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  1. Born in 1992, Nathan Hill excelled in his younger years and was accepted into the United States Naval Academy after high school. Here he honed his skills in leadership and grew to respect chains of command. At the end of his schooling at the Academy, he was assigned to VFA-2 as a Naval Aviator. Flying F/A-18F Super Hornets. He excelled in this career. Earning many distinguishing awards throughout 2 deployments to the middle east. In 2009 he was discharged from the Navy honorably under the pretense that his eyesight had gone too bad to fly, and Lasik was not an option. He returned to his hometown of Annapolis, MD, and took up work for his family business. However, he was not satisfied with this line of work, finding it hard to adjust from the military lifestyle. He proceeded to look for work as a flight instructor for Private Military Companies, finding that years later, his work would take him to a far-off land known as Chernarus. Filled with mystery and danger. Upon reaching the land, his private military company exploited the markets of the land for surplus equipment expended during the 2009 civil war. Civilians were targeted for their vulnerability, many of them taken as hostages or outright killed. Upon multiple clashes with the CDF, the Company disbanded into multiple bandit groups, shortly after causing Hill to go his own way in an unfamiliar land.
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