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  1. Tim Hennigar, born into a easy and rich life in the US, is a material driven but caring twenty year old American. His father is a successful Businessman and his mother is a lawyer, who both rather focused on their career rather than on their son. Trying to get his Parents attention, Tim started to act up and get in trouble in School and during his Martial Arts Classes. During High School, Tim got friends with some local small time criminals. This resulted in Tim also getting in trouble with the law frequently. Tim got charged with vandalism, trespassing, theft and possesion of narcotics. Luckly for Tim, he always got out with a slap on his Wrist. But one day, on the way to a party with his friends, Tim got pulled over by the Police. One of Tim's friends had some hard Drugs on him, which he hid inside of Tim's car. When the Police found those drugs, they immedietly arrested Tim and his friends. Fortunatly, Tim's Mother kept him out of Jail but if he ever violates another law he would be charged with all his previous crimes and sentenced for 20 years in Prison with no chance of parol. To actually keep him ouf of Prison, Tim's parents send him off to his Uncle, Richard Hennigar, who lives on a Farm in Chernarus. His Uncle moved to Chernarus when he himself was just 20 years old to chase his love. Soon his Uncle had a son and when the wife's parents became old, Richard and his wife took over the apple farm. When Tim initially arrived, he hated the Farm-Life. Days of manual labor withour any result for months. He also hated the boredom of his new Life and often thought about running away to Novodmitrovsk or Chernogorsk. But he stayed partly because he feared the repercussion it would bring if he would start to associate with criminals again and partly because he cared for his Uncle and didn't want to leave him and his Uncle's Family. Just as Tim started to enjoy his new Life-style, the Apocalypse starts. Listening to his Uncle's advice, Tim stays at the Apple farm, hoping that the Infection won't reach it. Sadly his Uncle was wrong and after an attack by a Horde of Infected, only Tim and his Uncle are left. Together they would try and make their way up to Miroslavl, a place free from the zombies. On their Journey, they were robbed off of all their supplies and Clothing. With nothing left Tim and his Uncle are trying to gather enough supplies to make their way up to Miroslavl and maybe live again as Farmers.
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