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  1. Nick Forest was born into a wealthy family of the Great Smokey Mountains, with his Father and Mother owning more than one franchise with many businesses being bought and sold by his parents. He was the born born child in his family, and became the oldest of his siblings because of that, and from that point on, he became his parent's main focus, and that isn't entirely a good thing. His life revolved around his parents trying to control every aspect of his life, while his younger siblings were ignored to varying degrees, which created a level of resentment between him, and his three younger siblings. For the most part, he went along with this grand plan his parents made at the moment of his conception, and all seemed to be well, and his life would be easy, and safe. But around his mid-teens, he felt an awakening of feelings, emotions he had never felt until a sudden switch in personality, he then began to grow a personality trait from his maturing state, and started to show small amounts of resistance to his parent's goals and plans for him. With Nick graduating high school later on, his rebellious attitude only worsened, and his relationship with his family grew even more distant, and his parents had almost completely given up on Nick Forest. Nick Forest would then go on a long extension of time trying to find a purpose after he had graduated High School, and eventually ended up leaving his family's home to join a relief group formed in Turkey to help with the Chernarus Outbreak of violence, but soon after he had arrived, the virus outbreak would have become public knowledge, and his relief group would be used to assist the NATO fleet in the black sea for as long as they could. After things started to go out of hand, and the military forces started to completely lose control, his relief group leader decided to evacuate as many of the relief group back to Turkey as he could, but many lives were lost in the ensuing chaos. From that point on, Nick Forest would work with this group in going from harbor to harbor within the black sea to gather resources, and grow the already damaged, and fragile ships they had saves from the Shores of Chernarus. After more than a year of this fleet spreading, and gathering supplies, the group itself started to show aggressive changes, especially with its leadership, which had changed heavily after a hostile take over. These new leaders would order almost suicidal missions for ship masters to dock at invested docks and harbors, and attempt to gather as much food and supplies as possible, but this ended in dozens of deaths, and almost over two dozen ships being lost do to losing communication, from their crew being infected. This was a ploy yo lower the fleets numbers, and to lower food consumption, as the new "leaders" of the group saw else where to go, and were now trying to stockpile resources for there journey out of the Black Sea. Nick Forest was involved in one of these suicidal missions, and ended in his ship being boarded by a heavily armed bandit ship, and ended with him hiding in a secret compartment with his crew being heard dying, and being shot. He would leave his compartment, ashamed, and regretful for his cowardice, but he would leave his place of cowardice to find himself possibly on the shore of Chernarus, almost naked, and cold, but hopeful he could try and find redemption for his lack of action.
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