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  1. Ok I'll keep trying, thanks for the quick response.
  2. Alright guys, Hope you can help or point me in the right direction, I have just whitlisted, and created a character. I have downloaded the mod from the steam workshop and i'm now trying to load in to game, I open the launcher, load the mod and click play, I create my character in game, I then find the DayZRP server and enter the password the game says joining session.... I get the error shown in the image. I have unloaded the mod and verified my game files. Any help on this would be appreciated, Cheers
  3. Lee owned a small wood working shop back in England, after beginning to struggle with the business he decided to shut up shop and move his family and begin a new chapter. He moved to Chernarus hoping to set up a new smaller work shop where he could pursue his passion for making bow's. Lee made bow's to allow him to for fill his second passion which was hunting! Lee starting hunting from a very young age, his farther would to take him out as a boy and he quickly fell in love with the chase, the tracking and "hunting" of wild animals. Lee was a family man everything he did was to provide for his wife and two children, he understood moving them away from there home was going to be a struggle, it is a lot to adjust to but he knew eventually they would grow to love the place he had always dreamed of living. They lived happily for 5 years before the outbreak happened. The place he once loved became a living hell, he tried everything he could to protect his family but inevitably the unthinkable happened, Lee was now on his own! He took to the land, the land that once provided so much for him and his family, he set up a camp, a place to rest his head while he formulated his "plan for survival" This is where his story began
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