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  1. ScarletRose, I did what had to be done. Keep that backpack as all its content is meant to keep you alive. I carry a backpack just to be able to help by donating it to those who need it the most, wich in this case happened to be you! Don't worry, I can survive without it, that's why im a skilled hunter. Hope to see you again soon! Stay alive and safe. ( Sorry about text rp I was on my laptop and somehow the game didn't detect the mic )
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    When you and your friend are drunk as fuck...
  3. A Survivor’s Diary: The Beginning. Ahh man, this sucks. I never wrote a diary before, I'm doing this because I'm bored I don’t fucking know what to do now. I'm just looking at this campfire, cooking my last pieces of meat…remembering…. All my friends, family are dead. There’s nothing that binds me to these lands anymore, Chernarus isn't the same. Dead are coming to life again? This is fucking ridiculous, unbelievable, its like a stupid nightmare from wich I can’t wake up anymore…. And it's the military’s fault, I swear it is. Those retards always trying to get power, power and more power, I’m sure they did something to my people, civilians that were only living in a small village just doing everyday stuff. Let me tell you my story. My life wasn’t perfect but I had all I wanted. I always liked hunting rifles, I still do that’s why I chose to be a hunter like my dad. I’d usually get up early, so I could go hunting with him and learn new things, from how to hunt squirrels with bb rifles to hunting deers with bigger weapons, placing traps and tracking our preys. Good old memories, rest in peace dad. About… I don’t know, maybe a month or so, who cares, the point is that I was hunting some deer during the night because my mom wanted to make some food just in case something bad happen during that period of time. That night I couldn’t spot any deers around the area where I was always hunting wich was strange because you could always see deers around east of our village, Nagornoe. So it was clear that something was going wrong in that forest, maybe wolves were around but this wasn’t wolves territory cause they always moved around north, near the military base. I thought to myself, maybe if the wolves moved to south, maybe the deers moved far north, with that in my mind I went to the northern forest checking both feed shacks. North east of Nagornoe there’s a deer stand, I went there to wait if I could get my prey at the deer stand but there was no luck, I gave up. Making my way back to home I was thinking that all this nonsense was strange there were no wolves, no deers nothing in the forests around my home. Maybe the military just scared them off but i don't know how cuz i didn't hear any loud bangs o something like that during the night. Thinking about what happened that night, i was surprised by a bunch of lights in the middle of the road, it was a convoy moving from the military base to Nagornoe so I decided to follow them, just to see what was going on. When they arrived at Nagornoe, they told to all the people that they were going to evacuate the zone, they were going to move us to Severograd immediately, for the sake of our lives. We had no time to get an explanation about why, we had to pack all the things we could. Food, clothes, medical kits, pets etc… I took my father’s Cz75 just in case I had to use it to protect my self and my mother. At Severograd they took us to the local school, we had to sleep there that night. I tried to speak with a soldier to see what the fuck was going on but the only thing all they were only saying was “ Sir, we are doing this for your personal safety so be patient and take some rest “. It was very strange how they acted, what they were saying. After all they were the soldiers we were the civilians, so I had to get back with my mom and like the soldier said, we took some rest. The next day some people were arguing with the soldiers, asking them what happened with their friends/family that lived in Kamensk, some of them received disturbing phone calls and text messages that there were never replied. People angry, sad, desperate tried to get out of Severograd and make their own way to kamensk but the military established a perimeter around that school so no one could enter or get out without their permission. That same day we saw jets moving to the north, the following thing we heard were loud bangs, so we assumed a war is going to be unleashed again. This day has marked me for the rest of my life, my mom died that day while we were trying to escape from those dead man walking things. Soldiers with lethal wounds that they were supposed to be dead, they were killing civilians, their own crew members they were eating them alive. While trying to escape with my mom she tripped and twisted her ankle. I tried to carry her, I threw away my bag full of supplies just to carry her, but she insisted to me that I leave her behind. It was a tough decision to make, she hugged me and said “ Sweetie I know this is going to be a very tough decision to make but I want you to leave me behind and escape, go south without me. With this sprained ankle I can't do much, I don't want to be a burden to you so please, leave me behind. ”. The only thing that consoles me is that I have been able to say goodbye to my mother properly, I gave her my father’s gun and I left her behind. “ I love you Dante “ she said, “ I hope we can see each other again, for now ill be with dad waiting for you at the other side. “. The following days, I’ve been hidden in a bar near Vyshnaya Dubrovka just waiting my death. I consumed all the supplies that bar had, including the apples that I could collect from some apple trees near the building. Luckily I had a knife with wich I could kill that walking things, I managed to gather some food from around and some clothing. I know there’s no hope for me, I know the infection, virus or whatever the fuck it is spreading so fast that it's going to affect all Chernarus. I know all this bullshit isn’t a dream and some day I’ll die but for now, I’ll be surviving, overcoming myself and trying to find more people like me or even better, a place to stay where I can die in peace and have the opportunity to re encounter with my family once again.