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  1. Arvinis St Akoni

    "There is only one rule around the fire"

    That was great fun, this community is awesome lol
  2. Initially born in New England, Emily's parent moved to the deep south following financial troubles. From an early age she took to being the best she could possibly be in her own eyes, caring little for what others thought. She became heavily book smart, initially aspiring to become a student of law. At the age of 14 she discovered fencing, wishing to become apart of the local club in her city. She joined along with several kids her age and one two years older. The group would learn the art of fencing together and eventually, they rose through the ranks of the club, becoming some of the best in the county. The oldest kid would eventually become her best friend until he one day went missing two weeks after her 16th birthday. Two years later, she would graduate with a scholarship and pursue a law degree. She fenced competitively and took occasional boxing lessons. Her glory days ended when Emily would take a trip to Chernarus for a vacation. She ended up stranded in the midst of the capital when the plague struck. Emily had no way of going back, she wandered aimlessly, which led to an altercation with bandits. They tortured her, eventually they cut her tongue off to shut her up. Determined to escape, she killed the bandits in their sleep after she stole a knife and the keys to her cell. Emily began to wander once again, eventually hitting the east coast of Chernaurus. Her journey began anew.
  3. A friendly bloke from South Florida, Deltoro was a hyperactive young man who desires no more than happiness and freedom. He loved his family dearly and used his high paying carpentry business to take them on trips around the world. They went to all inhabited continents, having been to 27 different nations. His last cruise would be the one to change his life however. That cruise was taking him to Chernarus with his family right before the first outbreaks emerged. He witnessed as his family and friends who went with him were torn from him one by one, leading him to hide from the world and live on his own until the grief settled. He settled in the forests north of Chernarus for an undisclosed time. Over said time, he learned to live off the land. This lead to dangerous encounters that resulted in multiple injuries that to this day are tender to the touch. His will to live on was strengthened as the days went by; he pushed himself to be as good as he can to himself and others. His only concern is that many don't have that same motive. It won't stop him from trying however, as he emerges from the grounds in which he festered in his own squalor, ready to make an attempt at starting a brand new life.