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"I love pizza!"

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  1. "hEy ThAtS mY gUn"

    1. arttu


      robberies episode 2932841

  2. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sebastian Laaksonen _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sebastian was born in the quite large city of Oulu on a hot summer night of June 1998. Sebastian did very well in school, going to Medical School after his 'forced' studies. He studied a lot and continued to do well in his studies, deciding to do some volunteer work at Chernarus, when the outbreak happened, he was stuck here.
  3. 👋

    1. Firemoiselle


      I'll miss you. ❤️ 

    2. DrMax



  4. arttu

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    Great fun, good event
  5. why does hostile roleplay always have to end in stealing 90% of the persons belongings

    1. Mugin


      I remember I held someone up with some buddies and in the end we gave him guns and supplies.

      Different times.

    2. arttu


      that would be awesome right now

      i've been robbed like 5 times this week and it's been the drag and drop your vest backpack gun tell anyone about this you die were good people actually dont tell anyone about this

    3. Para


      Factually incorrect tbh

    4. arttu


      what's that supposed to mean

    5. Mugin


      Yeah, it's a lot of cookie cutter hostilities that have all been done before.

      There are some good hostilities out there though, but yeah, I'll agree that the majority is a bit over-saturated.

    6. arttu


      I mean, obviously there are good hostiles, just haven't met them this week 😞

    7. Mugin


      You could always become the hostile one? Give what you're wanting in terms of good hostile RP.

      Any character I make is a bit of a blank slate initially, I let the world and his interactions effect his actions and mentality, so they vary at times.

    8. Bot Elmo

      Bot Elmo

      Come to Altar bro, we'll show you a good time

    9. arttu


      @Mugin I'm not the one for hostile RP, I just can't do it at all, + my character is a mute, hard to rob anyone with her tbh.


      @Elmo I shall pay a visit

    10. Mugin


      I can see the struggles in that, hard to point a gun when signing lol

    11. arttu



      Yep, and I don't like to do hostile rp myself, at least nothing major.

    12. JackZRP


      unlucky son

    13. arttu


      i know 😞 @JackZRP

    14. Tomu


      need to meet us 😆 

    15. arttu


      gotta start using hostilerp tinder i guess

  6. > look for black pouches for like 2 hours

    > find someone who trades them for my pistol and ammo

    > after 10 minutes i find them but I already have them from the trade

    > fuck my life

    1. arttu


      bruh now i have 3 pouches

    2. arttu


      4th pouch, gonna kms.

      this game is literally bully me

    3. Tomu




    4. Crim


      You role play a lot.

    5. arttu
  7. arttu

    • arttu
    • OxeN

    fak you men

    rus 🇷🇺

    1. OxeN



    2. arttu


      : _ D

    3. Rutkiy



  8. it was an okay day of roleplay today, i just hope i dont get robbed as many times tomorrow also rip characters birthday @SonOfWatchman
  9. nothing better then getting robbed 3 times a day

    1. Firemoiselle


      fucking lmao

  10. arttu

    I'm going to the Store, yall need anything ?

    jesus fucking christ
  11. It was a fun little chat & chill
  12. arttu

    • arttu
    • GaryCash

    good robbery today, was quite spooky but i wish your friends weren't so much trying to take everything instantly

    1. GaryCash


      Im glad it was spooky, Im sorry we robbed you, we normally don't however, it made perfect sense based off the situation we were in at that time last week --  from our perspective RP wise, it was the smartest thing we could do at that moment-- the characters you encountered had just been robbed themselves, and our entire camp had been marauded and raided, we had absolutely no guns in store-- and were RP cut off from our supply lines briefly because what had happened at camp.

      I thought it was great RP too though, I enjoyed your character not being able to speak, maybe my character have a lot of internal conflict-- if we hadn't been raided that day-- We would have brought you back to our new camp to protect you -- however when discussing it, we agreed we couldn't risk Op Sec, especially without having your samples tested.

      Cheers man

    2. arttu


      Oh, a bit late response but yeah, just though it was a bit weird when your friends were spamming a and d while talking to me.

  13. martin garrix is fire

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