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  1. I worked in a dockyard back in the United States, Before the Outbreak. I worked with my Brother as'well, we got scheduled for deckhand on one of our cargo ships headed for Chernarus. Who couldn't refuse a trip like that and get paid for it!. After many weeks across the ocean and into the green sea, We had finally arrived. It was going to take time for them to unload our cargo, all of which were just random goods, some metals and lumbers. So my brother and I had hit up the famous town Chernogorsk, After about a week there we had become to really enjoy the city, and most of the people in it. Made a few friends, went on a few fishing and hunting trips with some of our new friends, whom spoke somewhat english, after about 2 weeks there we decided we wanted to stay, so we went back down to the dockyard to talk the one of the mangers to see if they had or wanted 2 new experienced employees, They asked a few questions about us, we explained how we just loved this place and wanted to stay here on this side of the world. well story short he decided to help us out. About a year later maybe give or take a few months that is when everything started to go crazy, on this day they call the outbreak. Me and my brother were able to post up with some fellow employees within the city, before we knew it we had to leave the city and find a different and safer place to be. Out of that mess! so we decided to head inland to one of our coworkers hunting shack, who unfortunately didn't make it pass the craziness in the city. But we pushed on. It was deep inland we had alot of miles and a'lot of towns to cross, Along the journey we lost all our fellow friends it was just me and my brother. We had made it way up north we had our incident. we ran into a large group of the un'dead, we got trapped, corned fearing for our lives we had to climb our way out but when we got on the other side of the wall more zombies popped up, my brother said "run ill distract them ill meet you at the cabin which was yet another 30 miles out. it was either run or die and i knew he could handle himself as,well as i can. Weeks passed with still no sign of my brother showing up at the cabin, i wondered and worried and grieved for a long time because i just knew he didn't make out alive if he didn't show up. God Rest his soul. I spent years in that cabin before i decided to leave and just gave up all hope know nobody or know if anybody else was even left out there so i decided to head out and head back to the coast too see what has become of this world and find out if anyone is still alive out there.
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