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    After much deliberation, and the consideration of the opinions of the group as a whole- we have decided to temporarily archive and shelve the GREEN MOUNTAIN RADIO group so that the leaders and members can take a much needed break. The reasons for this are many, including but not limited to: Players wanting to try new characters without losing progress on their current ones, players and leaders alike taking breaks from the game, as well as real life causing a lack of available free time for devoting to the group. It has also been a heavy burden for leadership shouldering the responsibilities of 5 people with only 3 of us and we are starting to feel the effects of that. This is in no way a permanent Archive, and will only last until such time as our members are more active and have the time and desire to work on the group again. Thank you for playing with us- and we look forward to playing with you again when GMR comes back off the shelf the next go around.

    Myself and a few others will attempt to keep the radio broadcast thread up and running to the best of our ability, and I will be accepting letters and radio communications with news tips through my forum inbox or discord, addressed to Sam or other members of GMR in character.

    For those interested: 
    The official In-Character reasons agreed upon for GMR's disappearance is that hostilities have grown too high in the region, as well as having completed repairs on most the towers in the region, towers in other far off regions require our attention. GMR radio broadcasts seem to be continuing despite the distance.


    1. Highlander


      I will also be shelving Sam temporarily in favour of a character that I can drop in and out of the game with in a more leisurely manner, until such time as I can give Sam and GMR the attention it needs.

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