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"The first strike decides the battle."

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  1. Chernon

    Bring back the crosshair

    PVP Upgrade, epic
  2. Chernon

    The Red Festival (07/04/2019)

    This is pretty epic looking. inb4 one of the talent show contestants's talent is mass initiating on the audience
  3. Chernon

    The Matrix Is Broken

  4. Chernon

    Beware of the Night

    Much more to come
  5. Chernon

    Beware of the Night

    campfire roleplay
  6. Chernon

    Dead Batteries {Heavily Recruiting}{Active}

    "Breeding program " monkaS
  7. Chernon

    Fallout Thread

    Hey local, shouldn't you be banging rocks together or something?
  8. Chernon

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    I think health should take an hour to fully regen by resting.
  9. Chernon

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    Very Epic!
  10. Chernon

    Today is Day 620

    Day 666 should have nighttime the whole day
  11. Chernon

    God Bless The United States of America

    Best American band
  12. Chernon

    Your meant to be War Hero

    *Frank Blackburn pushes down the PTT, in the woods* "Biggsbe huh? You sound exactly like the savior that carved your edgy savior symbol into my back after stealing all my stuff. You and the rest of the saviors, despite the name change, are and always will be the bad guys. Green dragons never tortured me, but you did. John Johnson is a war hero."
  13. Chernon

    Groups initiate way too much and shoot way too fast.

  14. Chernon

    NVG's Please

    We already have a night vision scope, NVGs should be the next step
  15. Chernon

    Fallout Thread

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