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  1. arttu

    Laure living her life.

    A gallery that has pictures of my character Laure, living her life.
  2. can we just get a fix for the locks please all i ask for

    1. Crim


    2. arttu



  3. bruh momento numero tres

    1. Crim


      Do you like tacos?

    2. arttu


      yes bueno

  4. arttu

    "It would be so easy"

    *pulls the trigger accidentally*
  5. Thanks for the appreciation of my text roleplay mr. russian person at Krasnostav

  6. can i just be unbanned on the discord it was just one fi*ta

    1. Crim



    2. arttu


      ok friend

  7. bruh momento numero dos

  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: I literally said "fitta" and was banned from the discord. People have said worse and not been banned, for sure. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I posted fitta into the #swedish chat and I guess someone didn't like it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It wasn't even aimed at anyone. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Maybe a discord unban? I feel like this was a bit too much. What could you have done better?: Not say fitta I guess?
  9. Laure would fiddle around with her radio as she would insert a new battery in, after that broadcasting a series of beeps onto different frequencies. It would sound like a mess to people who don't understand it. .... . .-.. .-.. --- --··-- -- -.-- -. .- -- . .. ... .-.. .- ..- .-. . ·-·-·- .. .- -- .-.. --- --- -.- .. -. --. ..-. --- .-. ... .... . .-.. - . .-. --··-- .-- .... . .-. . -.-. .- -. .. ..-. .. -. -.. .. - ··--·· She would stop the transmission and wait for someone to contact her.
  10. Laure was born into a big, rich family in the nice city of Paris, French. She was the youngest in the family all of her childhood, he had a couple of older brothers, who were annoying here and there, but also looked out for her. She was kind of lonely all of her childhood due to not being able to speak. She wasn't able to speak due to being born as a mute, this being a problem to some other teenagers. As she continued to study, she met this Chernarussian guy, just a year older than her, that was studying in France, the two swiftly became pretty good friends. Things went on, they continued studying and they would slowly get into a relationship. And so the school year ended, it was time for summer break. She wanted to go with him back to Chernarus. And so they did. His parents had a nice house in the countryside, pretty much almost in the middle of nowhere. She wanted to stay there, and not go back to France, she managed to work it out with her old school, and continue her studies in Chernarus. It was this one, very weird morning that there would for some reason, be undead people walking outside. Her boyfriend or boyfriend's family would be nowhere to be seen. She would grab her backpack and get the hell out of there, into the lands of Chernarus, trying to survive. Just survive. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Skills ___________________________________________________________ - Mastered Languages - American Sign Language Languages - French Miscellaneous - Writing Survival - Cooking - Experienced Combat - Close Quarters Combat - Stealth Crafting - Basic Languages - English - Skilled Combat - Tactics Languages - International Morse Code Survival - Basic Survival - Navigation - Knowledge Crafting - Advanced Firearms - Basic Firearms - Pistols Survival - Farming Survival - Advanced - Unskilled Building - Basic Building - Advanced Firearms - Advanced Firearms - Automatic Firearms - Shotguns Firearms - Rifles Firearms - Other Medical - Basic Medical - Intermediate Medical - Advanced Miscellaneous - Driving Survival - Hunting Technical - Electricity Technical - Mechanic Technical - Tools ___________________________________________________________
  11. bruh momento numero uno

  12. Thanks guys for the great rp too! ^-^
  13. i'll be back after my ban 😶

    1. Tomu


      You got banned? Anyway welcome back hope to see you in game soon! 

    2. arttu
  14. Yes, you didn't have a gun in your hand, I just heard hostile on the fields from someone and took a couple of shots. Apologies, the situation was fairly chaotic.
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