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  1. this is your leader and its great
  2. *stops unpackingwhen he hear his radio goes off walks over and picks it up* Come to petrovka we have good people here ready to welcome you *puts the radio back down goes back to unpacking*
  3. I like playing here witch I why I came here and owned up to what happened i can't control when my internet goes out or when it is fast bit I have had so much fun playing other people have been under standing when it happens showing how good this community is I don't want to leaves because of bad internet
  4. Do you have any ideas this has been a long standing problem and I can't find any other way beside switching internet provider witch is expensive I have made a part in my character back story to help explains it away
  5. Dang do you guys just want to see me punished alright then if that is what you wish if the admins dont belive my reasons are forgivable and me not resisting when you came up to me and killed me I will accepted the points
  6. You just killed me I did not resist for it was the way the fight was going to end and I accept it
  7. I did not now it was you guys when I finally I back their was walkers so I killed them looted and then had to run to vybor to fill my water then I get shot at and was lit shit and run and gun I was having fun I don't get in gun fights often but then I had to go help I now that so shity rp and I am trying to make up for it you guys had me the first time also I am not a trade from kab am a doctor from kab so do you want this svd or not?
  8. First one internet second one that was be for event out of my control are you still at the air field so I can give you this svd I am at where I had to log sanding on top of a destroyed wall waiting for you guys
  9. yea that was me sorry about that had to help my grandma with her propain if your still their i will give you the svd as a sorry for having to leave and that first long was my internet dieing on me it happens a lot to me just check the logs from yesterday
  10. bryer claypool was born in Michigan their he found that he was good at two thing helping people and hurting people so he joined the army as a combat medic and became a copral as a medic the enemy had a great interest in grabbing him and dragging him off bryer learned to like his 12 gauge shotgun during the war he and the rest of his regiment the 35 mechanized infantry 2 month before the out break to help advise and train the cherno russians mechanized units but in the dead of night one day he got orders to bug the hell out him and his division were loaded on to helicopters but his pilot was cough in a fight with some one who they are promptly shot the pilot was scratch up but okay so they got in the chopper and flew south heading for the sea when their pilot just died at the stick the man he was fighting earlier was an infected the helicopter went down because before the co pilot could take over the other pilot attacked him the helicopter hit the ground knocking both his memory and him out cold when he came to he could not remember who he was or where he was but after wondering around for some time a man called out to him at the time he did not know the man but it was his Sargent Aries who after finding out he had amnesia Sargent filled him in on who he was and where he was and he has slowly been getting his memory back so now his mission is to help who he can defend civilians and get in touch with command to get new orders
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