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  1. We've been around since the start of the year- it just took us a bit to get all the information together for a thread You shouldn't have any problems bumping into us- we are always roaming the countryside!
  2. Green Mountain Radio is a neutral news source that plans to continue bringing information to the people of Chernarus through news, entertainment, and community, as well as the repair and maintenance of radio towers across the region. We operate from the closest radio tower to our location at any given time but, when possible, default to using the Green Mountain radio tower where we also receive our correspondence. We are a primarily non-hostile and neutral group, and vow to always strive for accuracy and objectivity in our information. Formation It started as a simple seed of an idea at a little relay tower in Novodmitrovsk. Sam had seen the way things were- misinformation and rumours being the fuel to the fire of a war between groups. She had been a war correspondent for the NY TImes and had seen her fair share of war zones, knew all the signs of a powder keg ready to blow and take all the civilians with it. It was in this climate that she decided she wanted to do something to change the tide by cutting through the noise to deliver the truth through unbiased, objective news. To do that she would need a tower, a powerful one. She would need to broker safety with the groups in the area for those who would eventually follow after. And most importantly she would need people interested in doing something good for the world, not merely their own survival. It was this idea that would become Green Mountain Radio. Green Mountain A neutral hub, a place for trade and community where violence was left at the gate and harmony was encouraged between every type of person. That was the hope when Sam broke ground on the first farm plot inside Green Mountain. Back then they were called a “farming and broadcasting collective” and they hoped to be a sanctuary. It was this idea that drew people in from all over to join up with their ranks. Sam and Roland quickly became Sam, Roland, Karmen, Caelo, and an ever growing roster. They were a family, and the more that family grew the more important it became to keep the peace inside- the simmering aggression ever looming outside the Green Mountain Gates. A New Home How many kidnappings does it take to move a group? Three. After the head medic and technician were kidnapped from Green Mountain over mistaken identity, Karmen was really questioning their safety on the mountain. The final straw was when a pre-arranged supply drop from the U.N. ended in the representative also being taken hostage. When word got back to Karmen about the abduction, and with Sam away in Miroslavl, she made the executive decision to immediately round up all of their people and leave. They weren’t told where they were going, just where to meet if they got lost. Eventually they found a quiet place they could settle down and make a home, or so they thought. Fighting Back The location of Home was only given to one outsider by Karmen, someone she knew she could trust and was neutral. That person and his men were hosted for a private party following the peace negotiations. Only a few days later, one of the newer members of the group had lead representatives of a mercenary group and the U.N. to the quiet town so they could hold negotiations, something that ended in Pamyati surrounding the little town and evacuating all of Green Mountain Radio until the situation was over. Peace was never going to be a reality as long as they relied on the good will of others and the blind trust that new members would keep their word in not disclosing the location. Another move had to be made, and this time new members would need to earn their right to know where it was. There was no more relying on others to fight their battles out of the goodness of their heart, Green Mountain Radio would need to learn to defend and protect, and hope those skills never needed to be used. Establish Contacts Reach out to all group leaders to establish a professional relationship. An understanding needs to be established that we are neutral and will be in touch with them for the sake of fact checking reports, obtaining interviews, following leads, coordinating outreach events, and providing entertainment to boost morale as needed. We will not be engaging in the following: firefights, revenge plots, hostage negotiations, robberies, internal politics associated with the groups, and conflicts between groups. Side Goal: Establish a correspondent within each group when visiting. Status: Ongoing Establish Medical Training for Medics and GM Civilians Medics should be certified as competent to perform one or more medical roles including but not limited to: Trauma surgery, Combat medicine, Poison and radiation treatment, Psychology, etc. Civilians should be certified in CPR, and basic first aid to assist our medics in the field. Status: In progress Completed By: Day 608 Establish Defensive Training for Protectors and GM Civilians Protectors should be certified as competent with all approved firearms, knives, and hand to hand combat. They should be able to keep a level head and perform their job under stressful and hostile situations. They should put their charge and the group above outsiders despite personal relations with those outsiders, and should perform in the best interest of Green Mountain Radio as a whole. All Protectors and Civilians with Green Mountain Radio are required to complete basic combat and defense training and hostage training. Protectors need to complete torture training. Side Goal: Set up monthly training drills for Protectors Status: In progress Completed By: Day 608 Recruit More Protectors Recruit more Protectors with a minimum of a 2:1 ratio of Protectors to Reporters, and certify these Protectors to be a full fledged member. They should be trusted not to divulge our location, to know how to navigate around towns and dangerous locations, and should be willing to shield those they are escorting from danger. Protectors are the first and last line of defense and are tasked with scouting ahead to clear out threats and ensure we are not walking into hostile situations. Status: In progress Completed By: Day 613 Establish Broadcasting Schedule Establish a broadcasting system that ensures all broadcasters are not trying to broadcast at the same time and that protectors are not spread thin. Promote communication between reporters and other broadcasting staff to ensure coverage of topics and air-tight information gathering. Status: In progress Completed By: Day 613 Establish Event Playbook Establish a group and community event playbook for providing entertainment to help bolster the morale of Chernarus through entertainment. Playbook should include at least three events fully planned out with instructions anyone can utilize to carry out the event. Status: Pending Completed By: Day 613 Radio Tower Repair and Maintenance Carry out radio tower repair and maintenance with the following information gathered: Distance in time from base to tower, recommended route used to measure distance, check points on the way to get water or food, potential dangers, and recommended date for follow-up inspection. Status: Ongoing Completed By: Day 638 Coordinate Outreach Coordinate with secondary group to establish an outreach program. The group should also identify as neutral and be focused on the improvement of the country and community. The outreach program must be something both parties can contribute to on a regular basis with frequently scheduled events to ensure the continued health and happiness of Chernarus. Status: Pending Completed By: Day 700 Provide a one stop source for information so those who are not able to be in game when things go down can still be informed. (Ongoing) Provide entertainment outside of firefights to help bolster community relations and IC morale. (Ongoing) Be a communal resource to help bolster community storylines (Ongoing) Provide a realistically immersive, and regularly updated, form of radio media through the upkeep of a broadcasting thread. (Ongoing) Command @Highlander | Sam “Red” Caufield @Xehara | Karmen Rowe Leadership @MassamottoSan | Belov Pavlovich @caelo_vorago | Caelo Vorago @Nic Sterba | Casey Rogers Supervisors ----- Medics @Lori | Rada Protectors @RG | Roland Gen Civilians @AFluffyBrick | Ludmila Gorbunova Broadcasting and Repair @SexyPutin | Bobby Chikens @oxys | Frank North @Deznam | Levi Waymire @OK_Sierra | Wolf Eschenbach Supply @EviaYB | Adam Franco @TheRocker500 | Matthew Hughes @DieselTheSnowMan | Jeremy Delaroux Probies @TheShiningShard | John Daniels @Leo Wong | Solomon Lucky @Sparklez | Vernon McClain @Zillah | William Foster @Pontiff | Benoit " Preacher" Moreau Green Mountain Radio is a neutral group. We do not create hostile rp ourselves, if it can be avoided. All collection of news material must remain unbiased and objective. Be mindful of these things when applying. To apply you can reach out to us in-game, over forum radio frequencies, or by submitting an application to the inbox of @Highlander or @Xehara using the format below. We are actively recruiting the following positions: Protector Medic Reporter In-Game Name: Timezone (Yours and GMT equivalent): Previous Groups (Overall and previous groups for your character): Character’s Skills: Why do you want to join?: Have you ever been banned? If so, why?: Additional Notes: One-Way Broadcast Thread please do not post on this thread unless a GRM reporter- thanks! Green Mountain Radio [one-way broadcast freq] Character Journals Sam "Red" Caulfield Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum: The Journal of Sam Caulfield Karmen Rowe Stacks of Papers: Karmen's Notes Solomon Lucky A Star Is Born: The Solomon Lucky Chronicles
  3. Highlander

    To the Rapist aka Pamyati (Open Frequency)

    *sam depressed the PTT* "Yuri says it wasn't him, but one of his men- who he says he beat within an inch of his life when he found out. Apparently this fellow's name is spelled differently but pronounced similarly? Let's all be super careful about the details before we murder someone willy nilly. I'm not advocating for anyone, i'm just saying it sounds like some wires are crossed and maybe you shouldn't shoot yet."
  4. If you've ever wondered what mongolian throat singing would sound like as metal-- you're welcome.

    1. Aristocrat


      I wonder no more. Though personally I still prefer Sea Shanty Metal.


  5. Haven't seen you in game but see you around the forums everywhere. 10/10
  6. It's all good. It is a lot to read through- easy to miss stuff.
  7. *There was a deep sigh as Sam came to the mic, heavy with the burdens of the day.* "Evening Chernarus. It has been a rough day for all of us I think. I won't be doing the Night Mix tonight. Instead let us take a moment to be thankful for what and who we have. We have all collectively lost a lot today. Some of us lost our agency and our feeling of security. Some of us lost our health. Some of us lost our lives." *There was another heavy sigh before she continued* "This one is for Artyom Tarkov. Rest in peace. " "Go in safety everyone, and goodnight." *with that a pre-programmed list of calm, relaxing music began to play.*
  8. I feel like that was pretty clearly explained in the rules.
  9. I support this message. Seriously useful when going long distances so you dont have to keep stopping.
  10. One of my Jams for today-- stick with it, it really kicks off at about 1 min in.


  11. 5/10 Cause usually has interesting opinions on the forums.
  12. *the clear sound of a Green Mountain broadcast timed in as sam settled into the spinny chair with her favourite mug, sipping tea before speaking in her characteristically lower female voice* "How are you all my lovely night owls, how has your weekend been so far? This is Sam Caulfield broadcasting from Green Mountain Radio for the Night Mix. It seems the fog that has befallen South Zagoria might be a common fixture for the forseeable future according to the Chernarussian Farmer's Almanac- part of 'regional spring patterns' and all that. Yay." *There was some shuffling as sam rummaged around for something before speaking.* "Also kiddies, I managed to get a walkman hooked up to the main tower's system- so we can accept records, cassettes, AND CDs now- Fuck yeah! So in celebration of that fact and the spirit of 'Fuck you in particular fog bank' here is a little something something for ya~ Weezer's 'Island in the Sun." "Speaking of Wheezing, the bout of respiratory infection that was making the rounds back in the winter seems to be back with a vengeance and is making it's nasty way through the country side, so be careful about how close you get to one another peeps, or you might catch the dreaded cough. Since it seems to be damp enough lately to warrant them- here is 'Sweatpants' by Childish Gambino." *there was a bit of humming and muffled rapping along from the other side of the broadcast room as the song came to a close, the creak of sam's chair rolling back to the desk announcing she had returned to the mic* "I have heard through the grapevine recently that Novaya Petrovka is now home to both a Lawyer and a Therapist. If you are in particular need of a will, or to talk to someone proffessionally, Novaya sounds like your place. But any travelers should be warned that tensions with the Russians are still high in the area and to travel with caution and remain alert. Also, Mister Therapist Man- if you are listening then I kindly request a meet up with Green Mountain Radio. We could use your services, when you have the time." *there was a creak as the redhead shifted in her chair, clacking sounds as she rummaged through cassette and CD cases.* "Had some anonymous requests when I was out and about the other day, as well as some interesting questions dropped into the Green Mountain box so lets get right to those. 'Sam- could you broadcast the recipe for that awesome baked potato thing I had last time I had dinner at Green Mountiain?' Oh thats easy- slice an onion into flat pieces. Then you cut slits in the potato perpendicular to the length, not all the way through, and slide the onion slices into the slits. Then you pour olive oil mixed with rosemary, oregano, and sage over the potato, wrap it in tin foil or put it in a cooking pot and bake it. Really, really good! Now for our first request-- from a fellow in a black flat cap who likes his 'peanut butter vibes', it's 'Gooey' by Glass Animals." "Question number 2...no real effort in this one- just a gas station napkin with a questionable stain and a...cock and balls drawn on it next to the question. Classy. 'Is Karmen single?' *there was a barely audible cringing grimace* "....not for you pal. Our second request is up while I go drown my hands in bleach...Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams." "Alright lets see what we have in the box for our last question..." *there were some rustling sounds like paper being shuffled through followed by a faint 'ah-ha' sound* "Here we go-- 'Sam, do the carpets match the drapes?' ...Really guys?" *there was an amused sound as she briefly leaned close to the mic to speak in a sultry voice* "I guess you'll never know... Now! One last song in the Night Mix for me, cause you people clearly need some chill in your life. The Legendary Otis Spann's 'Someday.' Peace out, my dudes."
  13. *the radio came to life as a female's voice responded to the radio chatter.* "This is Sam Caulfield of Green Mountain Radio. I would be interested in talking to you on a private channel about some things that might be mutually beneficial to our groups. Do you mind if i reach out?" *she released the PTT, waiting on a response.*
  14. *the radio came to life with a steady, clear signal- much improved since the repair of the towers near miroslavl. A strong, earthy female voice came across the frequency, an urgent tone to her words* "This is Sam Caulfield of Green Mountain Radio with an Emergency Broadcast. For those of you who haven't picked up the transmission yourselves- we have picked up a warning broadcast concerning the area of the Altar Radio towers and weather station. There is a Horde inbound on your immediate location- I repeat: a horde inbound to your immediate location. Please seek sturdy shelter with ample food, water, and ammo. If you possess a radio make sure you have spare batteries in case you need to call for help. The person broadcasting the warning has said there is a emergency cache buried nearby if needed. Again, this is a emergency broadcast concerning the Altar Radio tower and weather station: Horde inbound. Take immediate shelter. Sam Caulfield of Green Mountain Radio, Over and Out." *the broadcast clicked before starting to repeat itself on loop.*
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