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"Why can't we see that when we bleed, we bleed the same"

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  1. Ugh reignwolf is so good every time.

    1. RoverBeast


      Have ma beans

    2. Highlander


      @RoverBeast you a reignwolf fan too?

  2. Flying lessons with @ToeZies
  3. A Media thread for the Dynamic group Night Hawks Radio.
  4. source.gif

    I honestly don't know what is happening in this GIF, only that Sam's face-claim is in it....and its weird and glorious.

    1. RoverBeast


      I feel like the guy in the back this morning not gonna lie.

    2. Highlander


      @RoverBeast Rock on with your glitter gimp self!

    3. RoverBeast


      Hell yeah 💪

    4. Mayshar


      Why do I see Adam as the guy on the right...what have you done?

    5. Highlander


      @Mayshar @ToeZies @Oy @Nic SterbaWe need to Host a Rave at some point lol

    6. ToeZies


      Alexei will not approve of these types of parties. 

  5. I feel like it discourages rp as much as it encourages it- as myself and friends keep wanting to travel to hubs like soup kitchen and cant because of the bleeding rain.
  6. Was good fun- especially Alexei's questions. Hopefully you get to drop by more often!
  7. A faint crackle could be heard, the signal much clearer than before it would seem. A familiar voice soon occupied the airwaves, smooth as ever. "Long time no see Night Hawks. Been a rough week for some I've heard, including myself. But never fear chickadees, Casey and I are safe and sound. We had to move to a new, safer location due to recent events but at the very least all is well in radio-land." There was a brief shuffling sound and the sound of a male voice in the background. "Casey wanted me to thank you all for the well wishes and assistance you provided to us during our time of duress- and from my very own heart, thank you. You know who you are. And for those assholes who kidnapped me...this one is for you." "With that out of the way, lets get to some of the news shall we? Most recently it seems that the 'Bandit hunting' by certain groups in the area has ramped up to intensive levels in an attempt to suss out the source of the new and dangerous drug known only as 'Nirvana'. I caution anyone considering it against using this blue drug, as it is heavily psychotropic and can cause serious damage to the psyche and general well-being of the user. I'm also told the come-down is a bitch. So if anyone tries to offer you a syringe of the new, hot thing in town- remember kiddos, it is infinitely harder to survive the infected or the local fauna when you are doped out your mind. In other news, reports have been coming in of a wolf pack terrorising the countryside in the south in the areas between Nadbor and Gieraltow. They appear to be hostile to more than just the cattle and sheep in those parts so be forewarned if you are traveling on foot through that area that there have been sightings and travel prepared. And as if wolves weren't enough, human remains were found on the road near the Pathfinder's Care package hub in Wrzeszcz just a few hours ago. Everyone stay safe out there. Now it is time for as good of a old-style country murder ballad as a girl could ask for! This is Rosemary by Sierra Farrell." "I received a question in our dropbox the other day that reads: 'Sam, where is a good place to get a drink around here? I would give my left arm for a whisky right about now.' Well, at the moment, I honestly couldn't tell you- HOWEVER, that said...I have heard tales of both someone starting work on a pub in the south somewhere, as well as rumours coming down the pipeline about some Moonshiners in the area. So, keep your eyes peeled. That situation may change!" There was the faint click of a record player being turned on and a record loaded. "As our last song of the Night, we have an old favourite by the ever famous and talented Chris Isaak. This is Wicked Game. Have a good rest of your night- Ciao peeps."
  8. i was crying with laughter- well done.
  9. @Comrade Deg I had this problem. Going to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Battleeye, deleting it, then verifying fixed it. BUT that said, you have to delete it manually- deleting through the battlEye app doesnt work. And pasting in a new copy doesn't work. You have to open dayz and let it re-install.
  10. Though I've only run into the Joyce lads a few times, and briefly, it has always been an enjoyable experience. Maybe one day I will stumble across the mysterious camp that everyone keeps talking about!
  11. Highlander

    Sam's Snapshots

    A collection of snaps from Sam's travels.
  12. Thank you- that is very kind of you. Maybe I'll bump into you in game and you'll end up in it! Ya never know
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