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  1. steeltalen

    Medical Assistance Required (Open Freq)

    *Doc hears a familiar voice and picks up the radio* hunter? its doc you okay you still need help? *doc puts the radio in his vest and grabs his med bag to start making his way north*
  2. server and location: S1 Devils castle tower Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): march 25 2019~ 21:00-21:57 Your in game name: Bryer Claypool Names of allies involved: No Allies Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no vechicles involved Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I just spawn in after waiting in que i see a guy wearing black with a baseball cap and a black medical mask he tells me to put my hands up i do then another guy wearing a mix set of clothes but has a orange arm band comes down form the top of the tower he has an ak with a night vision scope they tell me to drop my gun my back pack and my vest and step away i tell them i need to put my hands down they say okay put your hands down then drop the stuff is i put my hands down and drop my gun my vest and my backpack they say to step away from it then more guys come running up from the bottom of the tower and then i hear to drop the sword i hit F5 to drop my hand so i can drop my sword and then i just get shot one bullet and then i am dead
  3. steeltalen

    Staff Feedback: Mademoiselle

    link to situation: over the last few weeks and today any supporting evidence or notes: NA feedback: i have been seeing hope alot through out the forms and just giving advice and helping everyone she can i am glad to see a staff member work so hard to help people suggestions for improvement: i cant think of any way for her to do her job any better
  4. steeltalen

    S1 Cherno Docks - Avoiding RP - 2030 server time

    i had to go help my grand mother move a double oven in to her storage shed i was told this as i was crossing the docks i was like okay i will log in the buildings in front of me then i see the green dragons a group who i have been told many times that they do not let people log i thought i do not have time for this so i logged at that time before they even said a word to me trying avoid a report for combat logging i was gone for about 20 to 40 minute you can check the logs and see that i was gone for that log
  5. *corporal claypool leans against the wall of the house he took cover in and hears the captains voice and pick up his radio* don't worry sir i made it out was half way their when you told me to disregard so i am held up in a building wait for the next location to meet up *corporal claypool set the radio to the side as he begins working at a can of tactical bacon*
  6. *corporal picks up his radio* well nothing like getting shot at to make you run sir i have even less ammo now and even less medical supplies i am near rogovoe sir where can i link up with you? *corporal puts the radio down and wait for the captions response*
  7. *corporal claypool pick up the radio for a sec you hear a lot of gun fire from many different weapons and a man with a thick Russian accent yell dont let him escape* HOLD ONE!!! *corporal lets the radio go and begins dodging fire*
  8. *corporal claypool hear the radio and picks it up* Current situation subpar ammo low Medical Supply is low food abundant water abundant ready to move out when ordered sir *corporal set the radio down waiting for the order*
  9. *Corporal claypool hear the U.S. army call and scrabels to pick it up dropping a few items on the ground* Sir this corporal claypool 35th mechanized Infantry Division US Army ready and willing to get back to work and help my brother in arms *release the button but leaving the radio on and begins packing his ruck sack for when the calls comes through*
  10. steeltalen

    Moody's Funeral

    *doc hears a person voice that he does not know on the radio and picks it up* who are you sir? i don't recall your your voice oh well guess you cant help people being rude and having no respect for the dead *doc puts down the radio but leaves it on*
  11. *doc hears Tony on the radio* Oh well then good travels to you my friend and if you get hurt on the way back my door is open good luck *doc puts the radio down*
  12. *doc would hear the radio about people getting killed yesterday and would stop cleaning his medical gear and pick up his radio* i would like to point out thank to me and no small effort of a number of civilians not a single savior or civilian died yesterday so i am not sure what you mean? the only body i saw that were piled up and burned to stop the spread of disease was the ones that belonged to some of your guys. *doc puts the radio down and gets back to cleaning his medical gear still listening to the radio*
  13. steeltalen

    S1-mass invalid execution-around 23:20 server time

    Okay i have talk with some people and now i remember I died early in the fight on the glass factory i was not there when it happened which is why I did not remember this event
  14. steeltalen

    S1-mass invalid execution-around 23:20 server time

    I can not recall this event to many fights i have watched the video but I can't remember
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