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  1. Born to an unknown mother and father in 1991, Staffell was abandoned to and raised in an abusive orphanage until the facility was exposed by an anarchist faction and shut down in 1999. In 2000, he was adopted by a married couple, who couldn't have children of their own. His new adopted parents were well off, with his new mother being a nurse, and his adopted father making it big as a male singer. He instantly took to his adopted father, as young Staffell had a natural singing voice. Staffell, wanting to impress himself and his new parents made effort to become a vocalist; singing in several school events and performed in several plays. The family remained stable all the way to Staffell's graduation from school. After school, Staffell studied in the arts. Perfecting his voice to the best of his ability. He found a job singing professionally in the London Operatic House, something he is still proud of to this day. One day, he went off to find out who his real parents were. After months of searching and countless phone calls, he found his father, who had nothing to do with him. The shocked Staffell made a vow to never end up like his father, who proved to be a failure. With this new found knowledge came courage that he could learn from the mistakes of his biological father. He would leave the Opera in order to start his own band in London. He eventually found his band mates: Johan Bjorkman: guitarist, backup singer, Edison Keys: Drummer, Brass player, and Alexis Kellogg: Bassist, female vocals, saxophonist. He would be the lead singer, and pianist. The band would play city wide in pubs, as well as occasionally in concerts and national events. They reached the height of their popularity in 2016; affording to take small tours throughout Europe and even America. This fame would prove to doom Staffell and his band however, as the outbreak began during their tour of eastern Europe. The tour van crashed in the Chernarussian heartland. The members; stranded in a foreign land, were forced to run separate ways. Staffell may never see them again. He now resides in the country side. Singing to those who wish to hear his voice and culling those who threaten his life.
  2. A Scottish born chap from York, England; Ruby would grow up in the rural outskirts, surrounded by chavs and the like. His friends had a very negative impact on his life, causing him to steer towards a darker path. He had a knack for committing crimes like theft, drug dealing and robbery, as his parents often couldn't provide well enough to feed them. As soon as he turned of age he left his parents and moved to the Scottish Highlands to reevaluate his life choices. He found a small village on the country side, who spoke mostly Scottish Gaelic, which is where he learned his. After getting a temporary job and earning a decent amount of money he moved to Germany, where he opened a restaurant. It was very unsuccessful however and he soon became homeless. After a few months he met a local mafia member and took up a small part in the German mafia; transporting drugs and weapons to buyers. He soon became known for being an efficient deliverer. Ruby gained the trust of his managers, being entrusted to make contact with the Russian mafia in order to establish a new trade route. Ruby would receive both a Russian and Chernaurussian passport at the request of the Russians, as they planned to meet in the outskirts of Severograd. before this could happen however, the outbreak struck, leaving Ruby to fend for himself. He would live in the outskirts and forests until present day.
  3. Richard was born into an ideal life turned sour by those who controlled him. Shortly after his parents divorced his mother had taken custody of him and married an army vet who abused the both of them. After seven years and one more sibling born, Richard decided to run away from his horrible life to live on his own. He survived in the harsh Florida heat eating whatever he could, it was his first taste of true self reliance and freedom. He would be caught and taken back into the custody of his mother by the authorities, but after an extensive psychiatric evaluation he was put on antidepressants and forced to take therapy sessions. He eventually rebelled by going off his medications, stabbing his stepfather in the neck and running off a second time. This time he ended up at his grandparent's house, where he would make it clear that he wanted them to take care of him. He would get his wish after proving his mother and now hospitalized stepfather were unfit to raise him. His own father backed him up, as he was too poor to take full custody of Richard. He would grow up scarred and haunted by his traumatic past, but eventually was able to relax and make friends, who he loved to no end. He still had to take his antidepressants, but he quickly learned to toss them away. He smoke cannabis for his mental problems, becoming a prominent stoner and dealer. He would pick up a fencing class and train along with several younger juveniles during his 9th grade year, forming a close friendship with a girl named Emily. The years would pass, he learned Russian and German from friends who had transferred from their respective countries. Then came that fateful day. While walking home he would be shot in the leg and dragged into the back of a van. The trip was all a blur, as he was sedated up until he was where they wanted him. The perpetrator happened to be his step father, who had moved to chernarus following his divorce. His stepfather wanted revenge, and planned to have local mobsters torture and maim him live on camera. For weeks he was injured in all ways imaginable inside the red room. That came to a halt when the infected broke out and several people were murdered during the event. In the chaos, Richard escaped, finding his stepfather in the crowd outside and throwing him into several zombies, who tore him apart. He regressed to his former ways after the chaos of the initial outbreak settled, managing to tend to his countless injuries with the help of some kind locals. The town faced an attack by infected, but he escaped without getting bitten. He ran into the forest and didn't dare come out, for fear that he would run into them again and die. He would slowly heal, but would go nearly insane as a result. Eventually, he came out of hiding out of curiosity, entering the world of post-apocalyptic Chernarus. He met people who would eventually direct him to an airfield, where he would be gravely wounded in a gunfight after hostile confrontation. He lied unconscious for an hour afterwards, finding he had been stripped of gear and patched up by his shooters. He went into hiding and vowed not to see another human without killing them afterwards, for they may harm him again.
  4. Arvinis St Akoni

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  5. A friendly bloke from South Florida, Deltoro was a hyperactive young man who desires no more than happiness and freedom. He loved his family dearly and used his high paying carpentry business to take them on trips around the world. They went to all inhabited continents, having been to 27 different nations. His last cruise would be the one to change his life however. That cruise was taking him to Chernarus with his family right before the first outbreaks emerged. He witnessed as his family and friends who went with him were torn from him one by one, leading him to hide from the world and live on his own until the grief settled. He settled in the forests north of Chernarus for an undisclosed time. Over said time, he learned to live off the land. This lead to dangerous encounters that resulted in multiple injuries that to this day are tender to the touch. His will to live on was strengthened as the days went by; he pushed himself to be as good as he can to himself and others. His only concern is that many don't have that same motive. It won't stop him from trying however, as he emerges from the grounds in which he festered in his own squalor, ready to make an attempt at starting a brand new life. After two weeks of meeting and learning from people, he was robbed in his sleep by unknown bandits, leaving him to start over again. After two days he was again held up by bandits, he tried to avoid them and persuade them to leave him alone, but the men quickly shot him down and killed him. He had no chance.
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