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  1. So... I thought about writing a journal to keep memories and informations safe. I know this is title page and it should shine and look really nice but fuck that. It's end of the world after all. Also I don't want to use that "if you are reading this, it means that I'm dead" cliche but it's kinda true. This, or I had really bad accident, someone robbed me, I left my bag somewhere for too long or something similiar to those situations happened. Anyways, I'm Jacob, a 26 years old man from Finland. My dad used to tell stories about mystical creatures from forest of Chernorus. I never belived him, but he was dead serious about that matter, so we ended up taking a survival trip. He lost his job and needed break from normal life anyways. First we took plane to Bulgaria to meet up with my dad's friend - Oleg. The thing with Oleg is that he had plane on his own, so we didn't have to pay too much to get to Chernorus. We arrived in Balota, took some necessary supplies and then rode to Elektrozavodsk by bus. Deal was to stay in forest as long as we could, with minimal contact with world outside. I know hunting on our own was kinda illegal but we didn't care. People used to hunt in forest for decades , so why we shouldn't? We sat our camp somewhere around Tulga. There's nothing to describe about that. We were just hunting, resting, telling stories. You know, we had decent father & son time. And things went shit after that basically. My dad told me after almost a month in forest that he has enough. I was kinda tired too, but I didn't want to be the weaker one. After packing our stuff, we went back to Elektrozavodsk. I remember seeing dead people everywhere. My dad tried to keep me calm but he aswell didn't have a clue about what's going on. We managed to find someone alive, or that was what we thought back then. It was at this moment when my dad got bitten. He fell on the ground with that half alive beast getting it's teeth deep into his arm. I immediately aimed with my rifle and shot few bullets right in infected's head. We ran as fast as we could back to the place where we had our camp. I really don't want to think about this... My dad died, or better word for that would be "turned" into one of those things next day's evening. I was so scared back then; all alone in the forest, not knowing what the hell happend... It all happend year ago. These days I don't count. It doesn't matter. I tried going back to Finland... Well, I got robbed. Two times. Second time robbers told me that whole world is in the same situation as Chernorus, so I just gave up. I stayed in the forest. It's safe here, no Infected, no robbers. I can just hunt and enjoy "normal" life.
  2. Pyotr Jovanović is calm, 24 years old man. Before the outbreak, he lived with his parents and two younger brothers in Serbia, not so far away from Romania's border. He worked hard on their neighbour farm to earn money and start studying engineering. When July 2017 came, Jovanović family already knew about ongoing bombing in Chernarus. On 9 July 2017, Pyotr's unlce — Artyom Petrov came with short visit. Petrov said only one thing: “Don't travel outside of Serbia under any circumstances”. He refused to give any explanation, saying that he's in rush. Later that month Jovanović family would discover what he meant. With outbreaks striking in every larger city, it was clear that it was not regular bombing. Jovan knew little of his brother. They were never this close. He only knew that Artyom was working for some big company. It wasn't lie, Petrov actually worked for the biggest "company" there is — NATO. He was sent with mission to help find the cure and/or solution to this problem. Next days went faster and faster. Serbian military was reinforcing the borders, which for Pyotr and his family meant forced evacuation. None really knew what was going on. They stopped at worker's hotel, and then were instructed to move to one of what was later known as "Safezones". Days passed and world started to hear about "sick people biting everything that is alive". Even with military protection, it was matter of time when infected will strike. And so it happened on 30 July 2017. Infected finally broke through the border. Most of the Serbian military rushed to stop them as long as they can. Infected managed to reach first Safezones at night, due to the outbreak in Kragujevac. Pyotr heard screams and growling coming from outside of his tent. He saw people getting killed by something that was hardly similar to human. He immediately took his brothers and rushed to food storage which was located in secured basement. Trying to locate his parents, he desperately screamed for help. Then he saw his mother. She was running away from the horde, while some soldiers tried to kill infected that were chasing her. Unfortunately, soldiers didn't have enough ammunition to keep her safe. One infected almost catched her, but then Jovan jumped from the side, knocking him down with an axe. He screamed “Run! Run!” but she couldn't do it. Pyotr and his brothers watched as their parents were eaten alive by the horde. Staying days in basement was hard. Some people managed to rob it as infected were attacking the camp. There was little food left, but still — no other place to hide. Around 12 people were inside, including Jovanović brothers and some crazy bastard with a gun, named Kyotzki. He threatened everyone from the beginning although no one knew if he actually had ammunition or not. Infected were thwacking at the door for whole month. In this time, some accidents happened. Most serious one was the fact that everyone except of Pyotr and his brothers seemed to be infected or really sick. 3 people died due to deadly virus and were about to turn when Kyotzki fired his gun at them. 2 more died because of sickness. Kyotzki pulled bullets into their heads "just to be sure". Atmosphere was hard, with almost no food left someone proposed opening the door. Man with gun was beginning to feel sick at this point, so he decided to cut this idea with bringing wretch to the door. He let infected drag him out. This day ended with his screams and horrible sound of human being eaten alive. Jovanović brothers had enough. They rushed at Kyotzki, which resulted in death of 2 younger brothers and rest of the alive people inside, except for Kyotzki and Pyotr. Pyotr managed to kill madman, but it wasn't over. Now he was alone, with 11 corpses lying around. Infected were still there. They stopped banging at the door after 3 days. In this time, Pyotr suffered deep trauma caused by death of his family and smell of rotting bodies. He was unable to leave or even come close to the door for next 2 days. Doors were opened on 1 September 2017. He walked slow, spotting infected from the distance. With no fear, sadness or any real emotion he started to gather supplies. Feel of the emptiness was everything he had left, never again he had spoken a word. Always sneaking, keeping eye on the infected with only one thought — “Be. Quiet. They will walk away”. He thought about himself as not human anymore, but rather machine without purpose. 1 year and 11 days — this is how long his trip to Chernarus took. He ended up in Bulgaria, where he took the boat and sail to Chernarus. He does have questions and little answers. The only person that can give him purpose to start being "alive" again was his uncle. Even finding his body would make some kind of answer. Pyotr wants to forget about everything that happened. He wants to know whom he should blame death of his family. He's not "killer-machine" but something like empty shell. His only target is to survive and somehow find his uncle.
  3. Hi! Nice to see some DayZ Role-playing comunnity! With everything being... well, kinda dead there is no other place to play actual role-play. So, about me? Well, I'm playing on RP servers since 2013 (with some breaks due to lack of polish servers ^^") I belive. It all started with Gothic (Gothic like actual game, not some kind of edgy sheit) rp community. I stick to it from time to time but at this point it is dead too. I played some ARMA 3 and ARMA 2 servers and I really, I mean REALLY tried to play SAMP or MTA or GTAV rp servers. It's too "normal" for me ^^". Anyways, I know it's kinda old scheme to play some silent outsider, but I really want to watch things work their way without my influence for once. I could use some break from leading people... I hope to see you in game!
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