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  1. My name is Sergiej Karmanov. I come from Russia. The only person who left me is my older brother Oleg. When we were still children, I had a lot of problems but I could always count on my brother. Our father was a drunkard and a sadist. He often came home drunk and only looked for someone to hit. Oleg knew that his father did not control himself, so that when he could make his way, he would not beat me. Father always let him choose what he will be beaten. Oleg had to choose a trouser belt or a French key. He always chose the key! As he said in order to piss the father even more. My brother always watched me. At the age of 22, I got into debt at a local moneylender. At that time Oleg was in the army. When he came out on the pass, he saw what they had done to me for failing to pay the first installment of the debt. Initially, he sold his car to pay off my obligations. The moneylender demanded several times more than I was owed. Oleg never liked cheaters. The next day a loan shark was found in his car with a cut throat. His private bodyguard had a knife in his eye. Oleg was Specnase. They taught him how to survive in the wilderness, how to get food and eat what the normal body rejects. When Oleg became an officer, I also enlisted. It seemed a good choice. I never liked school, which is why I did not have proper education. The army offered a certain path. At the age of 26, we came with Oleg to an officially non-existent branch fighting in the Donbas. After the overthrow of President Yanukovich, our task was to work in close contact with the enemy and eliminate the resistance through the elimination of officers. We were not proud of it. We were taught to torture and inflict pain. I wanted to leave the service a few times, but I could not leave my brother alone. When our captain found out about my reluctance to take over the territory of Ukraine, he decided to put me in a field court and that meant death for a member of an officially non-existent Russian army. My brother knew that there was no going back. That same night, we escaped to nearby Czarnorus ...
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