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  1. All Chrissy can remember about his parents is that they addicted to drugs and alcohol and only really cared about getting a buzz. As a child Chrissy would often get into fights with other boys at school, He'd always had a short fuse and the other kids soon realised it and would poke at him even more. They soon regretted it. At Thirteen his Dad died from a drug overdose and his mother was put into a rehab facility and Chrissy had heard about what happens to foster kids and decided that he wasn't gonna end up like that. So he did what any homeless thirteen year old in a rough town in England would do. He started selling drugs. By 25 He was already the Enforcer to the Largest gang In the entire North West of England, and he loved every second of it. It was the perfect line of business for Chrissy. The boss would give him a name or a face. And chrissy would make sure nobody would ever recognise him again. Chrissy hand another swell Five years enforcing for the gang until they entered a gang war with some southern fairies and it was all out war. bloodshed everywhere you looked and finally the victor was decided. The southern gang just had too many connections and it ultimately Chrissy gang was destroyed. But Chrissy decided that he wasn't going to stick around and wait for his death so he got on the first plane to Chernarus and ended up in an outbreak instead. " Oh Bollocks".
  2. Name: James Howard Job: (Former) British Army Corporal It all started on the 1st of July, My birthday was coming up, I wasn't excited for it, I never was since I'd joined the army 9 years ago. 9 years of service for my country and this is the reward? an empty shell of nothingness. no emotion. no friends, nothing. just a couple of medals and a two month holiday. I'd recently started taking up a hobby at the time. fixing up old cars. It'd always been an interest of mine but duty calls and all that crap so i threw my dreams into the trash. Anyway I'm getting of topic. 1st July an old friend contacts me, haven't spoke since high school and he says hes heard about my "outstanding" service and the two month reward I got because of it. He says we should celebrate and take a holiday somewhere. His treat. Naturally I agree, who wouldn't take a free holiday if it was offered? He tells me its gonna be great! he says its a place called Chernarus. He says the booze is cheap there and the women are cheaper. He tells me it also borders Russia and I've always wanted to visit that part of the world anyway so I say "Fuck it, lets do it". Its not like I had anyone back home to miss me. But little did I know that it would be the holiday from HELL. We arrive at Chernarus International airport on the 3rd of July, Great, my birthday. We get a cab to the hotel we'd be staying at for the three weeks we'd be there for. My friend celebrates my birthday by buying me drinks till I'm blackout drunk and pass out. And that was all we were doing for the first three days. Just getting drunk, drowning our sorrows in cheap beer and whiskey and harassing the locals until the next day I wake up in the afternoon and all is quiet. I get up and look around and my friend isnt there. I figured he'd just gone out to get more drinks. Until i look outside my window. I'm not sure how i didnt hear it straight away but I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked outside and saw blood all over the wall and in the corner of my eye I spot a couple. and as I squint to see clearly what they are up to my jaw dropped. the couple were two women against a wall and one was digging into the other while she faintly wimpered and cried. Paralysed by fear. I was almost sick. I mean I'd seen some shit in the army and I was known for my fearlessness but that shit got to me. The first emotion I'd felt in years was fear. I grabbed what clothes and supplies I could from my room and bolted it from that city. I didnt even try and look for my friend. I just ran. and to this day I'm still surviving day to day trying to avoid those flesh eating monsters.
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