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  1. Julek was born in Zelenogorsk on January 8th, 1988. Julek was an only child to Miloslav Sarka, and Ivanka Sarka. Julek's father had served in the Red Army during the invasion of Afghanistan. during the closing years of the invasion, Julek was born, and only a week later Miloslav found himself imprisoned by Russia's infamous KGB. Julek's father was accused of having connections with a previously exiled Soviet politician. the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 led to the freedom of many political prisoners, Julek's father being one of them. Upon his return, Miloslav did his best to raise Julek and got him enrolled into the local school system. Miloslav quickly became a prominent officer in the CDF, and Julek grew up in a very comfortable household. After graduating from primary school, Julek's father found him a job at the Ministry of the Interior in Chernogorsk. Julek learned much from his time there and became interested in a new special police unit, known as COBR, that had been growing in recent years. With a few strings pulled on his father's end, Julek secured a spot in the COBR special police unit. After going through countless months of rigorous training, Julek earned his tab and was officially indoctrinated into COBR. Many of his first assignments had to do with the growing communist insurgent cell's that plagued Chernarus. During his time in these investigations, Julek often heard of a man called 'Akula'. Two years later it would be uncovered that this Akula was a man by the name of Gregori Lopotev. Lopotev was a Chernarussian of Russian descent who had formed and lay the groundwork for what was the ChDKZ. Julek spent much of the civil war hunting Lopotev, and the ChDKZ's top brass. Even spending several months in Takistan with a US Special Operations unit that was aiding the Chernarussian government in their mission. During the waning days of the civil war, Lopotev's radio transmissions from Skalisty island are intercepted by the CDF and a joint US and COBR operation results in the apprehension of Lopotev, thus ending the civil war in South Zagoria. Julek's assignments over the following years were to investigate and apprehend remnant ChDKZ officers, and sympathizers...
  2. Born in 1992 to an impoverished family, Radomir grew up in the Miroslavl Oblast country side on a small farm. Radomir, and his brother Aleksandr were born a year apart, Radomir being the older of the two. His Father Vaclav, was a harsh man with a strong resentment against the ethnic Russian population in Chernarus. Radomir's father sent him and Aleksandr to work the fields of their farm at a young age, Spending every day tending to the family's crop from dawn, until dusk. Whilst Radomir and his brother tended to the fields, his father would leave the house in the morning, and not come home for days at a time. Usually returning to argue with his wife, Radomir's mother, of where he had been. After fighting with Radomir's mother, Vaclav would turn his attention to his sons, He would take them to the fields and make sure their chores were finished to his liking. He would try to take what little time he had to educate his son's on what it meant to be a Chernarussian, and how proud they should be to have Chenrarussian blood. He tried to teach them how to read and write, speak correctly, and how to hunt. However, the man was quick to anger and lashed out at the smallest discrepancies. One morning while Radomir and his brother were in the field his father had returned home after some time. He reeked of alcohol. Radomir's mother had gone into Miroslavl to sell what crop they had grown, so Vaclav went for his sons. Vaclav entered the barn where Radomir, and Aleksandr had been feeding the horses and putting loose hay into piles. Aleksandr was taking a nap on one of the haystacks as Radomir continued to work. Radomir yelled to his brother but before he could Vaclav already had Aleksandr by the collar. Radomir recalls the yells of his father seeming so loud, his ears started ringing. Vaclav threw the young Aleksandr into the wall and began striking his son with his belt. Radomir, frozen in fear, merely watched as Aleksandr was beaten. Too young to fight his father, and too afraid to speak up, Radomir ran from the barn, Upon opening the barn doors he was grabbed by Chernarussian police units as they stormed the barn and arrested his father. Radomir was taken to a police station in MIroslavl where he was questioned about his father. Radomir realized as the questioning when on how little he truly knew his father. He knew his father could be nice, but he also knew his father could be ruthless. Radomir's mother came to the police station and took Radomir home. Upon asking about Aleksandr, his mother began sobbing uncontrollably. "Otec...he...he killed him" she could barely get the words out but Radomir understood. He was only 11 years old when his father was arrested, and it was discovered that his father had connections to an ultranationalist group known as NAPA, that operated mainly in South Zagoria. Radomir's family was forced to sell the farm and move to his aunt's apartment in the city. The day of his brother's death haunted him, often having nightmare's about it. Radomir was put into public schooling and often fought the other kids. Most of the fights with ethnic Russians. At 18, Radomir enlisted into the CDF militia. The militias were often more extreme politically and much more tailored to the mind of Radomir. He was treated with respect amongst his peers and within a years time was promoted to Corporal and given command of a small team. He was deployed to South Zagoria shortly after the end of the civil war. The Army's militias were used to oppress and further resistance by any means. Peaceful protests crushed harshly, often resulting in the deaths of multiple civilians. Villages ransacked and razed. Radomir enjoyed the power he felt but made sure to spare the lives of his Chernarussian Bratři. The civil war opened his eyes to the burden that was the ethnic Russians in Chernarus. He saw them as nothing more than terrorists. Come 2017, Radomir had been evacuating civilians into the Miroslavl Oblast before the checkpoint had been run over. He was forced to flee with a few comrades into the woods. Cut off from his home, and stranded in South Zagoria, Radomir was now just a survivor with no direction. Doomed to repent for his sins...
  3. Day 2, still singing soldat. Everyone who talks around me is starting to sound Russian. Send help.
  4. I hope you all have a nostalgic night listening to these songs until your heads pop
  5. What song from a game has stuck with you, or maybe one that pops into your head and never leaves for a while? xD Mine is Soldat by 5nizza. If you have played STALKER Misery Mod, god help you if this song wasnt in your head 24/7. I swear you hear it once and it never goes away.
  6. I do wish to remain on the roster, I have some personal things going on right now but should be back in the very near future I apologize for my lack of attendance.
  7. *Alexei is cleaning his rifle when he hears the broadcast. He puts down the rifle and picks up his radio off of a tree stump, he holds down the PTT and responds...* "Despite anyone's past quarrels with John Moody, he was a good soldier, a good warrior, perhaps more of a warrior than anyone I've ever met. The man has survived through war after war, bloodbath after bloodbath. Probably seen more of his friends die than people who fought in this world's bloodiest conflicts. Its unfortunate god could not grant him a soldiers death, but surely the name he left behind will remain in South Zagoria until the day we all succumb to this apocalypse... Pokoysya s mirom soldat." *Alexei would release the PTT and put the radio back down on the tree stump and look up to the sky and watch the birds fly over his head. He picks his rifle back up and resumes cleaning it*
  8. *Alexei hears the broadcast and holds down the PTT to respond* "Privet, or should I say Ahoj considering it seems like we'll all be speaking Chernarussian soon. When PAMYATI formed, we were sworn to protect not only ourselves, but our fellow foreigners from these threats such as Kamenici, and at our humble beginning Cerna-Liska. We fought hard and well so that you people did not. We laid waste to Cerna-Liska and fought alongside our fellow foreigner to hold the Kamenici at bay. But then the day came a traitor to the cause and a nationalist sympathizer makes outrages claims of our militia's allegiance and ties. Despite our previous reputation as good men, as protectors, and as friends, The inhabitants of South Zagoria bought into the traitor's lies. We were outcasted by the people we spilled blood to protect, we were forced to shoot at the people that once fought at our side. Now that we no longer show our faces in force and the Saviors all but abandon their cause of protecting the people of South Zagoria because of the death of a single man, The nationalists come back in force and have you all on your knees. We tried to help, we tried to open your eyes to the true enemy, but all it took was an outrageous claim over the radio to bring our own friends against us. We warned you all this would happen, but you all chose to ignore it. Denying it in your minds, thinking just because you rarely see the nationalists, there is no way they could be a real threat, well your welcome for that. We kept them away, we kept you all alive. Now you shall see what wrath your actions of neglect and ignorance will cause. Do not come begging for our help again, you will not be getting any...dělení" *Alexei looks to a worn black armband, reminiscing on the friends he'd lost fighting the nationalists, he'd let out a sigh and release the PTT*
  9. This is about me so I'll post my POV now. Alexei's POV: So as they stated they took hostages, one was pamyati @Rutkiy . He was told to give a message to the saviors and so he did, I was NOT involved in his RP situation with Kamenici. I was simply in novaya doing recon on saviors when this happened. All I knew at the time was our sworn enemy Kamenici, had taken one of our boys hostage, and were using him as a pawn to their plans, whatever they may be. now I again had no RP with kamenici, they were using my guy to get their IC stuff done, and Rutkiy RP'ed with the man who took him hostage, so I did what had to be done to get him out of the situation to avoid them ever using him again. It seems here they claim to give him a gun, but from how it's worded in the report it appears they gave him the gun AFTER he returned to them with me. You can try to call me for ruleplay and bad RP but I did what I had to do to get him out of there, and away from you guys as we are again, sworn enemies. I took the first shots so this is on me, I had no RP with Kamenici, and had defense rights due to your hostilities with Rutkiy. Had I RP'ed with you beforehand I would not have killed you and RP'ed as I myself see no need to get into a firefight when it's avoidable. But the situation in my eyes as he was taken hostage and was being used to further Kamenici's plans, which is a big problem with PAMYATI. I don't think any group would let their member be used as a pawn by their enemies and let them get away with it. We killed two of them and then booked it away. Again if there was RP for me to be had I would've but there simply was not.
  10. Got diamond for the clout... tryna get the title to work on my phone, someone let me know if it’s messed up I need more community street cred ❤️

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  11. Born in Tula, Russia just before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Vadim's father Ivan Served as an official in the MVD, after the collapse of the Soviet Union corruption was widespread and his father was killed when Vadim was only 10.Vadim was sent to live with his aunt in Moscow. He grew up angry, His uncle was an angry man, living a poor life in the ghettos of Moscow, drinking away his sorrows, and taking them out on his brother Alexei most nights. At 16, a poster of a Russian soldier caught his eye. He felt perhaps the military would give him meaning, take him from his hard home life, and show him the world. At 18, Vadim joined the Russian MSV. He spent most days in the valleys of Chechnia. Come 2017, The Russian government began gaining interest in the nearby state of Chernarus. The economy had grown significantly since the civil war in 09. As well as a large ethnic Russian minority in the region of South Zagoria. In July when the outbreak happened, The entire country fell into disarray, South Zagoria was completely consumed by the infection. The infection was spreading quickly, and cases were being reported along the Russian border. Soon enough, war broke out with NATO and the Russian Federation, Who began MSV and SVR operations inside Chernarus. Vadim was assigned to the 58th Army and deployed to the Russian border with South Zagoria. After a detachment of his unit accidentally misplaced nuclear fuel rods in Novaya Petrovka, It was painted by a local SVR unit as a CDF and Ultra-Nationalist false flag attack to paint the Russian government as the villain, instead of the Liberators.
  12. Congrats on Approved fellas o7
  13. *Alexei is cleaning his rifle when he hears the broadcast, he grabs his radio off the table and responds* "Perhaps this shall open the eyes of those who still choose to ignore the issue, Tovarishch if you are still alive head to Green Mountain, It is safe there." *Alexei releases the PTT*
  14. *Alexei hears the man over the radio, and holds down the PTT to respond.* "Has neither of you cyka been listening? One of your fascist friends already admitted to the crime. Your words mean nothing. We are here to protect ourselves, and those you seek to harm. Perhaps one day you will understand this is not the same Chernarus it was before the outbreak. Many of us PAMYATI were born and raised in Chernarus, We lived through the civil war, our families were torn apart! We were oppressed, we were the ones being murdered and butchered in our homes. Just because of our blood. да, it is true Russian blood runs through my veins. But I was a Chernarussian national just like you. But yet we were always treated like animals. we were the ones persecuted after the fall of the Soviet Union, despite many fighting for your independence. We were the ones being slaughtered as the Chernarussian regime turned a blind eye. We know the truth свинья." *He releases the PTT and the broadcast falls silent*
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