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  1. FalseKillSwitch

    S1: Bad RP / Early Shots

    I also want to make note that "Stannis" someone that seems to have plenty of video evidence of other RP/Firefights uploaded to his YouTube seems to be coming in empty handed in this particular event ? Aswell as his fellow allies. Completely one sided IMO his word vs our FULL unedited videos. My opinion: It looks like a pretty open and shut case, They reacted far to quickly and forced PVP . One Second to respond?... Really? Would you stop your car once fired upon? Probably not. If anything would to be against us (ME) more or less it would be my comments and statements/responses from my stream. That sadly is what RAW and unfiltered footage will bring. I'm sure if we had an unfiltered/unedited comms of their Discord we would hear the same OOC comments/responses.
  2. FalseKillSwitch

    S1: Bad RP / Early Shots

    Complete VOD of my Dec 17th Stream. Feel free to watch the entire video. But for convenience you can Start at 2:25:00 It is the first time using the vehicle 20mins before the events that happened. Death of the event is around 2:58:00 I wanna just make it clear toward the end of the event ( 2:58:50 ) I was reading a comment in my chat "pretty gay" you can confirm this with twitch chat logs on the VOD. My own comment is "what a cuck dude" Im completely fine with saying that In response of my death Anything said outside of the events are my own statements/commentary of my stream.
  3. FalseKillSwitch

    S1: Bad RP / Early Shots

    And I completely agree and stand with what was said (OOC) Since the rules of RP was broken - Gilbert Husk
  4. FalseKillSwitch

    Should DayZRP add a weapon redux mod?

    - User was cautioned for this post -
  5. FalseKillSwitch

    Should DayZRP add a weapon redux mod?

    I'm not sure if you've played a server with the Weapon Redux Mod. Yes the Animations arent 100% , Nor are the current weapons available to us on Stable . Leaving out the opportunity to add back more then half of the guns that was once available to us would be an absolutely stupid idea.
  6. Gilbert Husk: Profession: Blacksmith pt time larp Relationship: Lonely Gilbert Husk, born in Vancouver Canada 1991. Gilbert Husk wasn't your typical live life with your family, attend school, and have a job. Born and unwanted by his biological mother and father, Gilbert lived in a orphanage all of his life. He has had no famiy to relate to. He's had very few acquaintences and even fewer friends. Typically keeping to himself, he was very shy but extremely sharp-witted. Ever since he was the age of 8, he was putting together puzzles meant for the ages 20+. Thus making him one of the most well proclaimed car mechanics in his city. Now while his unusual intellect made him mostly shy and awkward, he has had his moments where he would muster up his confidence and speak to somebody fluently. On Valentines day in 2014, Gilbert was working on an old 1970 Nova when a young woman around his age called from behind him. Gilbert slid out from underneath the car and looked upwards with one eye... his stomach drops when he see's her. Her hair was a wavy dirty blonde, and her sparking blue eyed stare tore into him. "Can I have some help? My car has a flat and I really need to get to work." He had no idea how to respond, yet somehow spat out a sentence. "Sure I can help, let me take a quick peek." Gilbert waltz over to the car somewhat confidently and bends down to take a look at the tire. "Looks like theres a screw stuck in it, let me grab some tools and I'll get it fixed for ya... oh and I'm Gilbert by the way." "My name is Nyanna, thank you so much!" She begins to thank him and attempts the make some small talk. Gilbert is reluctant but responds to her questions. He shares his story about how he was raised in an orphanage and hasn't had many friends due to it. Nyanna ask's him what car he was working on when she walked in. He explained how it was a piece of shit 1970 Nova that he's basically been trying to rebuild from the ground up. During his rant, Nyanna wasn't that interested in the car. She was more interested in Gilbert. She had a thing for guys like him. Gilbert is pretty active in the gym let alone working on his cars, so he's a whopping 200+ lbs of pure muscle and gut. "Well Nyanna, looks like the flats fixed. Hope you can make it to work on time." She turns around from looking at the multiple banners of cars and video games hung up on the walls of the workshop and begins to hand him a $100 bill. "Oh nonono I can't take this. Count it on me." Nyanna has a questionable frown on at this point. "Well if you can't take that, atleast take this." She ripped the $100 in half and wrote her phone number on one of the halves. Gilbert was basically trembling in fear and anxiety at this point. He has has such social anxiety in the past this just ramped it to the max. "Tthank you... Ii'll be sure to g give you a call." He stutters quietly while trying to sound confident. "Yes honestly, I'm sure you will." Nyanna gets in her car and drives off while Gilbert lets out a giant, "What the fuck just happened?" ============================== "Nyanna, I seriously don't want to go to Chernarus. They basically just ended a civil war. It's dangerous and a stupid ass idea." Nyanna has been wanting to go to Chernarus for vacation for ages. She loved the pictures and the history of the country. "Either you come with me, or I'm going without you. End of story." Gilbert and Nyanna were beginning to hit a rough patch in their relationship. They've been together for 3 years now and have been trying to find ways to fix it. Nyanna thinks a vacation will do. "Fine, I'm not letting you go to some hell hole alone." Gilbert says reluctantly. They booked the soonest flight to Chernogorsk, Chernarus. Nyanna has heard some amazing stories rooting from Cherno. The city filled with history and heavy industry. ================================ They landed in Cherno around 12am on the 4th of July. The two booked into their hotel and rested. In the morning, they grabbed breakfast together and traveled the town in any way possible. "I wonder if the civil war effected Cherno much." Gilbert questioned. With the end of the civil war and victory of the Chernarussian's. Chernarus became a tourist hot spot. And Cherno was one of the top spots for production and tourist attractions for the country. Tourists were around every corner, every street, and almost each hotel was booked for months straight. The two began to enjoy eachothers company a bit more. And started treating the vacation the way it was supposed to be treated. On the 7th of July, Gilbert and Nyanna noticed something out of the ordinary with the citizens of Cherno, each of the were looking at a twitter post where one of the old army storage bases had a Russian Helicopter flying into it. The citizens were outraged, and questioned what was going on there. 3 days had passed and each tv channel broadcasted the same thing. "BREAKING NEWS: Russian airforce destroys storage base leaving 50 dead Chernarussian personnel dead inside." Gilbert had a bad feeling about these occurances and urged Nyanna that they cut the vacation short and go back home to Canada. She refused saying they only had a couple more days to stay. National outrage began to spike after the attack from the Russians on the storage base. Another war awoke and airstrikes were common. The two only had 5 days to wait before they can return home. However on the 11th of July, the news broke silence once again. "BREAKING: Citizens exposed to virus and violently attack other innocent individuals." Gilbert and Nyanna rushed to see if they could return home. But air travel was cut off in and out of the country to stop the spreading of this new virus. They locked the door to their room and waited until the next day. Maybe the military will contain it? BANG BANG BANG they awake to someone slamming on their door at 4am. Gilbert gets up to check the peep hole. "Hon it's a guy dressed in some military uniform, should i let him in?" "YES you idiot! Maybe they're letting us leave!" Gilbert opened the door to the officer. "Hello sir.. and ma'am. With the recent outbreak. We need to take you guys in and check you into the new checkpoint here in Cherno." "Checkpoint? What do you mean checkpoint?" Nyana shouts. "We are having trouble containing the virus, we were ordered to set up checkpoints around the country to provide protection for people like you." He answers. "So that mean's we can't leave?" No, you are stuck here until we contain the virus and air travel is reopened. "Fuck me. I knew this was a bad vacation idea." Gilbert mumbles
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