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  1. My character is an old American man called Richard Hennigar, who moved to Chernarus way before the apocalypse to be able to live together with his girlfriend, who was a citizen of Chernarus. He moved there partly because of love, and partly because of his tiredness of the way modern life was. They lived together at an old apple farm in South Zagoria with her parents, and married shortly after Richard moved in. Soon they had a son, and when the wife's parents became old, Richard and his wife took over the apple farm. When the apocalypse came Richard was in his late 60's, and he now had a nephew the same age he was when he first moved to Chenarus. Him and his family stayed at his apple farm, hoping that they would be far enough away from the big cities that the infection wouldn't spread, but they were wrong. No-one survived but Richard and his nephew, Tim. Together they would try and make their way up to Miroslavl, where they had heard someone on the radio talking about a place free from the zombies, and a place where you could live in peace. They were stopped by bandits when they went through Chernogorsk, being forced to strip their clothes and was robbed of their belongings. Without weapons, clothes, food and water, they were forced to stay in the area around Chernogorsk, trying to gather together enough resources to make their way to Miroslavl.
  2. The Discord account that is attached to my profile is the wrong one. I don't know how it happened, but since it uses the wrong account it dosn't count my real one as a member on the Discord server. My real Discord account is: Zebitor#6911 The wrong one is: Zebitor#9983 Thanks.
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