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  1. Born in South Africa, to a troubled family, Duncan Prydderch spent his teenage days on the streets, due to his family making little to no time for him. Stealing cars, spending time playing in the streets and similar - these were all factors which convinced him to change his ways. He joined the South African Army at the age of 18, and was soon sent on many United Nations peacekeeping missions. In July, he was deployed to Chernarus, in response to the outbreak taking place there. Of course, he, as well as many others in the force sent, were unaware of the true crisis unfolding, being told instead that an outbreak of flu was causing widespread panic. Soon before the united Nations were overrun, Duncan abandoned his post, taking with him a stockpile of weapons and supplies, which he intended to sell on the soon-to-be black market. However, he was not evil, as he would regularly help out survivors in trouble, even at risk to his own life.
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