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  1. Raised as an orphan he was mainly fighting for himself in the crime riddled town of London, England. After leaving school with zero skills or qualifications, he went on to be a part of a gang from the age of 12. He had been caught for armed robbery at a shop in east London at the age of 15. By the age of 16 he wanted to leave, after seeing one of his closest friends shanked (stabbed) in front of him by a 52 year old man after they jokingly tripped him up in a town center. He bled to death in his arms through the neck and back. He had no-one, no family or friends, all councils were bankruped He walked down the street to a bridge where he would end his suffering, as he walked down the long main road a green light caught his eye, 'join the army and become a better you', he went into the building originally for shelter from the harsh rain. After spending a couple hours there he got on conversation with one of the staff, before he knew it he was off to training in Harrogate as a Royal Marine. He passed every course with flying colors and got above the platoons record in the physical course of endurance. After being seen as a clear natural they knew they needed to hand him a better career. This lead him to join the SAS by 17. Four months of being in the SAS he was sent to Russia on a mission with the UN as a 'peace-keeper', after finally getting to know his platoon properly he started to feel accepted and some of them could even relate to him, which has never really happened to him before. He finally felt like he had a family, a home but then the out break happened causing them to stay in a bunker for months with such little supplies and rations. One by one as time moved forward the platoon started turning on each other until sanity was scares and only the most strong minded and strong wild could survive the longest. Once there where just two left, him and his best friend they knew it would not be long before one lost it but before that could happen one morning as Dawson awoke he saw his best friend with blood around his hands and arm, he had moved on. As Dawson put his own gun to his head he heard movement from outside the bunker, he heard voices and then heard them run off into the tree line. He thought to himself that he'd rather give this new world ago than die like all of his platoon.
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