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  3. Arttu Kotka, a lost soul from Finland. It was a cold winter day in Finland, 1996, on the 6th of December, a new person was born, once again. It was a miracle, a beautiful baby, but the Mother was dead, simply, dead. A life lost, but for what? Arttu never knew about who his father was, his mother was dead, so his aunt, Mia decided to take care of Arttu, watch him grow, and for the first time in her life, help a little, helpless child become an adult. The first years of Arttu were quite boring, just like a normal child, he learned things, he was just a normal child, just like any other, learning, playing, having fun, enjoying life. He had no idea such an apocalypse could be possible, ever. Arttu's life continued along with his aunt, it was around the time when he was 10, he learned that her mother died while giving birth to him, and his dad abandoning his pregnant mother before he was even born... He didn't quite understand such a fact, because he was so young, his life continued, learning new things, playing, studying hard in school, after his long years in primary school & lower secondary school, he moved on to upper secondary school or high school in the United States around the age of 16. After upper secondary school, Arttu was puzzled, he didn't know what to do. As typical, in Finland, when males turn 18, they're invited to the military for mandatory conscription, if they do not have any 'disabilities' or a condition that would trouble their military service. And Arttu for sure didn't have any conditions. He joined the Military Police regiment of the Finnish Defense Force, getting trained for 347 days with his new military police buddies. Arttu, now trained, the first thing he decided to do was to go to a bar, drink with his friends. At the bar, he thought of his grandma, who lived in Chernarus. He hasn't seen her in a while. After the blurry night at the bar, and with a large hangover, he booked flight tickets to Chernarus, and just a month later, he left to see his grandmother in Chernarus. After a long flight from Finland, he arrived at a large airport anywhere near Chernarus, taking a rental car, driving to where his grandma lived. After a pretty long drive, he was there, a blunt memory from his scarred childhood came back... A child, playing in the yard of the Chernarus home. It was right there, it felt like he had gone back in time. He greeted his grandma, talked with her, cooked up some food for her, before heading to sleep in another room, there was a gun cabinet there, he opened it, seeing his grandpa's old rifles & a simple Makarov, with one bullet, he thought to himself about it for a moment, before heading to sleep. The next day, he heard something coming from the living room, it sounded like a zombie, he swiftly walked to the gun cabinet, grabbing a singular Makarov, opening the door of his resting place, spotting a zombie in front of her grandma, he swiftly aimed the firearm towards the zombies head, shooting it once, ending the zombies painful life. The zombie was dead, but her grandmother was too, mutilated by the zombie. Arttu was shocked, he didn't know what the fuck the thing was, but it had killed her grandmother, he decided to check the news... it was all there, he was confused on how something like this could happen... He grabbed his jacket, leaving the empty Makarov in his dead grandmothers' lap and leaving the house, starting to adventure the wastelands, knowing nothing would never be like before, a tear in his eye, his grandma gone... his soul, lost. Now Arttu Kotka adventures the lands of Chernarus. --- INJURIES --- N/A --- CHARACTER RELATIONSHIPS --- "Lorens Albrektson" - Acquaintance I met him at a little military base in the middle of a field, he was nice, we talked, we walked, we met other people, I hope I meet this lad again! "Trinity Star" - Acquaintance A girl I walked twenty kilometers for, jesus. My legs do hurt now, but at least she's nice.
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