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  1. From a Chernarussian mother and an American father Jimmy grew up in Albuquerque New Mexico with his dad. He joined the US army at his eighteen which he served in for 10 years until he was wounded in a fight. He then decided to join his mother and brother in Zelenogorsk where he lived for 2 years and found a job as a cop. When the outbreak began he was sent to Chernogorsk and had for mission to protect every citizen there. He did his best but when the city finally fall to the infected and when all his colleagues died and turned, he had no choice but to leave. He used his police car to leave Cherno and tried to join his mother as fast as he could but got caught in an accident. He woke up days later as an infected was trying to break the window of his car. He managed to reach Zeleno by foot, where he found his family house completely emptied by looters, no sign of his mother or brother, nothing. Since then he's just trying to stay alive while looking for his family.
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