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  1. I know I’m gonna get called in anyway so. Me and HDragon are on our way to pick up dongle when dongle radios in that he found our Hummer and it’s headed our way, we set up a road block and initiate on them. 1 man complied and hopped out the vehicle and tied himself up. As HDragon was dealing with one of the hostages, he decides to get out of the hummer and swiftly 1 tap HDragon with a saiga. I run around to the car and let my bullets free from the barrel, ultimately killing him. His friend decided to hop out of the hummer thinking he had the ability to kill me but he met his maker. Finally the last guy hopped out but I was already there waiting and I frazzled the man. I then took the hostage inside a building where I waited for dongle. When dongle arrived I went outside and got sprayed down from out of no where. The End
  2. Irelands going to shit these day man

    Lets hope shit calms down

    1. Cuchulainn


      Be safe 🙏

  3. Forums have been around since the beginning and they have worked, why in the name of christ would it get changed now? Theres no need for it to change because it works fine. Dont try fix stuff that isnt broken
  4. You get 1 caution, most people have their cautions used when they are new to the server and once they use it without knowing they did anything wrong thats it, no more cautions. Thats what happened to me when I first joined the server.
  5. Staff need to be more lenient. I don't know where this idea about staff being lenient has come from because they haven't been, not for a long while. Staff will hand out points for everything and anything, I think it would be nice if staff took a step back and instead of pointing someone straight away for something minor, send them a pm over the forums and discord and explain to them how its not ok and explain how they wont give them points as long as they dont do it again.
  6. I will be playing soon, havent had the chance recently
  7. Good job Roland, really keeping those pesky rule breakers away from here, now I can roleplay in peace without anyone breaking NLR for something that doesnt involve anyone else but themselves!! Thank you SO much, from the bottom of my heart.
  8. Ill bring my friends from the north
  9. I think people should just not have to have a lore reason for everything, if someone wants to play on livonia and make up their own story on how they got their then let them. Not everything has to have a reason behind it lore wise.
  10. *your radio would come to life* "This is Staff Sergeant James Collins with the United Nations. Unfortunately we had to move out of Chernarus to take care of matters outside of Chernarus, we hope to return soon"
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