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  1. Loubo is not local in Chernarus. He was on vacation in Chernarus when the disease broke out first along the sea coast. Being a Chinese born in a southern town in China ,he is not really good at things that people expect him to be. His friends and classmates he hanged out with all went to the top university in China except himself. His father used to expect a lot from him , telling him what to do and what not , having in mind that he should go to the top uni and literally shine among his peers. But there is one issue with him , whatever he does can't live up to his father expectation.Maybe he is destined to be an average nobody and lead a normal peaceful life. Maybe the real problem with him is just he is not really as smart as his father wants him to be. Born and raised in a typical Chinese family , his father forced his math talent. Every Chinese believes whoever good at math is bound to land himself a well paid job with a promising career prospect and will definitely get ahead in life.He knows this hard truth at his early years. But to him ,Maths is not easy to learn and he has a serious problem with the exam. It is not he can’t work out the maths problem that keeps him worried throughout his school year. It is he gets uncontrollably jittery which leads to panic that keeps him from making progress in maths study. As early as he can remember , he didn’t like to join any competitive games with other kids . Maybe he is not really into the concept of competition where only a few could survive and the rest are considered not important. With this serious problem that kept plaguing him , his school work suffered a lot . And when everyone was starting to give up on him , he locked himself up in his room and enjoyed being shut off from the rest of the world. With nobody understanding what he was doing , he started reading up on psychology and history of Maths. He didn’t bother to take the exam anymore. And he failed his major in uni inevitably. Everything seemed it couldn’t have gone further worse. And when someone hits the bottom ,he has nothing to lose anymore. And this is probably always true. He got himself a job as an accountant which demands not much education background . And he started making progress in his Maths study on his own simply trying to confirm himself on the belief that he is capable. He may have failed the exam or his family but his confidence didn’t fail him this time ,or rather, has been slowly but surely restored. Everything seems to be looking up and he got a new offer to work as a data analyst in a different company a year later. He was even thinking about having a date with someone he ran into in the lift of the same apartment building. And these good lovely things all ended with his vacation trip to Chernarus where again he is placed in the center of the survival of the fittest Zombie rampant post-apocalyptic world.
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