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  1. Daniel was born and raised in a small village on the outskirts of Porto, having had a normal childhood as any child. His parents were genetic engineers and when he turned 10, his parents were asked by the Russian state, for a highly revolutionary investigation in the field of genetics, this was the only thing they could tell their son and uncle who took care of him. After leaving, Daniel never got any contact from his parents again. Since then his uncle tried for years everything to get back in touch with his sister and brother-in-law without any success. Then they both accepted reality and continued with their lives. Daniel then grew up with the father figure being present in his uncle, reaching the age for the military recruit, Daniel with the full support of his uncle, enters the Academy of the Portuguese Air Force. The influence for this came from his uncle who was a soldier, a veteran who served in the Portuguese Army and having done missions for NATO. Daniel was a good student, hardworking because his dream was to be a combat pilot, but on a sad night after a few more drinks with his friends, he had a car accident that made him lose 25% of his vision, which made him impossible to continue with the ambition of being a pilot. But the Academy after seeing that his commitment was praiseworthy, they decided that he could stay, but in the area of ​ aeronautical maintenance. Then Daniel could be close to the heavens on earth. After completing his training, he is placed at the Lages air base in the Azores, at the service of NATO. He and his uncle after the events in Chernarus are called by NATO to a force that would protect ground zero and secure crucial NATO bases in the area. After a huge storm the USS Gerald R. Ford where Daniel was stationed, sank. After giving to the coast of Chernarus the first objective is to find his uncle, his only family now and that he can not lose as he lost his parents.
  2. Thank you for all the welcome so far. Hope to get whitelisted fast ?
  3. T3rminator


    Gretings from Portugal, i'm here to say my hello to this comunity and i'm new to this kind of Role Play, i hope that i can get some help in game and out. I'm at your disposal to help aswell. See you in game
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