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  2. https://image.prntscr.com/image/CK1ELZ9oQaes96uFPF-VjQ.png https://image.prntscr.com/image/ke1Y7LYTR6OxtO2HG5yAlw.png http://prntscr.com/qsblb5 Thought it was Bad rp to just hit me with out a word from you. But to ask me to take down report is absurd
  3. Server and location: S2 Livonia outside Brena Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): unkown, 1/20/2020 Your in game name: Samuel Haze Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Gambino and his two friends Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Detailed description of the events: I spawned in and immediately ran into the man that called himself Gambino approached before even saying a word to me punches me in the face. and says "Hi im Gambino" I ask him why the hell did he punch me? He replied "I want you to respect me" I punch him back saying how i was at least gonna get my lick back. Then he hits me 3 more times saying how i should learn how to respect people. Then pulls out his axe stating he was gonna kill me. then he slices me once with the axe. i begin swinging trying to knock him out to just end it. then he killed me with the axe in the Brawl. I later spawn in after picking my character skin i wanted. Then was forced to look at said body by Gambino and his two cronies after being held up right after spawning in
  4. Samuel Haze was born in a small town just north of Memphis, Tennessee. He became interested in the military after talking with an Air force recruiter but decided to join the Army because he wanted to have a more direct impact. Straight out of High School he went through boot camp getting high marks in marksmanship. He in 5 years applied for the Ranger academy passed by the skin of his teeth but never joined up with the 75th ranger division. after doing 7 years in the army and obtaining the rank of Staff Sgt. He wanted a more quiet living and decided to move to Chenarus after visiting it on a deployment thinking it would be a calm country after his brief visit. Boy was he wrong
  5. This post is subject to change Introduction: It is said that a Seraph is an angelic high being that sits closest to the throne of God. What about a Black Seraph? Do they sit near God? Or do they sit next to the throne of the devil? Neither in all honesty. They are the bad guy you don't see. The one supplying your local dealer. The ones starting a war between your two local factions and making profit from both sides. While you waste your time fighting your petty meaningless highschool drama style fights we are making profit. We are getting stronger and more wealthy. As we do favors for groups and individuals we amass debts some wont be able to repay Origin: 2013 Los Angeles friends Benny Vandal , Lopak Slusk ,and Chris Borland decided they wanted more money and power in their lives. So all having some criminal knowledge from past experience in doing “Questionable” business they thought it would be a great idea to start an organization. With Benny owning large amounts of property,Lopak with a couple million ,and Chris Borland with the connections across the criminal underworld they formed the Black Seraphs.Not wasting any time they began recruiting immediately starting with Jeff Borland , Max Rider,and Jason Knep. Later picking up Phoenyxx Cain,Leon Devitt,Ivan Bellic ,James Carter,and Mr.Yamani. The criminal organization grew and grew and eventually became an empire expanding across the U.S and then to eastern Asia , majority of Europe and parts of russia. Eventually Benny and Lopak grew tired of the fast life and retired from the Black Seraphs and handed full control to hot headed , angry , irrational Chris Borland. IC Goals: Establish Black Market Trade Network Establish The Black Seraphs as a Household name Find the makers of comfort and trade for the drug for redistribution to the continental U.S Eventually discover the recipe to comfort to bring back to the continental U.S Create a new addictive drug OOC Goals: Maintain a respectable image within the community Make ourselves and others around us better at RP Increase RP for individuals as well for groups Members List: @MrMothmanz (Chris Borland) - Chairman of the Board @cjackson821 (Ivan Belic) - (Board of Directors) @DStacey (James Carter) - Foot Soldier @Jeff Borland (Jeff Borland) Foot Soldier @Alexander Yamani (Mr.Yamani) Foot Soldier
  6. * Listens To radio Broadcast sent out by his old dear friend the raises a radio to his mouth pressing the PTT* "Yeah too much opportunity to be had in this country. Maybe ill own it! Also looking for the Men who had something to do with Henry's sudden departure." " Also P... You have some explaining to do for your disappearance...One does not simply not leave the Seraphs." *Releases Radio PTT on his radio setting it down on a table next to a detailed map of South Zagoria with Polana Circled with a bright cyan blue marker"
  7. Chris Borland is the Leader of the L.A Street Gang known as the Black Seraphs. With a criminal rap sheet longer than Many wish to have, he embraces his criminal past and uses the knowledge he has gained on the streets to gain power in the criminal underworld and now set his sights on Chernarus. After hearing of his dear friend Henry HanHarr's death he has decided that he would go ahead ,leading the charge for the Black Seraphs to take over the Black Market scene within Chenarus . Smuggling and manufacturing drugs such as Heroin, Meth,and Comfort. Not to miss out on business opportunity he has also engaged with weapon producing as well. As he lays his eyes on Chenarus he see's profit with a side of revenge for his fallen friend
  8. Richard HanHarr brother of Henry HanHarr had a very close connection with one another so close in fact that they joined the L.A. S.W.A.T team together, later they came together along with Alexander Raven on a CIA operation to train the chernorussian police on how to deal with high level criminal activity and Richard specialized in Marksmanship so he was to train them on shooting but two days into the operation Richard was in Novodomorsk site seeing before he started his classes and then the outbreak started. He was split from Henry and Raven who were on the southern coast at the time and Richard and Henry kept in contact through radio informing each other of their travels and trying to organize a place to meet but Richard soon got word that his Brother was shot down in the road like a dog defending one of the people he loved the most, not allowing his brother to die in vain he has taken his mantle of responsibility defending those Henry cared so much about but going into it more level headed and keeping in mind he cant save everyone..
  9. I was walking along with Phoneyxx out of stary once she saw her friend get shot. She spoke saying "The house is" or something like that and then as we made our way down the road The house was harassing her at this point and trying to get a reaction out of her of which they didn't get one. So as we made our way a bit further down the road i hear a member of the house yell "I want to see the red sweater do it!" I turn around see him being handed a AR-15 style rifle I turn around again to keep walking then hear "I could really go for some peaches!" As i hear gunshots I turn around and see phoneyxx falling to the ground with blood spewing from her back and smoke poring from the barrel of the man in the red sweater. I instinctively run into the frey thinking i had my friends had my back in the situation. I blast the killer with my MP7 and then turn on The House because it seems that the man in the red sweater was associated with them. I then start shooting the house member before being killed by other members.
  10. Chandler Ridgway was the nephew of serial killer Gary Ridgway. He like his uncle always had a fascination with death. Being born in the same birthplace as Ted Bundy he had two individuals he idolized. He grew up torturing small animals and house hold pets. He once stole his neighbors hamster skinning it alive and then setting the corpse on fire. Another time tying the family dog to a tree while taking it on a walk and beating it to death with a shovel he found along the trail. He eventually grew up went mortician school and became excellent in his craft. He would talk to the bodies better than he would with living people. And sometimes he would feel like his only friends were the dead. He eventually made his way to Chenarus a year before the outbrake once he lost his mortician license after being found laying with a dead body. He moved to chenarus to continue his profession because you do not need a mortician license in chenarus. And continued his friendship with the dead and now his friends are up and walking again. And he wants his friends to stay and create more
  11. Server and location: S1 ,Possible RDM 05/06/2019 10:12 "Oasis" Near Lopatino castle Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 05/06/2019 10:12pm Central Standard Time Your in game name: Henry HanHarr Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Unkown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Ended my stream before i logged out for the night so nothing was captured was wondering if we could get Damage logs looked at so i can get some context on why i died. I was longing out and was hosting my friend and come back to DayZ to find out i died. Just need context i can link both streams so you can see when i reacted to my death in chat and the point of which I hosted her like a 1 min window CHECK LAST VOD 3:16:19 FOR Mrmothmanz and 1:52:10 in phoenyxxs VOD for reaction in chat
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