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  1. John is a former US Marine Rifleman who did service during the War on Terror, including some action in Takistan. Before the apocalypse, John was a traveling tourist, visiting multiple countries and places before coming across Chernarus, a week before the Infection began. He arrived with his wife, and several of his friends. He is the only known survivor of the group, due to the chaos and a group of raiders. He currently has no real occupation, or affiliation with a group. He roams around Chernarus, helping those he comes across, and killing the bad ones. He has managed to kill three bandits so far, but is overall unable to kill anyone else due to his severe lack of food, supplies, and a gun. This would obviously hamper his ability to kill Bandits, so he has currently resigned to just giving up food and other things he has little of to those in need.
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