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  1. Trikz_

    S1 RDM - 07:10 - 07:25

    my buddies black... idk why you think its okay in 2018 to say racist things.. im done ive said my peace.
  2. Trikz_

    S1 RDM - 07:10 - 07:25

    Bro in real life if you call any one a racist remark its gonna lead to confrontation ....... i honestly dont know where you were raised but in the south where im from you get your ass beat or shot..... if you wanna be immersive dont whine about getting shot over a racist remark ....
  3. Trikz_

    S1 RDM - 07:10 - 07:25

    I Shot you because i panicked and also because my buddy got into a confrontation and i didnt know exactly what was said .
  4. Trikz_

    S1 RDM - 07:10 - 07:25

    Sorry about that but when someone calls another man a monkey especially a black man ..... someones getting into a fight , where im from those are fighting words let alone racist remarks.
  5. Grew up on farm with a farm based life, loves to hunt bears ,hog, squirrels, skunks, and pretty much anything you can eat. survivalist skills but low IQ . Rather would fight it out and shoot it out than talk any day. Chet grew up with an alcoholic dad and mother. they loved. Chet but he ran away frequently and rebelled. Chet would frequently spend weekends out in the woods alone hunting. He likes the silence and being alone. He had a pistol named jessie growing up and he still carries it to this day even after the apocalypse.
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