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  1. Clyde absolutely loved his job. Photography. Clyde's most favorite hobby turned into his career. After travelling almost throughout the world and taking picture by picture of the wilderness and various animals he had come across, he hears about how beautiful the country Chernarus is. Clyde has been to Russia but never to Chernarus. Without knowing the current situation in Chernarus, he decides to go anyway to the beautiful country but ends up in a dreary nightmare. Clyde was never the type of person to steal and murder, but in this situation, survival is survival and you have to do whatever you need to, to keep yourself and the ones you love, alive.
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    The Time.

    Yo if you got a join request by me it was a misclick i didn’t actually mean to do that
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    Event Thread

  4. Brian Westly was a journalist for the New York Times and had a very strong love for photography. His parents, James Westly and May Westly gave birth to him in 1995 in New York City. Days after May was released from the hospital from giving birth to Brian, she moved away because she didn't want to be responsible for taking care of a child. Couple years after Brian's mother left, Brian's father James soon developed a relationship with a woman he met at bar named Sarah. Sarah was a nasty crack addict who hated Brian. Sarah would always smoke and do hard drugs around him. When James wasn't around, sometimes Sarah would physically abuse Brian. Many years later while Brian was still in high school, he punched his "step mother" in the gut and ran away. He didn't understand why his father would date a woman that horrific. Maybe for the money? Sarah did have a ton of cash. Brian didn't know how she was that wealthy but he would soon move in with his grandmother who lived in the middle of the woods. Brian developed a hatred for his father because of how he put Brian in such a dangerous position of being around drugs and narcotics while he was growing up. Brian was seriously depressed and needed to find something to do. He loved to read and write. Almost everyday, Brian would write short stories about his past. Sometimes he would even write stories of him finding his real mother. For Brian's 16 birthday, his grandmother bought him his first camera. He absolutely loved it. Everyday after school, Brian would take pictures of flowers, trees, birds, and basically everything he found in the wilderness. After graduating high school, Brian saw an ad in the paper that the New York Times wants to hire a journalist to travel the world and document many different things that's happening in different countries. Brian would soon take the job and explore many new and exciting countries that he had dreamed of visiting including Egypt, France, and even Honk Kong. Many years passed and Brian decided that he wanted to go on to become a war correspondent. Brian was sent up to a country called Chernarus to document about the conflict of a Civil War in different parts of the country. Brian arrived in the province of South Zagoria with a team of US Marines. This was Brian's first time in an actual war zone and Brian was very nervous to say the least. Even though Brian was nervous, he was prepared for anything. The team were held up in Elektrozavodsk. While they where in Elektrozavodsk, Brian learned that there was an outbreak and waves of "roamers" were heading towards them. As they had their retreat, Brian documented horrific things that he had experienced while he was there. "I witnessed many fucked up things during my childhood. I thought my life couldn't get any worse. What could be worse than growing up around drugs and narcotics and having a family that doesn't even support you. But today... I witnessed one member of my squad be eaten alive by a lifeless corpse. Blood everywhere. There was blood coming out of every part of his body almost. Red. All I could see was red. soon all of my squad members were red. I can't even look at some of the photos i have taken and I feel that it was wrong but it had to be documented. Now i'm all alone in this god awful fucking apocalypse. God help me...."
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    Held Captive [Event]

    man there should be more events like this. i wish i really got in it looked lots of fun.
  6. MazeOnyx

    Held Captive [Event]

    if anyone dropped out i would like to become an inmate if there is any spaces available.
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