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  1. Chandler Ridgway was the nephew of serial killer Gary Ridgway. He like his uncle always had a fascination with death. Being born in the same birthplace as Ted Bundy he had two individuals he idolized. He grew up torturing small animals and house hold pets. He once stole his neighbors hamster skinning it alive and then setting the corpse on fire. Another time tying the family dog to a tree while taking it on a walk and beating it to death with a shovel he found along the trail. He eventually grew up went mortician school and became excellent in his craft. He would talk to the bodies better than he would with living people. And sometimes he would feel like his only friends were the dead. He eventually made his way to Chenarus a year before the outbrake once he lost his mortician license after being found laying with a dead body. He moved to chenarus to continue his profession because you do not need a mortician license in chenarus. And continued his friendship with the dead and now his friends are up and walking again. And he wants his friends to stay and create more
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  3. Server and location: S1 ,Possible RDM 05/06/2019 10:12 "Oasis" Near Lopatino castle Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 05/06/2019 10:12pm Central Standard Time Your in game name: Henry HanHarr Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Unkown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Ended my stream before i logged out for the night so nothing was captured was wondering if we could get Damage logs looked at so i can get some context on why i died. I was longing out and was hosting my friend and come back to DayZ to find out i died. Just need context i can link both streams so you can see when i reacted to my death in chat and the point of which I hosted her like a 1 min window CHECK LAST VOD 3:16:19 FOR Mrmothmanz and 1:52:10 in phoenyxxs VOD for reaction in chat
  4. Henry HanHarr Once a street thug in California to a leader on a major narcotics division for the LAPD , eventually was recruited by the FBI/CIA to do a joint operation to help teach the police force of Chenarus to become better in handling mass riots and high level criminal activity. Once the outbreak started HanHarr knew he still had a job to do. Stop all the evil doers of Chenarus and do his best in the fight against the disease and all who wish to harm the innocent . He is by the law ,everyone will get a fair judgment. He makes sound judgments he isnt some brash or hard headed human. Its almost as if he is a robotic machine built for justice but made of flesh. He wants everyone to be safe and follow the law he ends every conversation have a good one and be safe. He Generally cares for others and feels empathy for people in times of distress but also can throw up a wall to emotions when it comes to business. HanHarr just hopes that he can be a key factor in the restoration of chenarus and bring all those who do evil. He has taken a humans life in the past two times in fact. One a suicide by cop and another was a 17 year old kid pulled a gun him on routine traffic stop. He was a member of the swat team and a supervisor of the K9 unit in his department.
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