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  1. Chernon


    Can't wait to meet her ic!
  2. Chernon


    This is neat
  3. Chernon

    Anime Profile Appeal

    I would like to appeal my weeb profile. I have said nothing wrong about anime or weebs, and my profile was already weebified for 3 days in April by Roland. M'Lady
  4. Chernon

    Anime Profile Appeal

  5. Chernon

    Server Queues

    Don't get me wrong, I have gone onto S2 with my group. S2 had about 60 people on it and we could only find two different groups and had some rp there, but there seems to be no other groups that play regularly. The only other individuals are people who are looking for easy gear.
  6. Chernon

    Server Queues

    The queue cap is extremely annoying, which is the point, but it's highly unnecessary since most groups and people will always dedicate themselves to the main server no matter what. Hopefully the player count being raised to 90 will help.
  7. Chernon

    Discord emotes

    User was cautioned for this post
  8. Chernon

    Discord emotes

    I see you use white discord background, explains everything.
  9. Chernon

    Long queues

    I'd support the server going back to 100 slots and the ping cap being removed. The server still crashes randomly and cars still fly to space.
  10. Chernon

    The Cannibal Cookbook.

  11. Chernon

    The Community and Obession of Bases (Rework Suggestion)

    How do you ladder into a base with a roof
  12. Be careful not to get misidentified xd
  • Chernon

    Chernarus Trade Federation

    Good Luck
  • Chernon

    The Chernarussian Virus | A scientific review from the last W.H.O doctor

    Very good
  • Chernon


    Okay, this is epic, I like this.
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