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  1. Ooooooh now THIS got me interested, well done guys, really looking forward to RPing with you guys sometime! good luck all
  2. The one honest post here, I respect you kind sir. Now I'm going to carry on enjoying my popcorn.
  3. This was all whilst you were in the cell being interrogated by the Irish fella? We had all been told to be quiet because there was some meeting upstairs, I myself was sitting by the bench talking to Dan, Fintan, David & Kirill came down for a moment. June had been giving me IC hints saying "Wait have you had anything?" to which I replied "Yeah I mean I took morphine to dull some of the pain my to my chest" which you'll see the text of me gripping my ribs. My Statement resolved as null due to my condition to which where I had roleplayed the scenario out again the last thing I had even said was "Hell I don't even know anymore everything is fuzzy, just don't let Dan leave me alone right now" A lot of the times when they were re asking the question I pointed them to Dan saying if you can't take my word then ask my brother. SynO was on lower mic volume as were members within the PD due to the talks happening upstairs and the fact random people were turning up to the PD. Me and Dan came after their rescue attempt had gone through so everyone was on alert with locked doors.
  4. Yes Rover, Apologies I haven't been on much today due to work but basically It was a slip up on my part I did attempt to back track which is why I was retracting what i was saying in the beginning and RPing out my injuries I had actually backed out of the conversation and sat out in the waiting room in the end talking to David and Dan.
  5. My PoV: I had engaged into a conversation with Damek from atop the roof where myself and the residents stay where he had requested for chlorine. Dan & Maddocks was present for when the conversation had engaged. Dan had logged off for a few moments whilst he ate his dinner at this point Damek advised he couldn't find the Chlorine tablets I had thrown down. I then proceeded down the bottom of the stairs to give him another pack of chlorine tablets as our collection of people are here to help the people of Chernogorsk and takes in those in need as explained. After a conversation about where I had came from which I had advised the UK and I was living here in the apartment I was staying at through a work visa to which at that point Damek had proceed to place an initiation on me once I had advised we don't carry military rifles due to the laws of the City and I had no ammo for his gun. Maddocks had proceeded to come down stairs to see what was going on and aimed his gun once he had realised what was occurring to be shot down. I had locked myself to the top talking out the situation to which it seemed to be an exchanging of slurs for my foreign background and living in the tower and being mentally ill. I had called for help on the radio for the VMSZ in the city to which they had arrived after Dan had come back to the situation. I had not returned until after over an hour to head back home and try to head to bed, I had a lot of adrenaline running through me from the fire fight and just wanted to get off for a bit, I had been asked to head to the police station with my Brother Dan to which we did, when we first arrived due to coming back home I had roleplayed being injured and had morphine administered as I was hit in the arm and the chest. at first yes i did advise this was the person in the cell that had attacked however throughout the conversation and having been reminded midst conversation the conversation had left with I couldn't give a proper statement due to the condition I was in & my brother had confirmed what he had saw. The VMSZ on scene would've been present in the midst of the fire fight also to evidence the scenario. I had roleplayed out to be emotional, weak and not all there at the time my last statement was things were fuzzy and not to let Dan leave me alone. Around 2-3 hours later when I had come back on we were re initiated on which I assumed was possibly the same group (it may not of been also!) which again I had try to de-escalate the situation to have the group try break down the door again upon warning and also make threats upon our lives. Just wanna say I wanna apologise to SynO I had no intention on ruining anyone's RP experience and immediately tried to rectify my error, I have no knowledge on the last part about the escape attempt for not being present but regardless it was a bit shoddy on my side so apologies again buddy.
  6. Aha! I'll have a ganders through these. Probably a good few i may of watched back in the day MAREEEEEEEEEEK OoOooOOoO
  7. Ah you must've been there when i was popping around! I remember AJ & Juggs haha their videos and being a part of them was pretty awesome back in the day haha
  8. Fuark I'd pay you for these O_O Basically, Really really great art Brayces!
  9. My guy, we're still here! BANZAIIIIIIIIIIII There's a few old n goldies on this post haha and you'll remember a few of us fingers crossed!
  10. these videos are priceless "He had a bloody ghillie suit boys!"
  11. Gotta give a left right good night before i take this geezer to B&Q and give him a proper decking @Vaine 😉


  12. Ahhhh Volki! I remember them I'm pretty sure we had an encounter at some stage probably outside green mountain haha
  13. My IC Brother & friend we're there and got left a note with the RAC information there after. as said OOC I have no qualms with you guys, if anything the encounters have helped me build my story arc but if it's happening and you guys aren't aware then sure, I'll be happy to let him know.
  14. "We're coming in for inspection!" Like I've said in the previous post. I'm not concerned into the gear lost whatsoever. An AK isn't anything to cry about. I'm more concerned over the number of times an inspection turns into a frequent occurrence just to confiscate things that aren't entirely "contraband" our food and nails then to take our hammers wasn't contraband and really we're happy for you guys to come down and do your thing just ideally not having to smash through multiple peoples IC Homes which some put what hours they can into it without probable cause of us having major contraband. Again, Hopefully next time you guys would inspect us when we're all present to actually have a proper RP session instead of waking up to a half brasic tower
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