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  1. This is about me so I'll post my POV now. Alexei's POV: So as they stated they took hostages, one was pamyati @Rutkiy . He was told to give a message to the saviors and so he did, I was NOT involved in his RP situation with Kamenici. I was simply in novaya doing recon on saviors when this happened. All I knew at the time was our sworn enemy Kamenici, had taken one of our boys hostage, and were using him as a pawn to their plans, whatever they may be. now I again had no RP with kamenici, they were using my guy to get their IC stuff done, and Rutkiy RP'ed with the man who took him hostage, so I did what had to be done to get him out of the situation to avoid them ever using him again. It seems here they claim to give him a gun, but from how it's worded in the report it appears they gave him the gun AFTER he returned to them with me. You can try to call me for ruleplay and bad RP but I did what I had to do to get him out of there, and away from you guys as we are again, sworn enemies. I took the first shots so this is on me, I had no RP with Kamenici, and had defense rights due to your hostilities with Rutkiy. Had I RP'ed with you beforehand I would not have killed you and RP'ed as I myself see no need to get into a firefight when it's avoidable. But the situation in my eyes as he was taken hostage and was being used to further Kamenici's plans, which is a big problem with PAMYATI. I don't think any group would let their member be used as a pawn by their enemies and let them get away with it. We killed two of them and then booked it away. Again if there was RP for me to be had I would've but there simply was not.
  2. Got diamond for the clout... tryna get the title to work on my phone, someone let me know if it’s messed up I need more community street cred ❤️

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  3. Born in Tula, Russia just before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Vadim's father Ivan Served as an official in the MVD, after the collapse of the Soviet Union corruption was widespread and his father was killed when Vadim was only 10.Vadim was sent to live with his aunt in Moscow. He grew up angry, His uncle was an angry man, living a poor life in the ghettos of Moscow, drinking away his sorrows, and taking them out on his brother Alexei most nights. At 16, a poster of a Russian soldier caught his eye. He felt perhaps the military would give him meaning, take him from his hard home life, and show him the world. At 18, Vadim joined the Russian MSV. He spent most days in the valleys of Chechnia. Come 2017, The Russian government began gaining interest in the nearby state of Chernarus. The economy had grown significantly since the civil war in 09. As well as a large ethnic Russian minority in the region of South Zagoria. In July when the outbreak happened, The entire country fell into disarray, South Zagoria was completely consumed by the infection. The infection was spreading quickly, and cases were being reported along the Russian border. Soon enough, war broke out with NATO and the Russian Federation, Who began MSV and SVR operations inside Chernarus. Vadim was assigned to the 58th Army and deployed to the Russian border with South Zagoria. After a detachment of his unit accidentally misplaced nuclear fuel rods in Novaya Petrovka, It was painted by a local SVR unit as a CDF and Ultra-Nationalist false flag attack to paint the Russian government as the villain, instead of the Liberators.
  4. That’s a dope asf pic
  5. Congrats on Approved fellas o7
  6. *Alexei is cleaning his rifle when he hears the broadcast, he grabs his radio off the table and responds* "Perhaps this shall open the eyes of those who still choose to ignore the issue, Tovarishch if you are still alive head to Green Mountain, It is safe there." *Alexei releases the PTT*
  7. *Alexei hears the man over the radio, and holds down the PTT to respond.* "Has neither of you cyka been listening? One of your fascist friends already admitted to the crime. Your words mean nothing. We are here to protect ourselves, and those you seek to harm. Perhaps one day you will understand this is not the same Chernarus it was before the outbreak. Many of us PAMYATI were born and raised in Chernarus, We lived through the civil war, our families were torn apart! We were oppressed, we were the ones being murdered and butchered in our homes. Just because of our blood. да, it is true Russian blood runs through my veins. But I was a Chernarussian national just like you. But yet we were always treated like animals. we were the ones persecuted after the fall of the Soviet Union, despite many fighting for your independence. We were the ones being slaughtered as the Chernarussian regime turned a blind eye. We know the truth свинья." *He releases the PTT and the broadcast falls silent*
  8. *Alexei hears the radio chatter while investigating the grave, he puts his camera away and pulls out his radio, he holds down the PTT* "Ano, huh? We are also Chernarussian nationals, but the ethnic Russian minority has long been persecuted by the government and Ultra-nationalists alike. Even during an apocalypse, you target foreigners and those who are not ethnic Chernarussians. You even admit to the atrocities you commit. We have met people who have witnessed or survived the atrocities you commit. Bringing a little girl to lure innocent people to your traps will be of no use. The people know who is on their side, and who is not." *Alexei lets go of the PTT, placing his radio away and begins discussing plans to search for more mass graves.*
  9. *Alexi hears the chatter and takes out his radio, he holds down the PTT and responds* "Our scouts confirmed your presense in the area where the grave was found. The bodies found were all connected to foreigners, you aim to eliminate and drive foreigners out of the country, you target the ethnic Russian minority just as you did before the war. Your lies of innocence fall on deaf ears, you have painted a target on your back and we are prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect those you seek to destroy, and extort. The bodies wre still in early stages of decay, no more than a week old. Do not deny your intentions, it fools no one. Poka fashisty." *Alexei releases the PTT*
  10. *Alexei would finish discussing the events witnessed by the patrol, pick up his radio and Hold down the PTT* "Privet people of South Zagoria. Today marks a day that will forever be remembered as the day our true call to survival had come. On this day, February 2nd 2019, a PAMYATI patrol discovered a mass grave outside of Myshkino. Many bodies had tattoos linking them to both the ethnic Russian minority, as well as several featuring tattoos that depicted the United States Marine Corps logo. Not all the bodies could be examined due to time constraints as well as the urgency of the discovery. However, more patrols will be sent out to examine the bodies further, as well as search for other grave sites. We have sent teams to put up posters in the southern regions of South Zagoria, to warn foreigners of this danger. Patrols also confirmed sightings of Chernarussian nationalist activity in the area. It is believed based on the present evidence, that the Chernarussian nationalists are behind the barbaric murders, We have wasted too much time fighting in the north, and slaying each other. We have grown to distracted by our personal grudges between one another, and have allowed ourselves as a whole to ignore the looming threat that has hung over our heads, and now it is beginning to make its presence known. The time has come to unite under a common goal, Our true enemy has surfaced. The fascists have begun these mass killings, and they will not stop until Kabinino, Vybor, Lopatino, Novodmitrovsk, and The Green Mountain Collective lay in ruins. The time has come to decide if we should fight for our survival as one, or give into the nationalist threat that tries to take us from our new home! People of South Zagoria! We must fight! Слава Выживание!” *Multiple voices can be heard behind Alexei Shouting Glory to Survival! The broadcast goes silent.*
  11. *Small paper posters can be found on street lamps around the town hall in Chernogorsk, On The street sign coming in and out of Myshkino, The gate in front of The Green Mountain Complex, as well as the pub door in Pogorevka.* Важный! (IMPORTANT!) People of South Zagoria, This is a warning to all who see this sign. On February 2nd, 2019, a PAMYATI patrol near Myshkino found a mass grave out in the woods only a couple kilometers away from the village. The picture below is evidence we gathered at the grave. The bodies were investigated with many having tattoos that linked them to the ethnic Russian minority, as well as a couple bearing tattoos of the United States Marine Corps. After further investigation, Evidence of Chernarussian nationalist activity in the area was confirmed, as well as several cells of these nationalists being sighted by scouts, and patrols. The nationalists do not only target us ethnic Russians but all men and women, not of Chernarussian blood. The carnage discovered today is a statement to all people in South Zagoria. These nationalists have clearly started operations to systematically and covertly eliminate foreigners. Their attempts to hide such gore is not only barbaric but inhumane. PAMYATI along with the coalition of factions has long provided safety from such savages, Many good people have started farming communities such as at Green Mountain. Places like this will be butchered and razed at the hands of nationalists. Be safe and weary on your travels. It is time the nationalist threat be addressed, the time has come to choose whether we will fight for our own survival as one, or give in to the fascist threat looming over South Zagoria. Слава Выживание! (Glory to Survival!)
  12. @Shroud and I have talked it out. I whole heartedly believe this was accidental as I unknowingly wondered into a firefight with my weapon out. I do believe communication between Shroud and his mates could have been better in regards to identifying hostiles however in tense situations I know it’s happened to me before. I would ask if staff could please close the report if possible. Thank you for the help @Zanaan !
  13. Server and location: Server 1, Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 01:40 Your in game name: Alexei Barsukov Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: I was at northwest airfiled when I decided to head back to Vybor for some RP, I get there and behind the police station there was a guy reloading his magazine, My friend in discord tells me there are nationalists around so I wanted to meet up with him and leave before we get caught up in the mess that was going to ensue. My friend then says he is being held up so I ask where but he is muted. I hear shots, and decide to leave. Then out of no where I start taking bullets to the back, and run behind cover to see what is happening. I get blasted as the guy who I had just jogged by runs around to my side and shoots me.There was NO initiation on me, I literally strolled right past him not even a minute earlier, no words were spoken, and I was just gassed outta nowhere. Don't wanna be the guy to get someone banned, so if whoever did it would be kind enough to just come forward and talk to me in discord, or PM me that'd be great, we've all miss ID'ed before.
  14. If I may add, we were outside the barn for some time, caraham and I were in the woods watching the doors, symplekti was up close to the barn and heard them talking. After some 5 minutes passed we decided to breach, as we had a meeting set up with another group and time was ticking. We approached the barn and caraham gave us a count down, it wasn’t until after we breached I witnessed Benny start sprinting at my door, we figured we’d breach and you guys would just kill them but you didn’t. I totally understand the situation may seem completely fishy, but we are are fairly experienced players and once we found the barn it was a simple question of if we breach or wait for you to come out. But you have a a lack of evidence to support your claims and I’d rather we settle this maturely over discord I’d be more than happy to give you every single detail of the situation from our POV and talk it over. Please PM me if you’re interested.
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