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  1. A Former architect and volunteer for the UN, I came to Chernarus to help rebuilt the war-torn villages before the outbreak. Stranded with a group of UN survivors, they trained me to defend myself against the infected but our group was overrun by a massive horde and I found myself having to scavenge to survive, alone. Luckily having been born in Canada I was accustomed to the hard cold of the land, but with infected everywhere, I've barely managed to stay alive. I'm a morale man with good values and strong family ties, but They are all dead now and it's changed me somewhat. The things i've had to do to stay alive might not be right, but they were necessary and I know there is no going back. All i can do now is try to find likeminded people to group with and work towards rebuilding some semblance of society, like i used to do.
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