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"Any fool can die. Living takes imagination."

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  1. Who ya playing these days friendo?

    1. Noble


      Not playing much, life got me in all kinds of ways.

  2. Danish Hours 🇩🇰

    1. Highlander


      @NobleSB Speaking of Danish Hours-- Have you watched Equinox? It is really good so far.

    2. Noble


      Cannot say that I have, I'll give it a looksie soon.

  3. it would be a pain to code it to have the -th suffix on the numbers cause they would have to include the -rd, -st, and -nd suffixes as well...assuming that is what you were referring to?
  4. "Peace begins, as War does, in the minds of Men." ● Early Life ● TBA ● Overseas for the Red Cross ● TBA ● Chernarus ● TBA ● Personality ● Sam is about as self-sufficient and independent as they come. She is naturally skeptical of people and tends to have a rather snarky, sarcastic, and occasionally dark sense of humour. She enjoys meaningful conversations, but not people that talk too much. She kept a limited circle of people she considered "close" even before the world went to shit. The apocalypse
  5.  Updated Joan's Bio with a new song


  6. Honestly I wouldn't mind base building with restrictions- huge bases are crazy and unnecessary, but I would love being able to have a little house (or something small) that was mine that I could invite people back to. especially if we get the farming mod - would be nice to be able to protect chicken coops and a small garden.
  7. +1 always kinda wanted to run a wee farm
  8. I agree with Riley- I see the big trucks all the time but a smaller truck would be fantastic.
  9. Finished the signature for my new character ?


    1. Noble


      I need to know how to do these things >:O

  10. Look at you with your fancy orange! Congrats!

    1. Noble


      Ngl orange really suits me ?

    2. Highlander


      And now your name and Avatar are matchy matchy

  11. A day or so late but shout out to @Millie for the fantastic banter in the back of the Kamaz truck. ( P.S.- those puns were top notch. )
  12. "At least the end of the world is interesting, non?" ● Unique Features ● Sectoral Heterochromia of the Eyes ● Piercings ● Ears- a small silver hoop in each ear ● Scars ● Small scar on her ankle from a fall as a child ● Tattoos ● A small lily tattoo on the outside of her left forearm and Two Lilies growing down her neck and shoulder blades from her hair line ● Personality ● Alys may be small but she is feisty. With a colourful personality, and a charming demeanor she doesn't have a very hard time ma
  13. @Watchman you added shrines? ? Are they pagan shrines? I'm a bit giddy about this.
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