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  1. That sir, is incorrect. It is not just an excuse to “rob and kill people” it is a hostileRP group focused on providing hostile roleplay to the people of this server. There is not a lot of hostile groups around, the closest thing I’ve seen to one is a few lonely people who just rob other people. We try our best to put fear into the fellow roleplayers of the server and so far I think we have done a pretty decent job at it.
  2. JamesRP

    Vote Now! - DayZRP Loading Screen Contest

  3. Indeed, it is strange how a group like that was allowed and a group that has similar qualities to the IRA wasnt allowed.
  4. Terrorist groups are in fact, allowed. I dont know if you were around but there was once a fantastic group of roleplayers who made a group called Jaysh Allah. The Jaysh Allah were muslim extremists who would find Jewish people and whip them, punish westerners etc. Now whats not allowed, is someone making a group called "ISIS", as that is a real terrorist organization.
  5. It is the internet, racism/sexism/homophobia etc wont be stopped, especially on the internet. This is the way it is on DayZRP and this is the way its most likely going to stay. I personally have no issues with it, roleplay is roleplay and out of character is out of character.
  6. Not a bad idea, definitely more convenient for the staff.
  7. JamesRP

    The Whyos

    Thank you sir!
  8. JamesRP

    [Urgent Broadcast] To Anarchy and Lorcan!

    *he would press the ptt after having a sip of his tea* ”Thank you for this information Mr Boonie, I know the fella yer talkin about about and I will be sure to have a chat with him myself” *he would release the ptt*
  9. JamesRP

    A broadcast from Redwood Radio regarding intimidation

    *He would laugh down the radio while finishing his tea* "Who the fuck are you? Go back to your safe little base, with your warm little campfire and have a seat." *He would laugh and have the last sip of his tea*
  10. Edward was born into a rich family in California. He lived with his Mother, Father and 2 sisters. He enjoyed spending time with his family up until the age of around 12-13, for some reason he just wanted to stay in his room and not do anything with his family. His parents got concerned that he was staying in his room too much and decided to send him to a summer school at the age of 14. When he got to the summer school he was met with a warm welcome from all the teaching staff there. For his 1st week, it was tough, other kids would bully him and make fun of him. This happened for about 2-3 weeks and then he met a kid named Devan. Devan was a guy who enjoyed music alot, he introduced Edward into his style of music and Edward loved it. But, despite finding a thing Edward enjoyed, the kids in school would still bully him, punch him and break his stuff. He eventually got depressed and he could not take it any longer. Unfortunately, Edward started cutting himself as that was the only way he could release his anger and sadness. After a while of harming himself, his friend, Devan, decided to buy a microphone and start recording songs. Edward decided to give it a go and made a song, he uploaded it to Soundcloud and thats where his career began. He started getting a few hits online, couple thousand streams on each song. After a while of working hard on his music, he had his first hit song. The song went viral and got over 500,000 thousand streams, that may not be much for some people, but for Edward is was the best thing in the world. He started doing shows around local areas in small clubs. Then he was to play a concert at Chernarus, he flew over there and was to stay there for 5 days, his concert was on the second day. He performed his concert and 2 days before he was supposed to go home, the outbreak hit.
  11. JamesRP

    What are you excited to see most?

    Killing whitenames
  12. 851286527_IrishFlag.jpg.999fc66d3c9cb30dc1a9fbb6540bea2c.jpg

    Go dtiocfaidh borradh faoin náisiún mór seo

    1. Cuchulainn


      Is aoibheann liom bainne 🙂 

    2. Zanaan


      Would prefer to see reunification tbh.

  13. JamesRP

    Contest for DayZRP Loading Screen

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