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  1. Markus moved between countries at a young age: from Greece, to Italy, to France and finally the United Kingdom. His parents were fond of traveling, as the father’s occupation also dictated. Having grown of age in the United Kingdom however, Markus himself decided to settle down – though with the intent of following in his father’s footsteps, he finished an accounting education and found a job in the sector. Though providing a stable life, Markus soon found that the nine-to-five wasn’t quite what it is advertised to be. And when a friend told him of a land inhabited by walking corpses, he couldn’t help but let his disbelief, lust for wander and excitement take hold. So begins the tale of an overexcited, most always enthusiastic and barely ever serious man. Having left a meaningless life behind, Markus intends to set up or help shape a community that thrives in a land besieged by nightmare. Always the optimist, Markus will aim to bring joy to those around him – though will not shy away from theft or assault when necessary. Do what you think is right, but make sure to enjoy what you’re doing – words that Markus lives by no matter what situation he might find himself in.
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