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  1. I would really like the cooldown to be shorter. There have been plenty of instances where I spawned my character's signature clothing style (that is identifiable to others) and then got ganked by a glitch or a zed. oof. 10/10 support this message.
  2. I whole heartedly agree with that too. If we catch them at the source (the rules) before it ever happens it could solve a lot of the accidental NLRs happening. I know a lot of people don't dig through old announcements and i dont think the rule is going to change any time soon.
  3. Having read all the recent talk about the NLR rule I have seen several helpful posts from both @Alan Woods and @G_DateLR stating that players can visit the Help Desk for assistance in finding their location in order to avoid their bodies. Seeing as that particular advice is geared towards new players or those unfamiliar with the map, my suggestion is that an additional line be added to rule 3.4 that alerts newcomers and those reading the New life rule on the Rules page that that is an available option. The reason for this being that the only way to come across this information at present is to sift through pages and pages of posts on announcement threads or buried suggestion threads. It seems like it would be very helpful for those not knowing that helpful tidbit exists, much less that they should go looking for it, to have it right there next to the rule so everyone can easily see it when they go to read the rules for the first time or refresh themselves on them. That is my two cents- have a good day!
  4. I was not aware that I could go to the help desk for this. I have been away for several months due to a long distance move and was not aware that spawning near your body was even a thing. This has never happened to me before- and being unfamiliar with the map it would have been nice to know I could do this before I got a random ban. None of the staff involved mentioned it either. Next time I‘ll know I guess. Thanks for the info @Alan Woods
  5. Sorry to those I was RPing with a few minutes ago- I got an NLR kick and ban just now for killing myself to fix a glitch  last night where I tried to log in with joan and it loaded me on Kirika....so we will see if they will even let me appeal this nonsense. It is, however, a 3 day ban- so If i can't get it appealed in short order I apologise to you guys and hope you don't mind that I dissapeared in the middle of RP.

    1. Highlander


      UPDATE: It seems the ban will not be lifted due to the line:  Server restarts, crashes, game glitches or any other circumstances do not affect these restrictions or time limit.

      Considering that the entire paragraph before that pertains to character interactions it reads like line that has to do with crashes or glitches that occur during character interactions that end in death- but apparently it also applies to killing yourself. That really should be clarified- it isn't really clear but  TIL.

      I haven't been on the server in months due to a RL move, 
      So what is 3 more days I guess?

    2. Rover


      I don't know how much clearer then "any other circumstances" we could get.

    3. Highlander


      @Rover Roland did say in a thread I found that you guys were trying not to penalize people for the glitch, or being spawned too near our bodies. I don’t know where I am going the vast majority of the time- how the hell am I supposed to know I can’t run through a rural town that looks exactly like all the other rural towns? Of course I’m gonna follow the road when I have no idea where I’m going or how to get anywhere- but there is no sense in arguing a blanket rule so I’m done.

    4. Rover


      Read your warning details. Read what you just posted. Try and apply what you actually did to what you are arguing, because none of what you just said applied to the warning you received.

    5. Highlander


      I did and I have but you guys aren’t listening so there’s no point in going round in circles with you. Have a good day.

  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/35335-highlander/warnings/5236/ Why the verdict is not fair: It isn't NLR because no one killed me, I killed myself. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I tried to join as one character and it put me in as another. The only way to remedy that is to kill said character and make a new one to fix the glitch. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of improper ban What could you have done better?: I honestly don't know as I didn't break an NLR rule- i just offed myself to fix a glitch.
  7. Added some updates to my bio page for Joan Hansen
    *Updated The Story section to add in details about her family and twin, Julius
    **Added additional information to the Personality section
    *** Added link to her twin brother's bio page in the Relations section and The Story section
    *** Added new music to bio page

  8. I have two characters on Livonia atm and can't make up my mind which to play because they are so different....ugh- send help.

    1. RoverBeast




    2. Highlander


      @RoverBeast is that what you use to decide? lmao

    3. RoverBeast


      It's a good way to do it 🤔

  9. Highlander

    Adventures of an Angry Dane

    Images of Joan Hansen and Co.
  10. Debating on whether or not to take Kricket to Livonia.

    1. OldSchool


      Livonia really rocks, you'd love it.

    2. Highlander


      @OldSchool how are the story plots? pretty good? I am still catching up with who is where now after moving.

    3. OldSchool


      Find the Soup Kitchen, you'll have plenty of roleplay coming your way.

  11. Highlander

    Kricket's Big Fancy Scrapbook

    A collection of Kirika's tags and polaroids.
  12. Highlander

    Sam's Snapshots

    A collection of snaps from Sam's travels.
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