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  1. Chernon

    Get rid of the laugh/cry caused by cannibalism.

    -1 Literally irl there are physical side effects, while they aren't laughing and stuff, they're noticeable enough. What i'm saying is that there IS side effects to cannibalism irl, so there should also be side effects in character too.
  2. Chernon

    To the Rapist aka Pamyati (Open Frequency)

    *Frank Blackburn pushes down on the PTT button of his radio, sitting on a chair inside an apartment* "Where were you when PAMYATI was fighting the UN down south, and ignored our request for aid against them and their allies? Only now PAMYATI is a problem for YOU after they affect YOU personally, even though they've been terrorizing Chernarussians for weeks now."
  3. Chernon

    They will all fucking die. [OPEN FREQ]

    *Frank, who has been silently listening, amused to the chatter, pushes on the PTT* "It's a wonder why anyone would trust PAMYATI in the first place. What did you seriously expect?"
  4. Chernon

    Tea Party

    Yes very creepy, I like
  5. Chernon

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

  6. Chernon

    Seeking Therapy

    "Hello Doctor Shock, my name is Frank, and I would like to discuss many complex things that need a particular understanding. I am in the Novaya general area now, and would be willing to setup a meeting."
  7. Chernon

    Seeking Therapy

    "Surrounded by death, destruction, despair. "
  8. Chernon

    Seeking Therapy

    *Frank Blackburn rests in the small farm house, surrounded by the thick fog, then pushes down on the PTT of his radio* "Hello.. Uhm I'm looking for any kind of certified therapist, psychologist, or anything like that. Respond to this radio frequency when you can, and we can meetup somewhere North. *The voice fades away, leaving a trail of static*
  9. Chernon

    We all start somewhere, choose your path wisely

    but we spawn randomly
  10. Chernon

    A way to kill yourself.

    Why take away something so vital to survival... or death Kappa
  11. Chernon

    Alpha Company 3-34

    How many random US military units (which make no sense with the lore) are going to be in South Zagoria?
  12. Chernon

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    7/10 okay alright
  13. Chernon

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    3/10 unfomfortable
  14. Chernon

    Chernon's Images

    A collection of screenshots from Chernon's DayZ Standalone folder
  15. Chernon

    When did DayZ become a horror movie?

    I like the rain, the fog, and night time. Sunny days get very boring.
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