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  1. There is a severe lack of Assault rifles is an issue as about 10 of us have played for hours now and not seen 1 of them. Nothing to do with PVP other people have tried to imply, the increased amount of zombies needs to accompanied by the increased weapon spawns. Yes it's an RP server so it would be better to actually RP instead of trying to avoid zombies or spend large amounts of time and ammo shooting the endless waves like it's CoD WaW.
  2. the gang is back that's brazy
  3. Sent alongside Israil Medvedev to Syria in 2011, Evgeniy Bogachev served as a special advisor to Assad forces. Many years were spent alongside his Russian brothers, the fighting only grew more bitter. It reached a point after the intense street fighting of Aleppo, that he and his brothers decided to get out. All or nothing, they joined the private sector as a package deal. Hired on the spot by Legion Corporation him and his brothers would gain quite the reputation with Evgeniy being notorious for being ruthless and brutal on operations. Evgeniy had a lot of combat experience and was branching into communications briefly on operations to ensure smooth operations. Their next deployment was Chernarus, location yet to be determined. They have yet to fail an acquisition, this time it would be more challenging, and the budget tripled. With the only fear being losing one of their own, they setout to Chernarus.
  4. Kai

    Never saying hello to anyone ever again 😂

    1. OxeN


      HAHAHA, i heard you fucking around in the bushes HAHAH, you sounded so scared. I stood up to fucking kill you, ran past you lost you and went prone, barely saw you through the dark, and killed you.

    2. GMAK


      Funniest kill I've ever seen

    3. Kai


      I ran around for like 30 minutes in the dark when I hear footsteps, i then see you right next to me but dont shoot and thought fuck it i'll say hello. Then a fucking face just pops up on my screen and I died loool

    4. OxeN


      The dark is scary shit man haha

    5. Kai


      facts man

    6. GMAK


      Firefights at night without NVG's is a real experience 

  5. bad at mordhau 😴

    1. Kordruga


      you got SCHLUMPED

      waste of my time💤

  6. It's pretty simple really, doing what you did was griefing and your own explanation of what you think it is doesn't matter. If you want to steal someones stuff, fine but don't drop 60 items on the floor to despawn when you only want to take 1 large item. Kind of common sense really, the rule isn't hard to understand.
  7. POV: Ran over to the island a bit late before everyone else so I missed the initiation. I run up to the front of the arch way and see a dead body inside of it. I attempt to run in and grab a gun off the floor for some weird reason considering I already had 2 but In the process I got lit up through 60 walls. I bandage myself, state "come out with your hands up" just to be sure and then the fight continues.
  8. POV: Went to the fort knox (prison island) and a big fight broke out, lots of waiting around trying to find a way in. It's dragging on now and the people inside are saying nothing and doing nothing. I put on Avengers endgame on my second monitor whilst running around the walls outside before I get bored and try a risky peek ontop of my friends shoulders. I see someone running around and then get tapped in the head. I logged off after in relief to try and sort out the extreme state of boredom I was in.
  9. Character Name: Lenny Lurker Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Rifleman Which Lore Faction?: Terrors Lore Faction staff?: N/A Group Name: N/A Primary Phase: 2 Reserve Phase: 4
  10. Lenny Lurker was born in London, England to a struggling family. His childhood was very limited due to his family's financial situations which resulted in him having very little opportunities. He kept his head down in school and studied as best as he could to try and get somewhere in life. He had a plan and was determined to stick to it. This plan was to enlist into the military and experience active combat. He completed his secondary school education and completed the enlistment process for the British Royal Marines. He began training and excelled in the activities. He eventually passed the training phase and was enlisted into a regiment. He then saw active combat in 2015 where he was deployed as a Marksman in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He excelled as a marksman and was eventually noticed by the British SAS where he was told to apply and try the SAS selection. He applied and attempted the selection process and went on to be one of 10 people to pass and enter into a unit. A few years into his service and he took leave from the service to go exploring around the world with the money he had saved. He explored most of the European countries before exploring the Balkans and then onto Chernarus. He went there with his brother and they explored around Novigrad before heading on to Miroslavl. They both eventually ended up travelling to the South Zagoria province when the outbreak occurred. He and his brother had to survive by any means and Lenny planned on using his extensive training to help do this.
  11. Osku has a thing for tapping teammates
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