick and some of them were dying and the train had to finally stop. When it stopped, first thing Ratamir saw from the window was sign that had written on - Chernarus. PERSONALITY Ratamir Ramirov is very sensitive to disrespect and have a disorder disturbance in his brain since a teenager that he always have to prove himself to everyone, even if there is no reason for that... He is emotional and gets angry very easily, if somebody tries to trick him, play with him or say something bad to him. Will be always loyal to the people that help him and will do everything to protect them. He always say the truth and don't hide things, even if the truth may heard the people around him... In infected situations he tried to keep cool, but deep down inside he is very scared and sometimes he have panic attacks. Not very social and talkative with people... Shy and don't have good discipline, love to talk sh*t to fake show people that he is confident. The apocalypse life caused him to act a bit mentally unstable and talk nonsense sometimes, even mixes his imagation and the reality... Being all alone in the cold winter made him imagine that he have a wife and 2 children (twins). One day when he woke up, they were gone, he thought that the wife took the children and ran away from him, but they don't actually exist of course. From that day maybe Ratamir will ask a stranger about them...
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