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  1. Lucais was born in the northen part of Italy, his father is a farmer and his mother died giving birth to his brother. Lucais interrupted his studies at the age of 16 to work on his father's farm, there he learned to hunt, farm and build. At the age of 20 he met Agata, a turist from Chernarus, he immediately falls in love with her and decides to follow his heart by moving with her to Chernarus. There he did some minor works to help Agata with the rent of the house, but the real income of money was Agata who was a doctor at Chernogorsk's Hospital. When things started to go down hill Agata was employed to help people to the refugee camp in Chernogorsk so Lucais volunteer to go there too. When Chernogorsk was overrun by the infected Lucais and Agata tried to escape the city but Agata was trapped and killed by a goup of zombies, Lucais was left with no choices but to run for his life.
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