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  1. David Grant's POV: We are driving in our vehicle, looking for much needed building supplies, when another car approaches us fast. The driver of our car swerves to get out of the way, but lags and accidentally hits the car instead, which anyone who has ever driven a car in DayZ knows how much the vehicles lag. We actually roleplay out being injured and stunned from the crash, while the people in the other car instantly get out of their car with weapons out, while screaming asking why we hit them. At this point they seemed like they were going to try and initiate on us since they were already being aggressive, so I get out of the car with my gun out just in case they did, when they started becoming even more aggressive, demanding that we put our weapons away while they still had their weapons out themselves. While i'm still trying to recuperate from the crash, the individuals from the other car continue to be suspicious, standing there staring at us with their guns out without saying anything. One of them then starts walking behind us and @groovy patz says he's going to initiate, which he then yells an initiation. Right after I hear his initiation, I initiate myself loud and clear on all three of them (I initiated several times making sure they could hear it), in which case one of them near their car didn't comply and did not raise his hands after I gave him enough time to do so, so I shoot him due to noncompliance. Right after that, I notice one of them had noncomplied then run and hid behind a guard rail, so I run over there to see him aiming a gun at me, so I kill him as he sprays at me. The last guy who actually complied began insulting us while he was a hostage, and didn't seem to care about the situation at all while we tried to RP with him for a long period of time. We only had problems with the vehicles because the cars themselves were heavily damaged and almost all the parts and the engines themselves were heavily damaged. Saying we didn't "value our lives" because of the commonly known DayZ lag that caused two vehicles to collide is untrue, we are all very aware of the DayZ bugs and high pop lag associated with vehicles, and how easy it is to die from these vehicles. I'm also confused on why you think it's completely fine to hear "put your hands up or you're dead", then sprint behind cover, point and shoot a weapon at me, die, then say i'm at fault?
  2. I was told the firefight was over and that one of us was at critical HP and needed help, so I went to look for morphine to help him get to a safe spot, after making sure the area was clear, expecting the guy who logged out to not attempt to log in and spray me in the back without saying a word.
  3. David Grant's POV: We were on the way to Olsha to conduct some business, and when I got close to the bottom of the radio tower hill near Olsha, my game crashed. While I was trying to reconnect, my group members initiated, and the defenders did not comply. I run up to the radio tower without a weapon out, and coming upon multiple dead purple armband corpses. As i'm looking for morphine to help make my good friend Felix feel better, he says one of the purple armbands logged out with the sitting animation right in front of us, we wait for him to relog, however he doesn't appear, so in the mean time I decide to loot one of the purple bodies for morphine, when the man who had logged out then logs back in and instantly began to spray his gun at me without initiating on me or without properly using his defender rights as I had never initiated on him, nor had a weapon out. I get knocked out and the man who attempted to invalidly KOS me gets killed. I then wake up with critical HP and crash several times as I try to heal in a safe position. Edit: I want to reiterate, I never initiated on anyone and nobody ever initiated on me, nor did I have a weapon out or was with the initiating party at the time, I was never involved in the initial firefight. I do not have any video evidence of this situation.
  4. chernon

    The Tsepovs

    Saw good RP with this group today with what they are doing with Berezino
  5. wow thats good.
  6. Which version of the NCR Veteran Ranger is the best??


    The classic  version..,,,



    The anime version.,.,



    The furryv ersion.,


    1. vanon02


      Maybe Caesar was right...

  7. Very epic and emotional roleplay today, felt like a true movie,., cant wait to see what next week brings @groovy [email protected]@groovy patz @groovy pips @groovy clarence @groovy tony
  8. We won't go quietly - the Legion can count on that.

    1. vanon02


      Patrolling the Moja-

      shut the fuck up GIF

    2. Vulf



      Ave, true to Caeser!

  9. yes..,. very epic and good for roleplay , would improve
  10. David was born in Las Vegas after his parents had moved there soon after they had gotten married there as well, David's parents were very destructive to themselves and would get high on cocaine very often, leading to David not being able to do well in school as he couldn't focus on homework as he was always dealing with his parents at home. Soon the authorities figured out what was happening and both his parents were arrested, and David was taken by child services and was given to his uncle to be raised. David's uncle was very relaxed and chill, and was a guitarist for a local casino, which made him very busy during the night. However this environment was better for David and he managed to catch up in school and do better. David then took an interest in his uncle's guitar as he would hear his uncle practicing often. One Christmas, David's uncle gifted him a guitar which David used to learn how to play, being taught by his uncle almost daily. David soon became a pretty good at playing the guitar, and would play both acoustic and electric, being able to play many of his favorite rock songs. David would go throughout the years continuing to learn from his uncle and coming up with new songs on his own, sometimes even singing. Shortly after graduating high school, David wanted to explore the world and bring his music with him, making money to fund his journey as he went. David started making different calls and appointments to play at small businesses like bars and such. This is also where David's drug addiction to multiple different drugs began, such as LSD, cocaine, and many more. David had wanted to explore Russia and decided South Zagoria looked beautiful as he had seen on many advertisements about the place, so he booked to stay at a Ski Resort and possibly play his guitar at the resort for money. David was hired to play at the luxurious Ski Resort for a good amount of money, and decided to settle down there and figure his life out. The ski resort is also where David became friends with many of the employees and management, always drinking, doing drugs, and playing games with them almost every night. It was always a party at the ski resort. When the infection got bad, David wasn't allowed to return to the United States, and he didn't really care to go back anyway as he had been having more fun in the South Zagoria region than he ever had back in the United States. However as things got worse and worse and the region started seriously breaking down, David and other ski resort staff decided to fortify the ski resort and wait for the whole thing to blow over. This never happened. Soon they had run out of necessary supplies and the situation didn't sound like it was improving at all. One day a group of infected people began to attack Dave and his group viciously, Dave attempted to calm them down but they would not listen, they instead were trying to rip his throat out. Dave, in fear of his life, used his knife to kill the infected attacking him. This was the first person Dave had killed. Soon, Dave broke down, realizing just how bad the situation was, and began abusing drugs and alcohol even more, contributing to his what seemed like insanity.
  11. Had fun while it lasted, shame the "lore faction restrictions" had to ruin the potential for RP
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