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  1. Mate, I was telling him my boys were coming down after the fire fight to let them know not to shoot them just incase they thought they were hostile, I had no intention of getting my boys involved in that fight because it wouldnt make sense ICly for the rest of my mates to help out. Our group is a secretive military group that sticks to themselves and doesnt get much help from groups they barely know. I was kicked for latency right before the fight and I told Dongle that my boys were coming after you all got killed.
  2. JamesRP

    S1 Cherno 0 UTC; BadRP, Troll RP, KOS, NVFL

    My POV: I originally went to the wolf packs base to discuss an issue that had risen and I needed to clear the Times name of something we didn’t do. After I did that I hung around Cherno and the people of the wolf packs for a while RPing. I do admit I was messing around maybe a little bit too much and I apologize for ruining your guys’ RP. IF you would like to discuss this over PMs with us I’d be more than willing to.
  3. JamesRP

    Ideas for a priest outfit

    Wear like a suit, with a similar colour shemagh and a nice fancy hat to go with it
  4. Just gonna post shit I record here.
  5. Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: What was posted above, posts in the latest reports and the latest verdicts Feedback: It's great to see the owner of the communty helping staff with reports since almost 10 reports have been posted within 24 hours of me writing this. The GM team is not close to being big enough to handle all these reports in a timeley manner while keeping the quality of it. There is also the fact that your verdicts are always short and to the point, which is extremely effecient. You explain what they did and why, what to not do next time and what their punishment is, all in the matter of a few lines. You also took the time to explain to one member what the rules were and how he was accidentally committing meta-gaming which was very patient of you. Suggestions for improvement: No need, you're doing a good job
  6. Was RPing with @RavenousRP @Phoenyxx @ImDongle @FruitPunchG @Isaiah CortezPVE @i am Bambi had a great time guys, best day of RP in a while to be honest. Unfortunately it ended in a gun fight with @Phoenyxx group . Anyway thanks guys for the fun!
  7. Antoly was born in Moscow, Russia. He lived with his mother Irena. All his life he dreamed of being in the Russian military. His father was a captain and he looked up to him alot. His father died of cancer in 2002. This made Antoly want to make his father proud and become a good soldier in the military. After 4 years in the Russian military, Antoly was selected for SVR training. He passed the training and became an enlisted member of the SVR. After a while he got sent out to Chernarus with the SVR as a part of Operatsiya Avrora.
  8. JamesRP

    S1 Chernogorsk: KOS / Invalid Kill

    My POV: As I was running around outside the base @RavenousRP got RDM'd. I ran away from where he got shot and proceeded to look for the shooter, after @Peril pointed him out to me I shot him.
  9. JamesRP

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    yee yee
  10. Eddie was born and raised in Mexico by his Dad. His mother was accidentally murdered in the streets of Mexico City during a drive by that wasnt meant for her. He was raised alongside his brother Diego Gonzalez. They grew up in the streets of Mexico City. Eddie hated school and used every excuse he could not to go, the same with his brother. They had a rough childhood and throughout their teenage years they sold drugs and were involved with gang crime. At the age of 17 Eddie got sent to jail for drug dealing, he was sentenced to 5 years in prison but got out out early on good behaviour. He got out at the age of 19. He started working in McDonalds for a small while, until he decided to save up all his money and go to Chernarus on a tour with his brother Diego. They traveled all around Chernarus on a bus, visiting war torn parts of the country, after spending a week there the outbreak happened and everything went to shit. They decided to gather supplies like food and weapons. They had not made many friends at the beginning, they stuck to them selves for a while, until recently they started walking around Chernarus more exploring.
  11. JamesRP

    To my fellow Vape Lords...

    Currently using Blue Raspberry Nicsalt
  12. Mate, are you seriously this triggered by a couple of emojis?
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