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  1. bryer claypool was born in Michigan their he found that he was good at two thing helping people and hurting people so he joined the army as a combat medic as a medic the enemy had a great interest in grabbing him and dragging him off bryer learned to like his 12 gauge shotgun during the war he saw how the local had to suffer under the conditions of a war so after his tour of duty was over he joined the red cross as a guard and emergency medical assistant when the chernarus officials seemed ken on starting another war with Russian and the locals had already been displaced by the little slap fight bryer was sent to help with a bunch of other red cross member they arrived by boat during the ride they had little contact with the outside world because their radio got damage in a storm when they got there they pulled in to electro and found that the city looked like a war zone so they unloaded the truck and head for the north east air field their plane with the rest of their gear should had landed their already with the rest of their supplies at this piont in time bryer had the close on his back and his trusty 12 gauge they made it to duglovo before seeing a large group of locals when seeing the truck the locals rushed them and started to rip the red cross workers apart bryer tried to save everyone he could but in the end he save to and had no ammo left the two people he did save died a day later but bryer had order he was going to help heal and protect everyone he could and get pay back on thoes things he start to call them zeds but first he need more 12 gauge rounds