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  1. Bernard has a Law enforcement and Military background of 13 years. His family (Wife and Daughter) and himself escaped to Canada when the Outbreak in the southern states. People thought they could escape this strange virus by the cold weather... Unfortunately, his wife became ill a few weeks after settling in Canada. One night he awoke to strange sounds coming from the room next door, when he opened the door he found his wife eating their daughter! This threw Bernard into a state that would blur his memory for the next few weeks. A doctor approached 'B' because he had heard of his Military background and asked if he would accompany him on a mission, apparently, this doctor worked for the WHO CDC and was on the verge of a breakthrough and needed to go to where the outbreak began, some small post-soviet Country 'B' had never heard of.... Chernarus. With nothing to lose and anger fueling inside, he agreed to go on the convoy. Unfortunately, one of the pilots became 'ill' and the helicopter crashed and 'B' was the only survivor with a few rations and the clothes on his back he made it onto the beach but had no idea what dangers awaited him...
  2. Thanks for all the best wishes! I'll just keep hitting refresh...
  3. @Semiazas Thanks a lot! Cannot wait :8
  4. Hey Everyone, Excited to be here! My name is Blackbox and I am 30 years old and I have been playing Arma/Dayz for the past 6 years or so! I have put in my application to join you all in some DayzRP fun, my characters name is Bernard or B for short! I look forward to the fun times ahead.
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