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  1. They're not supposed to be super mutants, they're weak infected people, nerf.
  2. Ruda Kasparek's POV: We were on the coast when a truck full of randoms appears out of nowhere, realizing we were outnumbered, we head north, and we notice they were all aggressively chasing us down. They were very close to us the entire time, and @groovy pips was eventually initiated on. We then decide to setup an ambush for their truck, we sit there for a bit, then we kill the people who initiated on one of our members with our defense rights. Soon after that, we find @Ryan Shepherd and @OxeN then secure them as hostages. As we were getting everything settled, @Hex (one of the people in the truck that was chasing us down) logs in and sprays ducky in the back, despite being very outnumbered. Due to @Hex randomly logging in and spraying one of us down, we executed the hostages.
  3. Holy shit! So excited! @groovy clarence glad to see you're back!
  4. @groovy clarence coool cherno russian roleplay man!
  5. I have nothing against people liking cat ears or what they want, but my problem is that were in Chernarus, in a zombie apocalypse. I'm pretty sure there aren't people wearing cat ears in Eastern Ukraine right now.
  6. Smile!

    1. Husky.


      happy dog GIF

  7. The server takes place in an Eastern European 2nd world country that had a civil war, and now a zombie apocalypse. Why the fuck would there be weeb cat ears anywhere near this place? They look stupid and out of place. Nothing was really done with this post, except made them more rare, which doesn't solve the problem still.
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