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  1. Frank Blackburn, a 17 year old American, who had supported his disabled father, a combat veteran from the Vietnam War, with his full time job and while enduring his final year of high school. Frank and his father were still mourning for Frank's mom, who had died from cancer only a few years prior. It was a tradition for Frank and his family to go on a family cruise in different regions throughout the world over the summer, and after the death of his mom, the family tradition was halted. However, Frank had saved up enough money for him and his father to take a break and go on a cruise in the Black Sea, an area they had not seen before. Frank and his father would cruise on the ship known as "Costa Risacca" during the summer month of July. Frank tried his best to enjoy his time on the cruise, but the constant chatter and reports of an infection spreading throughout a country known as Chernarus, a country that borders the Black Sea, and the cruise ship Frank was in, made Frank very nervous about his and his father's health. Frank would never expect a large storm to throw the ship around, and we also wouldn't expect the ship to hit something as the ship started to sink. Everything had gone chaotic on board the cruise ship, reminding Frank of the Titanic as he could feel the ship sink deeper and deeper, while trying to gather up his disabled father, and help him to a life raft. However, a heart attack hit Frank's father, for the second time in his life. Frank tried to tend to his father and get medical staff, but everyone was evacuating the ship, and didn't notice Frank. Frank's father ended up dying in his arms from the heart attack, but before he died, Frank's father told him to survive out there like he had all these past years on his own. Frank took his advice and boarded one of the last life rafts, making way for the closest shoreline, which happened to be South Zagoria.