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  1. My character is a mute man named Mirek Jones, who lives in the land of Chenarus with his wife, Madelyn. They moved to Chernarus three years ago, because before the apocalypse, it was a really pretty place to live. They traveled the surrounding areas, looking for things they need to survive. One day, they were traveling through Stary Sober, when they were taken hostage by a group of bandits. They brutally beat both of them, until Mirek begged the bandits to not hurt Madelyn anymore. As soon as he said that, the leader of the bandits walked up, grinned at his members, and then shot Madelyn in the head... Mirek screamed and tried to fight back, but they overpowered him and the leader said "I will take your voice if you say one more word." Mirek didn't listen and said "Fuck you, asshole!" and then spit in his face. The leader wiped the saliva from his face and proceeded to grab a sharp, 6-inch blade. He told his men to restraint Mirek, and he then cut off Mirek's tongue. The leader left the room as his men continued to torture Mirek until he was nearly dead. They left him in a room with nothing but a rag and the clothes on his back. He kept the rag in his mouth as he checked the door, to his surprise, the door was unlocked. He proceeded through the compound to find the leader's quarters. He grabbed the same knife the leader used to take Mirek's tongue, grabbed a blanket and covered the leaders mouth, and then slit his throat. Mirek then escaped as quickly and quietly as he could, not to wake anyone else. He made his way out and didn't stop running until his chest felt as if it were about to explode. From then on, Mirek's scavenged towns for supplies and ways to stay alive. The way he communicates with other survivors is by writing in a notepad that he keeps on him at all times.
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