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  1. Joe Joe

    S1: KOS / BadRP / Invalid initiation / Attempted RDM - Kabanino - 12/12/2018

    The situation is relatively fuzzy in my mind. However from what I remember me and my alias (Forgee and Luftwaffle) were in town I was distant from them so I was unable to communicate as I no longer had access to my radio which I abandoned so in essence was sneaking around surveying the area in hopes to understand what was going on. I noticed a group of people who then entered and seemed to be mugging some helpless people who were in the town, the people I originally ran from incase they were hostile. After getting a acceptable vantage point in a bush I watched small parts of the interaction while trying to spot my friends in their distinct uniform. A few moments later I clocked one of my friends who seemed to be in a brawl with one of the muggers. I then entered the town as my friend was getting attacked, while ensuring I dint get spotted. I searched the nearby building where I assumed they may be (The greenhouse with city wide broadcasting booth) I walked in with my Mossin equipped to find one of the people involved in the attack later coming in. I raised my Mossin to deal with the person who was in brawl with my friend however his gun was better at closer range and therefore he managed to successfully get all shots of on me before being able to fire a single bullet. Thats all that I can really remember about the situation. Hope it helps.
  2. Joseph Deacon was born in 1980 to James and Diana Deacon. Joseph was brought up in central being indoctrinated on how to act like the aristocracy. Joseph however did not dream of a life of such valour and therefore done everything in his power to get away from his parents grip. At the age of 16 Joseph got the opportunity to go where he wanted, his parents attempted to heavily influence his decision and get him to study law at Oxford. However to his parents denial Joseph studied Media as well as finance. At the age of 22 Joseph had obtained his Bachelor degree in finance and soon later moved to the United States where he took over his late grandfathers empire 'Vantiago Incorporated'. Joseph turned the once building society into his own media company becoming one of the largest media companies in the United States. In 2006 many years after taking over the company the BBC approached Joseph and offered to buy-out the company. Joseph accepted, and become an expeditionary reporter for the BBC and ended up moving back to his family estate in the United Kingdom. A few years later after rising the ranks within the BBC any news outlets were documenting strikes on a state within the region of the Black Sea and the BBC were no different, a team of expeditionary reporters including Joseph were flown out. The team were situated on the Georgian-Russian border and were expected to be sent nearer to the scene later on that week. It was July 19th and Josephs reporting team were due to set out to the region of Chernarus. As the team began to travel through Russia many military-grade bombers flew over head offloading a cargo hold full of military grade missiles, the driver swerved and the van plummeted into a crater which had recently been created by the missiles. Dazed and confused the team quickly scarpered to leave the van. Joseph quickly got out of the van and began to move out of the crater however it was too late, a missile landed near the van knocking Joseph off his feet and believing to have killed the rest of the crew. Joseph phased in and out of consciousness as a strange finger seemingly dragged him into a nearby building. Joseph then woke up whether it was hours, days or weeks later Joseph wasn't sure. Confused, frightened and startled Joseph looked around as he sat there in a derelict warehouse with most of his belongings gone and his team no-where to be seen...
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