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  2. Craig Bluzevich is an American police officer of Polish/Russian origin. His family, or rather his predecessors lived on Polish territories before WWI broke out. Once WWI broke out his family was shattered. Some of them migrated to Chernarus but his exact great grandparents migrated to the US. Even he himself doesn't know how they got there. Since being a young boy Craig was hearing stories about his family. And with the age, he was getting more and more interested in Chernarus, their habitants, their culture, their language. Throughout his life he succeeded as a policeman, found his career interesting, he seemed to love what he was doing. Yet at some point he decided to leave everything. Something in his head has told him to change his way of life. He moved out for a journey around the world. It took him about 7 years to get to Chernarus and the truth is, he had no plan. He only hoped he could find his family and then, he would manage, somehow.. From the money he earned as a mercenary in South American cartels he bought himself a hut in the middle of the forest. It was, 29th of June 2017. As everyone knows, soon the infection broke out but Craig got to know about it a few days later once he was out hunting. He met an infected person in the middle of the forest. It tried to kill him so he had no choice,he killed it with his bare hands. He was used to killing because of the time he was a mercenary but it was something different. He couldn't understand it but, he was frightened. A few days later he went to a close town to buy some more supplies since he was kinda short on stuff like bottled water. The city was abandoned, most of the houses were robbedmand left without pretty much anything. That was the day he understood and from that day he started his fight for survival in this hopeless, unfriendly world.
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